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Posted By: travelingman1

Muck boot sale - 03/13/20

Just bought a pair of Muck boots for $36.50 shipped from Cabelas. 80% off. Got a notice on facebook. Thought some of you might be interested.

Posted By: hillbillyjake

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/13/20


Posted By: tndrbstr

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/13/20

Do they generally run true to size?

Posted By: gremcat

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/13/20

My 5 mins of Google didn’t turn any up from Muck brand anywhere near that.

Posted By: rem141r

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/13/20

hell of a price. love my mucks

Posted By: rong

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

Make sure it's not Muck Boots Outlet.
It's a Chino seller with alot of bad reviews and a scammer.
Don't ask.

Posted By: WL205

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

Just bought a pair of Muck boots for $36.50 shipped from Cabelas. 80% off. Got a notice on facebook. Thought some of you might be interested.

I searched cabelas, didn't find any muck boots on sale.

Posted By: NMiller

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

I had one of those adds show up to me a few months ago, was a scam. Did you actually receive the boots yet?

Posted By: plainsman456

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

These should be good when removing all of the dead folks .

Really good.

Give you a bug then sell you the equipment one needs to use after. whistle

Posted By: travelingman1

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

It was on my facebook feed this afternoon. All I can tell you

OOPS! Do not know what I was drinking/thinking but receipt came from Still showing sale prices.

Sorry for the confusion.

Posted By: JTman

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

It was on my facebook feed this afternoon. All I can tell you

OOPS! Do not know what I was drinking/thinking but receipt came from Still showing sale prices.

Sorry for the confusion.

Scam site....

Year before last I thought I got a sweet deal (yea, too good to be true) on a kayak from a link on FaceFugg.... Ended up calling my bank and asking for forgiveness and a new credit card.

Posted By: travelingman1

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

Yep, a scam. Should have known better. New credit card on the way.

Posted By: Timbermaster

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

It almost seems too good to be true. 🚩 🚩 🚩

Posted By: dye7barrel

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

Yikes, thanks for the heads up fellas

Posted By: travelingman1

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

It almost seems too good to be true. 🚩 🚩 🚩

It is too good to be true. SCAMMNMMMMMM!

Posted By: jaguartx

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

Make sure it's not Muck Boots Outlet.
It's a Chino seller with alot of bad reviews and a scammer.
Don't ask.


Rong ain't rong.

Posted By: rem141r

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/14/20

schit. i just ordered 10000 pairs with all the money i pulled out of my 401k last week. i was going to have the busiest table at the tulsa gunshow next month.

son-of-a-bitch, another red face.


Re: Muck boot sale - 03/15/20

Please tell us all you’re joking.
Let us off the hook.

schit. i just ordered 10000 pairs with all the money i pulled out of my 401k last week. i was going to have the busiest table at the tulsa gunshow next month.

son-of-a-bitch, another red face.

Posted By: broomd

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/15/20

Muck did have a 50% off sale last month.

I bought a pair and in light of this thread just did a quick check on everything.
The boots look genuine and all of the correspondence I got was from "The Original Muck Boot Company"..

The formal name must be due to the aforementioned scammers downstream.

Posted By: slumlord

Re: Muck boot sale - 03/15/20

I bought a pair of their field blazers this week, They were marked down and then marked in half again...$55 total and shipped.

They don’t have the heavy soles like my other Mucks, I got these just for the arrowhead fields next month, slopping in the soup.

Haha, DICK’S Online of all places.

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Founded in 1999, The Original Muck Boot Company (casually known as “Muck Boots”) is one of the most popular waterproof boot manufacturers in the country. Over their brief 20 year history, they have quickly become a favorite among farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, and many other folks across rural America. They produce leather and rubber/neoprene boots of all varieties for men, women, and kids. Shortly after their founding, they were acquired by Honeywell, a large multinational conglomerate that owns several popular brands, and is now distributed by Honeywell’s retail and PPE (personal protective equipment) division. Honeywell also owns Xtratuf boots, which we found out to be made in China recently. So, did Muck boots follow in the footsteps of Xtratuf and take their manufacturing overseas? We did the research to find out if they are still made in the USA. Our verdict is below.

Verdict: Are Muck Boots Made in the USA?

No, virtually all Muck Boots today are made in China. The company was founded in Connecticut, but shortly after being acquired by Honeywell, they moved all manufacturing overseas.

This is certainly disappointing news, but not overly surprising given the company is now owned by a large multinational corporation. When these acquisitions happen, typically the first move of those large companies is to cut costs and improve profit margins, which often comes at the sacrifice of product quality and domestic manufacturing.

What’s worse is they aren’t explicit on their website about where each of their boots and other footwear are made. You have to look on the tag inside the boot or call their customer service desk.

As you can see from the photo below of their popular men’s Fieldblazer Classic boots, they are clearly marked “Made in China.”

This is sadly the case for many of their other popular Wellington boots and other footwear too, which we’ve listed below. We also listed links to some better American made alternatives, so be sure to check those out.

Popular American Made Muck Boots

Popular Muck Boots Not Made in the USA

  • Women’s Muckster II Mid – China
  • Women’s Muckster Low – China
  • Men’s Edgewater Classic Mid – China
  • Men’s Wetland Pro Snake – China
  • Men’s Fieldblazer Classic – China
  • Men’s Chore Classic Chelsea – China
  • Kid’s Hale – China

Better Alternatives

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About Muck Boot 

Muck Boot Boots Review

The Original Muck Boot Company is an outdoor boots company that sells 100% waterproof performance boots for men, women, and children. They can be worn for gardening, hunting, and farming. The brand also sells Wellingtons and winter boots. 

The company’s Muck Boots have been featured on notable media sources including Gear Junkie, Business Wire, and Men’s Journal. The brand has also gained positive reviews and high recommendations from sites like GearLab, Tales of a Mountain Mama, and ShoeHero. 

This Muck Boots review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if you want to muck about town in these boots. 

Overview of Muck Boot 

Muck Boot Boots Review

The Original Muck Boot Company was founded in 1999 in Connecticut to accommodate daily struggles with “mucking” horses’ stalls. Their mission was to create durable boots that could endure all types of muck and terrain.

The brand understands, “…outside, there are way more than four seasons. That’s why we’ve designed each of our styles to work hard for every task and brave every condition—so you can be protected, productive, and always in your comfort zone, no matter the weather.” 

Muck Boot has since expanded and is now owned by Honeywell, a large American manufacturing company that produces Muck shoes in China. The brand’s core values are to be:  

  • Rural spirit
  • Grounded
  • Hard-working
  • Reliable
  • Purposeful

Step into some comfortable footwear as this Muckboot boots review takes you through the pros and cons of the brand:


  • A variety of footwear that provides long-lasting comfort and durability 
  • Various styles and options available
  • Large range of sizes for men, women, and children
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made from rubber and neoprene
  • Great for all outdoor activities
  • All products last for up to 5 years
  • Extremely high reviews on quality, customer service, and shipping
  • Free returns
  • Free shipping


  • Not available in half-sizes 
  • Some countries are excluded from shipping

Muck boots are made for people from all walks of life. The boots accommodate outdoor activities in all sorts of weather conditions, especially designed to provide protection from rain and snow.

Note that all Muckboot products are 100% waterproof for any terrain or weather condition. This Muckboot review will now feature all the bestselling Muck core boots to find out if they are worth the purchase.

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Boots Review

The Men’s Arctic Pro Bootshave the word “arctic” in their name for a reason. These boots have a temperature rating of -30F to -60F, and feature a topline bindingand 8mm neoprene and fleece lining to keep out snow, water, and cold weather.

These boots arefor the toughest weather conditions and come in a Tan and Bark colorway with a bob tracker molded outsole.

The subtle colorway is ideal for camouflaging into your surroundings. If you’re looking for a dependable and durable new pair of boots, the Men’s Arctic Pro Boots retails for $185.

Muck Boot Men’s Chore Tall Boots Review

The Men’s Chore Tall Boots are lightweight, durable, flexible, and feature a no-slip grip. These boots have natural insulation and a breathable mesh lining, making them extremely comfortable for all-day wear.

Plus, the scuba-grade neoprene will keep you warm to temperatures below 0. With multiple layers of rubber, including extra rubber at the toes for durability, the rubber overlays are easy to clean without getting your hands dirty.

Easy-grip pull tabs are also attached to limit accidents. These also have a 5mm neoprene bootie with four-way stretch nylon for comfort.

These Men’s Chore Tall Boots are only available in Black and retail for $145.

Muck Boot Men’s Fieldblazer Classic Boots Review

The Men’s Fieldblazer Classic Boots are the original lightweight hunting boot. These sport boots are designed to keep your feet dry in any condition due to the scuba-grade neoprene, making them 100% waterproof.

Hunters, farmers, and people with heavy-labor jobs love these boots because of their comfortable fit and performance ability. The boots’ brown/ mossy oak country camouflage coloring is ideal for a hunter, fisher, or lumberjack. 

Classic boots like this will keep you safe due to their:

  • Double instep rubber
  • Triple toe
  • 5 mm neoprene bootie
  • Quadruple heel reinforcement

An additional recessed pull tab makes for easy removal, so you don’t have to wrestle with a dirty boot. The Men’s Fieldblazer Classic Boots cost $150

Muck Boot Men’s Woody Max Mossy Oak Boots Review

The Woody Max Mossy Oak Boots are a must-have pair of boots if you like spending long hours in the woods. Available in Bark/Mossy Oak or Mini or Mossy Oak, they are extremely lightweight, flexible, rugged, and meant to go the distance. 

The boots feature a warm, fleecelining and a 2mm thermal foam underlay at the instep for added coziness. They also feature a stretch-fit topline binding that will lock in desired warmth.  

These boots are a great option for any terrain or adventure. The Woody Max Mossy Oak Boots also feature:

  • 5mm CR flex-foam
  • 4-way stretch nylon
  • An EVA molded midsole
  • A contoured footbed
  • An MS-1 molded outsole

The high-functioning Woody Max Mossy Oak Boots retail for $200.

Muck Boot Men’s Muckmaster Tall Boots Review

The Men’s Muckmaster Tall Boots are the original farming boots. The high-performance design has a breathable lining to ensure your toes stay cool and dry, whether you’re out in a blizzard or a summer rainstorm.

This style of muck boots for men features a stretch-fit topline binding that fits snug to calves as well as a 2mm thermal foam underlay at the instep. The lightweight, flexible, and rugged style will keep you protected against sharp objects with their rubber overlay.

The Muckmasters are designed to keep your feet comfortable, safe, and protected. Some additional features include:

  • 5mm CR flex-foam
  • A 4-way stretch nylon
  • An EVA molded midsole
  • A contoured internal footbed

These Men’s Muckmaster Tall Boots can be your next farming necessity for $165.

Muck Boot Men’s Chore Mid Boots Review

The Men’s Chore Mid Bootsare mid-length black boots that are perfectly suited for wide calves.The Chore Boots are extremely lightweight, with:

  • 5mm neoprene bootie
  • Stretch-fit topline binding
  • Rubber outsole
  • 4-way stretch nylon

Durable and oil resistant, they also have a triple-reinforcement inthe toe and a quadruple-reinforcement in the heel for extra protection on construction sites or tough terrain. 

These Mucks also feature a steel shank, are shock absorbent, and have a breathable air mesh lining that allows for ventilation. If you’re often out in sub-zero temperatures and need to keep dirt and moisture out, this pair’s for you. 

Talk about a boot that does it all! These Men’s Chore Mid Boots cost $140 and are a great mid-boot option for all outdoor activities. 

Muck Boot Men’s Edgewater Tall Boots Review

The Men’s Edgewater Tall Boots are modest and classic footwear available in moss green and black. Designed to keep you dry and protected in all conditions, these are designed with rubber outsoles.

These tall boots offer stability and protection on all terrains with the added benefit of a self-cleaning outsole that wraps itself around the entire boot. When you want to deep-clean them, you can simply use a hose and spray them down. 

These also feature 4-way stretch nylon, a 5mm neoprene bootie, and a stretch fit that is snug on the calves and keeps you warm. The Men’s Edgewater Tall Boots retail for $130.

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Sport Tall Boots Review

The Men’s Arctic Sport Tall Bootsare the perfect tall Wellington to wear in extreme weather conditions. They feature a soft fleece lining and EVA molded sole that hugs your foot while keeping your feet toasty.

These muck boots also have astretch fit top and fit close to the legs, giving your overall outfit an inconspicuous style. These all-season boots also have a good grip and are made from 5mm neoprene with a 2mm thermal foam lining for winter work to be done.  

You can get the Men’s Arctic Sport Tall Boots for $175. If you are looking for more Wellington boot options, the Muck Boot Wetland is another bestseller in a similar style.   

Muck Boot Women’s Arctic Adventure Boots Review

Now, let’s look at muck boots for women! The bestselling Women’s Arctic Adventure Boots can take you on unforgettable outdoor adventures in temperatures from -20F to -50F.They also come in a Black/Phlox Purple color combination, and a sleek design. 

These feature a warm fleece lining that is soft, durable, and comfortable and a CR Flex-Foam neoprenethat adjusts to the contours and movements of your feet with every step.  

The EVA midsoleis comfortable and adds cushioning and support while providing impact resistance and a lightweight rubber outsole that works to keep your steps stable and lightweight.

Finally, these Muck boots have an easy on and off pull tab that makes them easy to get on and off. You can get these Women’s Arctic Adventure Boots for $150

Muck Boot Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Muck Boot Boots Review

This Muckboot review looked at customer reviews online to see what people are thinking about their Muckboot purchases.

MuckBoot reviews on Amazon were also very positive with no review under 4.5/5 stars

  • Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Boots: 5/5 stars out of 161 reviews
  • Muck Boot Men’s Chore Tall Boots: 5/5 stars out of 215 reviews
  • Muck Boot Men’s Fieldblazer Classic Boots: 5/5 stars out of 32 reviews 
  • Muck Boot Men’s Woody Max Mossy Oak Boots: 5/5 stars out of 67 reviews
  • Men’s Muckmaster Tall Boots: 5/5 stars out of 119 reviews
  • Men’s Chore Mid Boots: 4.5/5 stars out of 147 reviews
  • Men’s Edgewater Tall Boots: 5/5 stars out of 223 reviews
  • Men’s Arctic Sport Tall Boots: 5/5 stars out of 156 reviews
  • Women’s Arctic Adventure Boots:5/5 stars out of 2 reviews

Amazon reviews of the brand were also extremely positive, with no shoes rated under 4.5/5 stars. One excited customer said, “These boots not only hold up, but they also keep you warm and dry NO MATTER WHAT I am doing outside!” and called them a “must-have.” 

One customer was very specific when testing out their Mucks, calling them “durable” and sharing that “After 6 straight hours in 10 inches of snow and 10-degree temps, my feet were still comfortable in these boots.”

Trustpilot gave the brand an average of 4/5 stars out of 456 reviews. The comments were extremely positive with customers loving the boots themselves.

People are saying these boots are “Light, comfortable, warm, waterproof. Perfect,” were a “good price” and that there was “quick delivery.”  

GearLab did a comprehensive review of the Arctic Ice Tall Boots and rated the features of the boots highly.

Some of the things that were weighed in judging were water resistance which ranked at a 10/10, ease of use that ranked 9/10, and traction which was again ranked at a 9/10. Overall, GearLab stated that:

“It’s hard to imagine a more effective winter snow boot than the Muck Arctic Ice Tall, which performs at the top of the list in many of our grading categories.” 

But, there were very few negative reviews on Amazon that said that the boots were “uncomfortable and let in snow.”  There was also a comment that the boots were comfortable but became “cracked and leaking”, and that sewing didn’t hold up. 

The few negative reviews on Trustpilot were about the fit of the boots, one customer noticed “The sole has now completely come away from the boot and they are impossible to wear” and another griped that the boots were baggy between their heel and ankle. 

Despite some of the negative feedback, Muck Boot reviews online were overwhelmingly positive across the board. 

Is Muck Boot Worth It?

Muck Boot Boots Review

Are muck boots worth the money? If you were asking yourself that question, this Muckboot review would like to reassure you that yes, these Mucks are worth the buy.

Muckboot reviews online are overwhelmingly positive with customers loving the quality, fit, comfort, and durability of all of their boots.

This Muckboot review discovered some patterns in the customer reviews. Most of them hailed the boots’ comfort factor and recommended them as lightweight options for outdoor footwear.

The Mucks also provide warmth in harsh weather conditions, withstand mucky conditions, and generally stand up to the company’s claims. Plus, they are stylish and designed to accommodate a spectrum of natural elements, both on the ground and from the sky.

As for the price point, you would actually be saving money in the long run; these are boots that should last you for years without having to replace them.

Though the few negative reviews were that the fit was not right, this Muckboot review had to parse through many comments to find other such issues. 

A few customers found that their boots did not last, but they were countered by twice as many reviewers who were satisfied with the endurance and quality of their Mucks.

To sum up, this Muckboot review thinks that there are far more positive reviews than negatives, making them worth purchasing

Muck Boot Promotions & Discounts 

Muck Boot Boots Review

Currently, there is a Muck Boot sale and you can find many boots on clearance. You can also take full advantage of the ‘TAKE50’ code to get 50% off select boots.

There is also a yearly Muck Boots Black Friday sale.

Finally, if you sign up for emails, you will get 10% off of your first order.  

Where to Buy Muck Boot

Muck Boot Boots Review

This Muckboot review found that you can shop the brand on their website You can also find the brand in:

  • The Muck Boots outlet
  • Sports stores
  • Canadian Tire
  • Amazon 


Where are Muck Boots made? 

Muck boots are made in China. 

Where is the Muck Boot Company located? 

The Muck Boot Company is located in the U.S.

What is the best Muck Boot? 

This Muckboot review found that many reviewers of the brand rated the Muck Boot Arctic Sport as their favorite muck boot. 

How long do Muck Boots last? 

Muck boots can last between 3-5 years if cared for properly. 

What are Muck Boots good for? 

This Muckboot review found that muck boots are good for any form of outdoor activity such as farming, hunting, fishing, or gardening.

You can wear heavy-duty boots like the Muck Fieldblazer or Muck Boot Arctic Ice on forest hikes or in the snow. 

Are Mucks waterproof?  

This Muckboot review found that their Mucks are 100% waterproof and will keep your feet dry and warm. 

Do Mucks run big or small? 

This Muckboot review found that Mucks are only available in whole sizes, but will stretch to fit half-sizes. If you are concerned about which size to purchase, see the sizing chart below.

Is the Muck Boot outlet real? 

Yes, stores such as Famous Brands Outlet sell muck boots at a discounted price. We would like to warn you that it is not recommended to purchase their boots on the Facebook outlet. 

What sizes does Muck Boots have? 

The Muck Boots Original Company sells women’s US sizes 4-13,men’s US sizes 3-17, and kid’s US sizes 4-10.

For a more comprehensive idea of the sizes offered, here is the official size chart of all the womens, mens, and kids muck boots:

Muck Boots Women Size Chart
Muck Boots Mens Size Chart
Muck Boots Kids Size Chart

What is Muck Boot’s Shipping Policy?

Muck boot offers free shipping within the continental United States. If you would like to order items internationally, use their international sites which include countries like the European Union, Germany, UK, and Canada.

Muckboot uses USPS Ground Shipping which is free within the continental US.

What is Muck Boot’s Return Policy?

Muck boot returns are free within the continental U.S. states. You cannot make returns on PPE products. You can make a return to Muck Boot in 2 ways:

  1. Use the return label included in your shipment
  2. Click “Request a Return” to print a return label

How to Contact Muck Boot

If you wish to contact their team for any reason after reading this Muckboot review, you can do so via:

Be sure to check out other great brands known for their boots. A few of our community favorites include:



Thursday Boots


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MUCK: Beginner's Guide!

Hello readers. We are presenting you with a new article i.e. Muckoutlet Review. Is Muckoutlet Scam? Well, considering the present times, asking simple, direct and blunt questions to eCommerce sites is very important.

Muck Boot is a famous and renowned brand of the shoe industry. Its boost is of high quality. Muckoutlet is offering Muck Boot products at a high discount rate.

Does providing discounts make Muckoutlet Scam?

The answer is ‘No’. Muckoutlet is a scam site. Why? There are few fundamental points we have discussed below which are enough to declare Muckoutlet a scam site.

For instance, the most common approach used by scammers is to use a different domain and site name. On this site, the domain name is ‘Muckoutlet‘ but the site name is ‘The Muck Boot Company’.

Muckoutlet is trying to disguise as an original Muck Boot Company. They have created deception by placing the logo of the original site.

We do not recommend Muckoutlet site for any kind of use. Using this site is just a waste of time. Please don’t use it and never share your information with them.

Muckoutlet is not alone other ditto sites are Muckhotstore, MuckbootsstorespecialMuckshoesMuckbootsmallMuckbootshop.topMuckbootshopMuckbootshopsMuckbootsspecialMuckbootstoreMuckbootstore, and Muckbootsroom.

Why Muckoutlet a Scam?

Information Not Present

#First, the information in the digital world is very critical. Similarly, transparency in the working of any company is important. Muckoutlet fails on both fronts.

Actually, Muckoutlet has not provided the information of the owner or maker of this site. By clicking a few clicks on Google, you can know who owns the ‘The Muck Boot Company’.

The same luxury is not available with Muckoutlet. They are hiding their information, for the obvious reason i.e. they are scammers.

Discount A Trap

#Second, providing a discount on every product is the scheme used by the scammers. People generally fall for the price also. The main victim of such a scam site is ‘the Middle Class’.

Actually, we all want to buy branded products. The only problem with branded products is that they are costly. When people saw discounts or sale on the internet they generally believe them and get scammed.

Muckoutlet doesn’t have any agreement or license to sell ‘Muck Boots’ products. The original site and other sites are selling ‘Muck Boot’ products in a legal way, doesn’t have any discount going on.

Muckoutlet is a scam site that just wants your focus on the discount. They are not going to deliver the product.

Social Media Mine for E-Commerce

#Third, Social Media is the mine for any e-Commerce website. Not having a social media account might not a point of authenticity. Still, it shows the site is not serious about their work.

Muckoutlet has placed social media icons on its site. When you click the icon of Facebook, Twitter or others, it will take you to the respective social media page and not to the account of ‘Muckoutlet‘.

It is another deception place on the site to make customer fool that they have social media accounts.

Security Measures

#Fourth,Muckoutlet doesn’t have any security measures present on its site to save customer data and privacy. Being an online store, Muckoutlet should provide security measures.

It is their duty and imperative for doing business online. Not having security measures make this site not suitable for shopping.


The Muckoutlet is a scam, the website does not make any purchase on this website. It is not going to deliver your order. If they do then the product will not be appropriate. Do shop online only with known websites.

We must share the right information with others. We have share it with you, now it is your responsibility to share this message or information with people near and dear to you.

To defeat the scammers, we all have to do a joint effort. As alone we can’t do much but together no one can defeat us.

Read our article, Why We Fall in Scam? It will make your perspective more clear by we fall in a scam at first instant.

What to do when you get scammed? This article will help you to take the right step at the time of crisis.

If you have doubts about this site please share it with us. Any experience with this site or any other scam site is also welcome. Share your incidents with us, so that more people will be aware of different ways of scam.



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