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3.01 carat F, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.01","Shape":"Round","Color":"F","Clarity":"VS1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"89480.00","JewelPrice":"1430.00","Code":"1625220","JewelID":"2426","AvailableDiamondPrice":"69990.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12856877","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat F, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"71420.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"71062.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.01-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1625220","sku":"17192P","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1658457","RealPrice":"30918.00","TotalPrice":"32460.00","OrderID":"379054","MetalID":"4","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"18K White Gold Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00 carat J, VS2 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.00","Shape":"Round","Color":"J","Clarity":"VS2","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"29810.00","JewelPrice":"1110.00","Code":"13267656","JewelID":"49763","AvailableDiamondPrice":"27730.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12870543","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat J, VS2 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"28840.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"28562.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.00-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1658457","sku":"17110W","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1698984","RealPrice":"78633.00","TotalPrice":"82570.00","OrderID":"557623","MetalID":"5","SumCarat":"3.01","Title":"18K Yellow Gold Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.01 carat F, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.01","Shape":"Round","Color":"F","Clarity":"VS1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"77960.00","JewelPrice":"680.00","Code":"8494920","JewelID":"7993","AvailableDiamondPrice":"69990.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12856877","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat F, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"70670.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"70500.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.01-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1698984","sku":"17928Y","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1765776","RealPrice":"17614.00","TotalPrice":"18490.00","OrderID":"755289","MetalID":"1","SumCarat":"2.99","Title":"14K White Gold Three Stone Setting","DiamondTitle":"2.29 carat J, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.70","Carat":"2.29","Shape":"Round","Color":"J","Clarity":"VS1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"15670.00","JewelPrice":"1950.00","Code":"12360432","JewelID":"22625","AvailableDiamondPrice":"20300.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"13121773","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"2.30 carat J, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"22250.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"21762.00","CategoryName":"Three Stone","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/2.29-carat-three-stone-engagement-ring-1765776","sku":"11160W14","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1861113","RealPrice":"39930.00","TotalPrice":"41930.00","OrderID":"1220250","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"Platinum Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00 carat H, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.00","Shape":"Round","Color":"H","Clarity":"VS1","Cut":"Very Good","DiamondPrice":"38850.00","JewelPrice":"1080.00","Code":"7444452","JewelID":"6853","AvailableDiamondPrice":"44610.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"10341259","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat H, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"45690.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"45420.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.00-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1861113","sku":"11191P","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1888188","RealPrice":"23220.00","TotalPrice":"24380.00","OrderID":"1336788","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"3.01","Title":"Platinum Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.01 carat K, VS2 Very Good, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.01","Shape":"Round","Color":"K","Clarity":"VS2","Cut":"Very Good","DiamondPrice":"22030.00","JewelPrice":"1190.00","Code":"16993692","JewelID":"1540","AvailableDiamondPrice":"24300.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12442382","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat K, VS2 Very Good, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"25490.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"25192.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.01-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1888188","sku":"11110P","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1888986","RealPrice":"33760.00","TotalPrice":"35450.00","OrderID":"1329840","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"Platinum Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00 carat I, SI1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.00","Shape":"Round","Color":"I","Clarity":"SI1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"32330.00","JewelPrice":"1430.00","Code":"13222902","JewelID":"2426","AvailableDiamondPrice":"33110.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12320455","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat I, SI1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"34540.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"34182.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.00-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1888986","sku":"17192P","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1901958","RealPrice":"57940.00","TotalPrice":"60840.00","OrderID":"1387617","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"Platinum Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00 carat D, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.00","Shape":"Round","Color":"D","Clarity":"VS1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"56800.00","JewelPrice":"1140.00","Code":"17117622","JewelID":"50012","AvailableDiamondPrice":"71090.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12821109","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat D, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"72230.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"71945.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.00-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1901958","sku":"17110P","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1912101","RealPrice":"31390.00","TotalPrice":"32960.00","OrderID":"1428345","MetalID":"1","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"14K White Gold Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00 carat I, SI1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.00","Shape":"Round","Color":"I","Clarity":"SI1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"30390.00","JewelPrice":"1000.00","Code":"3824202","JewelID":"50671","AvailableDiamondPrice":"33110.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"12320455","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat I, SI1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"34110.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"33860.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.00-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1912101","sku":"17198W14","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1917147","RealPrice":"12360.00","TotalPrice":"12980.00","OrderID":"1445283","MetalID":"1","SumCarat":"2.95","Title":"14K White Gold Pave Setting","DiamondTitle":"2.45 carat K, SI2 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.50","Carat":"2.45","Shape":"Round","Color":"K","Clarity":"SI2","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"10290.00","JewelPrice":"2070.00","Code":"15337176","JewelID":"22577","AvailableDiamondPrice":"15830.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"13107695","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"2.50 carat K, SI2 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"17900.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"17382.00","CategoryName":"Pave","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/2.45-carat-pave-engagement-ring-1917147","sku":"17938W14","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1942968","RealPrice":"54360.00","TotalPrice":"57080.00","OrderID":"1593984","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"Platinum Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00 carat H, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","ComponentSumCarat":"0.00","Carat":"3.00","Shape":"Round","Color":"H","Clarity":"VS1","Cut":"Ideal","DiamondPrice":"53540.00","JewelPrice":"820.00","Code":"17486712","JewelID":"7989","AvailableDiamondPrice":"44610.00","SimilarAvailableDiamondID":"10341259","SumAvailbleCarat":"3.00","AvailableDiamondTitle":"3.00 carat H, VS1 Excellent, Round Diamond","AvailableTotalPrice":"45430.00","AvailableSaleTotalPrice":"45225.00","CategoryName":"Solitaire","ItemPageLink":"diamond-rings/round-cut-engagement-rings/3.00-carat-solitaire-engagement-ring-1942968","sku":"17927P","IsLabDiamond":"0"},{"SoldRingPackShotID":"1959807","RealPrice":"38810.00","TotalPrice":"40750.00","OrderID":"1653375","MetalID":"7","SumCarat":"3.00","Title":"Platinum Solitaire Setting","DiamondTitle":"3.00


Three Carat Engagement Rings

Why Choose a 3 Carat Engagement Ring?

3.48ct Diamond and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring on Brown Surface

The 3ct diamond vintage engagement rings is a popular choice for those with a cultivated taste for fine jewelry. One of the strongest advantages of the 3.00ct – 3.99ct range is its size. A three-carat diamond is large enough to be dominant and bold, but not too big to be overly flashy or get in the way. Since the supply of quality 3 carat diamonds is very limited and there aren’t many boutiques that collect them, customers tend to gravitate towards the few collectors that have them in their collection.

Please note that we have not listed all of our 3 carat rings on our website. If you want to see more rings, please inform us of the specific size or color diamond that you want.

How much does a 3 carat diamond cost?

3 carat prices chart SI1 VS2 IF clarity

It would be hard to determine the cost for a 3 carat diamond (excluding the mounting) without knowing more information in regards to the details of the diamond. Here is a general guide:

  • A D color, IF clarity and 3.00 carat round diamond should cost approx $240,000.
  • An E, F or G color, VS2 clarity and 3.00 carat round diamond should cost approx $65,000 – $90,000
  • An H or I color, VS2 clarity and 3.00 carat round diamond should cost approx $45,000 – $55,000.
  • A J color, VS2 clarity and 3.00 carat round diamond should cost approx $35,000.

Obviously, there are many other factors that can cause the price to ascend or descend. The above list should be able to give you a general idea of how much three carat diamonds are worth.

How to Bring Down the Cost of Your 3 Carat Diamond

Clifton 3 Carat Ring

There are many situations where two very similar diamond will have very different prices. Here are some of the big factors that could change the price of a diamond:

  • The color. The whiter the diamond the more it is worth. The color scale ranges along a graduation from D to Z. D color = colorless, K color = slight tint of yellow, and Z color = very yellow.
  • The carat. The larger the diamond (or more correctly the weight), the better.
  • The clarity. The fewer inclusions within the 3 carat diamond, the more that it will be worth.
  • The caliber of the diamond cut. A more perfect cuts demand a higher premium.
  • The presence of strong fluorescence will lower the premium by a lot.
  • The type of diamond cut. The round cut usually costs more than the other cuts. For example: Round 3.00 carat, J color and VS2 clarity = $37,500. Cushion 3.00 carat, J color and VS2 clarity = $28,500.
  • Face-up. Some diamonds have a more white appearance in spite of their certified color and will fetch a slight premium.

If you want a 3 carat diamond, but cannot afford the asking price, speak with your jeweler. Discover which aspects of the diamond you want and what you don’t mind compromising on. It could be that you have no problem having a diamond with strong fluorescence which can bring your price down considerably.

Market Value Prices of 3 Carat Diamonds

Below is a chart of the prices for (good quality round-cut) 3.00-carat diamonds. You can expect the price to waver a little, but not by too much. The more expensive and rare the diamond, the higher the premium. Diamonds that are D and Flawless will typically sell for a lot more than listed on the diamond charts.

Color RangeSI1 ClarityVS2 ClarityIF Clarity
K Color$27,000$30,000$40,500
J Color$33,000$37,500$48,000
I Color$37,500$45,000$61,500
H Color$43,500$55,500$81,000
G Color$51,000$67,500$109,500
F Color$55,500$81,000$141,000
E Color$61,500$88,500$163,500
D Color$67,500$99,000$243,000

What are the Dimensions of a 3-Carat Diamond?

3 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond Dimensions

The dimensions will fluctuate vastly depending on the quality of the diamond-cut and depending on the type of cut. Assuming that the cut quality is very high, we have compiled a list of the measurements of 3-carat diamonds.

  • Round Cut Diamond: 9.50mm x 9.50mm x 5.70mm
  • Asscher Cut Diamond: 7.8mm x 7.8mm x 5.3mm
  • Emerald Cut Diamond: 10mm x 7mm x 4.7mm
  • Square Cushion Cut Diamond*: 8.38mm x 8.38mm x 5.50mm
  • Princess Cut Diamond: 8.05mm x 8.05mm x 5.80mm

*Because Cushion cuts vary in size we could only give the approximate dimensions of a very square cushion cut. Most cushion cuts are rectangular and would, therefore, have very different dimensions.

How Will a 3 Carat Diamond Ring Look on My Finger?

3 Carat Diamond Ring on Finger

The picture below shows how large a 3 carat ring might look on your hand. The model’s finger shown is a size 5.5 which is slightly smaller than the average finger.

The left picture shows a 3ct diamond ring with a halo of diamonds surrounding it. The picture on the right shows a solitaire 3 ct diamond ring with diamonds along the shoulders. The larger illusion that is shown due to the halo of diamonds is rather compelling.

3 carat engagement ring on finger of hand

Shoulder design and filigree can also make your ring appear larger, but it is not usually as effective as the diamond halo design.

It is important to remember that the 3-carat diamond will already look impressive and note-worthy and will not likely need a halo as reinforcement.

How Can I Buy a 3 Carat Engagement Ring?

3 Carat Diamond Halo Ring

As mentioned before, there aren’t many jewelry stores that carry a collection of 3 carat diamond rings. Estate Diamond Jewelry has been curating a collection of 3 carat diamond rings for over 35 years. Our collection consists of 3 carat diamonds within rare vintage rings, fine handcrafted mountings, and even signed mountings from the important jewelry houses.

Before buying a 3 carat engagement rings, we recommend asking the jeweler a few questions:

  • All the information on the diamond. Don’t settle for any ambiquoty. Make sure that you have all the diamond specifications like carat, color, calrity, cut, and age.
  • Ensure that the diamond is antique and/or comes from an ethical source
  • Request documentation for the diamond
  • Ensure that you have jewelry insurance in place. Jewelry insurance is highly recommended for any jewelry over $1,000
  • Research the online reputation of the jewelry store because you don’t want to discover their reputation once it is too late

At Estate Diamond Jewelry, our dedicated staff will be able to give you all the necessary details regarding each diamond. If the ring is vintage, they will also try and provide historical anecdotes behind the piece you’re interested in.

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How You Should Actually Shop for a 3 Carat Diamond Ring.

By Stephanie Dore

We get it. Size matters to you. And because it matters to you, it most definitely matters to us. We hear it time and time again, someone wants a 3 carat diamond ring and the first question is, “how much does a 3 carat diamond cost?” Well, darlings, you’re asking the wrong question. Think about it like buying a house, let’s say. You’re comparing a bunch of properties that are all the same square footage—but everything else is different. Different finishes, different neighborhoods, different layouts…and thus totally different prices. And those are the things that will determine if you’re happy living in that house for, say, ever. Well, you’re going to wear that engagement ring forever too, so here’s how you should actually shop for that stunner.

3 carat oval diamond ring paired with half carat eternity band and baguette channel band

Are you fancy, now?

This comes as a shock to many diamond newbies, especially since it’s not one of the 4Cs, but the shape of a diamond plays a pretty major role in its price. As the most popular (and available) diamond shape, a round diamond (no matter the size) will cost you about 20% more than any fancy shape. What’s a fancy shape, you ask? That’s the easy question: anything other than round. 

Fancy shapes can not only save you dollar bills but some even look bigger! Take an oval for instance. A 3 carat oval diamond ring is going to look about 20% larger than a 3 carat round diamond simply because of its shape (and its cut, really). Because it’s elongated and cut shallower in the pavilion, an oval’s weight is more spread out, giving you more look for your money. Now…an Asscher on the other hand is going to look a little smaller than the same weight round. The visual size of a diamond is all about the shape and proportions (the length to width ratio and overall depth). Here’s more:


The super standard of the industry, round diamonds with an excellent or ideal cut grade won’t vary much. If you go lower on cut grade (not our recommendation) then you risk getting a diamond that hides its weight in a thicker girdle or deep pavilion, meaning it’ll look smaller from the top view—which is how everyone’s going to see it. An ideal cut 3 carat round diamond should be about 9.3mm in diameter. 


Because a princess cut diamond is most similar to a rough diamond’s natural octahedral shape, they do tend to offer some savings in price (you know, less wasted diamond and all…). But they’re also the second most popular shape, so it’s not that much savings. Also, they tend to be cut a bit deeper, so their diameters across the top may make them look a little under-sized for their weight. An ideal cut, 3 carat square princess cut will be about 8mm in length x 8mm in width.


Like we said, with oval diamonds, you can get a big look for your little buck (ok, maybe little is a reach). But, these shallow-cut diamonds with tons of spread also have all the brilliance of a classic round diamond. What to watch out for? Bow ties. An ideal cut 3 carat oval diamond ring will be about 11.5mm long x 7.5mm wide.


It’s not easy to find a really well cut emerald cut diamond, but totally worth it if you do because this elongated, super sophisticated shape will give you plenty of rock to admire. Just be sure not to skimp on clarity grade because the emerald’s long, open facets are like big windows for inclusions to show through. An ideal cut 3 carat emerald will be about 9.5mm long x 7mm wide.


Similar to emeralds, the step-cut faceting of an Asscher cut means you probably don’t want to sacrifice on clarity. Unlike emerald, though, Asschers tend to run deep and small like princess cuts. They might look a little under-size for their weight. The trade off? Mesmerizing facets that with a pinwheel pattern that you can get lost in for daaaaays. An ideal cut 3 carat Asscher diamond will be about 8.1mm in length x 8.1mm in width.

custom frank darling asscher five stone diamond engagement ring
frank darling radiant yellow gold bezel setting


These mixed-cut diamonds are gorgeous. But they’re not big. Or at least they don’t look it. Typically cut deeper, with smaller face-up measurements, you can find some more elongated shapes that will help you maximize the size appearance. Just make sure they’re not hiding weight in a thick girdle (so you’re not paying for what you can’t see). A 3 carat ideal cut radiant diamond will be about 8.5mm in length x 7.5mm width.


It’s harder to determine what you’re getting with a cushion cut diamond because each one is totally unique. Elongated cushions can give you tons of spread and a crushed-ice look that is totally on-trend right now. While squared cushions tend to be cut a bit deeper and therefore have a smaller overall look for their weight. Aim for a depth percentage under 70%, and a table under 70% for best results. An ideal cut 3 carat cushion diamond will be about 9mm long x 8mm wide.

Custom Frank Darling Harper no 4  cushion engagement ring in platinum and yellow gold


Marquise cut diamonds, like ovals, have a super elongated form and tons of spread. Cut pretty shallow, their weight is more visible face up than with other shapes. But also similar to ovals, they can have those annoying bow ties through their bellies, or super thin points that hold color (and are more prone to breaking). We love them turned horizontally for lots of finger coverage! An ideal cut 3 carat marquise diamond will be about 14mm long x 7mm across.

Custom Frank Darling Harper pear cut diamond solitaire engagement ring in platinum


Because they’re kind of a cross between a round and a marquise diamond, a pear cut diamond will be somewhere in the middle. Deeper under the rounded end and shallower under the point, an ideal cut 3 carat pear shaped diamond will measure about 12.5mm long x 8mm wide, giving you the best of both worlds.

Top of the Class

You guessed it. We can’t have a discussion about diamond pricing without all the Cs showing up. So what’s next? Cut. Truly always the most important of the Cs, cut grade is what determines your diamond’s sparkle. I mean, you could get a 3 carat diamond ring with a low cut grade but…it’s going to look like a big, dull hunk of rock. Kind of missing the point, right? While only round diamonds have actual cut grades, the proportions of fancy shapes can tell you a lot. Our two cents, though? Get your eyes on it! The best way to know if your diamond has the shape and sparkle you’re after? Seeing it. BTW: we can help with that.

Thank You, Next

Don’t think we’re letting you go without a little word on the importance of color and clarity—especially when it comes to purchasing a sizable diamond. Because, yes, the bigger the diamond, the more color it can hold. But going a bit lower in color (say…champagne hued) can get you a warm, sparkling glass of…oh sorry got distracted. But really, a lot of brilliance for less. But also bigger facets also mean bigger windows to see inclusions through. We always recommend starting with something in the middle of the road, say VS1 – VS2, then toggling around until you reach your target price. Again, getting a photo or video of your actual diamond will help you determine how it looks. 

Saving Private Diamond

If you’re looking to get the most size for your money (who doesn’t love that?) then there are a few super easy ways to go about that. First? Buy shy. Little trick of the trade—diamond prices jump at the whole carat mark. Which means you’ll pay a lot more for a diamond that’s exactly 3 carats than one that’s 2.9 carats…and you probably won’t be able to see the difference. If you’re cool with it, shop in the 2.7-2.9 carat range for some serious savings. 

Your Type or Mine?

Lab grown or Earth mined, the rocks don’t lose their…ok that doesn’t rhyme at all. But really, diamond type is a major price differentiator. In general, lab grown diamonds will cost 40-50% less than a comparable mined diamond. We also love moissanite as a diamond alternative for its superb sparkle, durability, and low price tag. Or go all out and shop colored diamonds or gemstones to really open up your options!

frank darling custom radiant diamond cut engagement ring
frank darling oval diamond engagement ring with double claw prongs in yellow gold

Speaking of Possibilities…

When it comes to the best engagement ring settings for a 3 carat diamond, we suggest keeping it minimal. You want the diamond to be the center of attention after all, right? Nothing pops more than a 3 carat stone on a barely-there, 1.5mm band. Also, keep it vertical if you’re going for a fancy, elongated shape. While east-west settings are trending, they’re better suited to 1 or 2 carat diamonds. A 3 carat diamond ring needs that added finger length to really shine.

Want some extra sparkle? If you’re considering an emerald or Asscher, vertical baguette or trapezoid side stones can enhance the hall of mirrors effect. Or try a hidden halo that shines from the side without distracting or adding too much fuss from the top view. Have something specific in mind? Take the ring quiz to get a free sketch!

Ready to Find Your Dream Diamond?

If you’re not sure on size, order a whole flight! We’ll send you four cubic zirconia “diamonds,” in your choice of size and shape, for free! Click here to get started. Check out our diamond search where you can view 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds and don’t forget to zoom out (because size can be deceiving), or book an appointment at our New York salon to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. Not finding what you’re looking for? Email us with what you’re looking for at [email protected] and we’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.

3 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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Bottom Line Recommendation:

For 3 Carat Diamond Rings, only consider diamonds of an ideal cut or an Excellent grade cut on the GIA scale. Choose a Clarity of VS1 or VS2, and between a G-I on the Color scale. Choose from a prominent diamond dealer that offers GIA or AGS certifications with every diamond.

A well-cut, stunning 3 Carat Diamond like this one from Blue Nile will capture the heart of the receiver—and all those who view it. Because of its significant carat weight, a 3 Carat Diamond offers extraordinary capacity for brilliance, sparkle and fire.

But buying any 3 Carat Diamond will not get you the results you want. You could buy a poorly cut 3 Carat Diamond like this one in yellow gold setting from Blue Nile, or an exquisite 3 Carat Diamond like this one from Blue Nile.

Poor 3ct diamond

Poor 3ct Diamond

Well-cut 3ct diamond

Well-cut 3ct Diamond

As you can see, diamonds of the same carat weight differ dramatically in their overall appeal and brilliance.

What is a 3 carat diamond?

When referring to 3 Carat Diamonds, we are specifically discussing the weight. 3 Carat is equal to 600 milligrams, or 0.6 grams. From another perspective, a 3 Carat Diamond weighs approximately the same as a raisin.

Diamonds are all priced per carat. As an example, a 2.50 carat diamond may have a price of $12,280 per carat. The diamond’s price would be $12,280 x 2.50, equaling $30,700.

Diamond prices per carat also increase with higher weight categories. For example, a 2 Carat Diamond like this one from James Allen might be priced at $8,380 per carat, while a similar 3 Carat Diamond from Blue Nile is $10,920 per carat. The price increases exponentially with weight due to the diamond’s higher weight value and higher price per carat within the weight category.

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  • Blue Nile
  • Blue Nile
  • Blue Nile
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Weight ‘category’ should be noted, as prices per carat do not continually increase as weight increases. Diamond prices are often driven more by emotion than reason.

3 carat diamond ring

While it may seem advantageous to search for a diamond that’s just below a new weight category, such as a 2.90-2.99 Carat Diamond, that really isn’t the case.

The search for an “almost” 3 Carat Diamond has become quite popular. This popularity props up the price of those specific diamonds—making cost savings minimal. In addition, diamond cutters have become more efficient at their job, and it’s incredibly rare to find a well-cut 2.90 Carat Diamond.

Ultimately, you can search for a 2.90ct+ diamond, but we suggest not trying to find one specifically, as you’ll severely limit your search potential without really saving anything.

If you’re looking for a 3 Carat Diamond, we suggest reading this post to learn how to select a remarkable diamond instead of a dud. The time it takes to understand a few basics will payoff tremendously with your final purchase.

If you’d like assistance in your diamond search, please reach out to our diamond experts who would be happy to help you source diamonds and review them.

Where To Buy a 3 Carat Engagement Ring

As the diamond size goes up and the number of options narrows, its much more useful for you to contact us directly. We will be able to help you navigate the different options and determine the path where you will maximize your value while getting the best possible ring.

With a 3 Carat Diamond Ring, you have increased flexibility and options because of a larger budget and carat weight. While Blue Nile and James Allen still have amazing advantages built into their business model, with the increased budget, other factors come into play.

By looking online you have a tremendous chance of finding an extraordinary 3 Carat Diamond at an excellent price point.

Through our many years of experience, we’ve vetted several diamond dealers and have a consistent pulse on the companies you can trust.

For the best diamond cuts at an exceptional value, we recommend:

Blue Nile: 17+ years of experience, high quality certification (GIA & AGS), largest inventory of diamonds and engagement ring settings, exceptional diamond quality and refined jewelry.

Examples of stunning 3 carat diamond rings from Blue Nile:

Brian Gavin Diamonds: Presents super-ideal cuts with the “Brian Gavin Signature” Hearts & Arrows collection, offers only the best cut diamonds and provides high quality certification (GIA & AGS) on all diamonds. As the size of the diamond increases, the added brilliance of a Brian Gavin Black or Signature diamond really comes into play.

Bespoke Diamonds by Brian Gavin: Brian Gavin Diamonds’ distinct advantage is that he is one of the premier diamond cutters in the world. If you are looking for something rare, Brian will custom cut a diamond to your exact preferences. Pairing the diamond with one of their custom engagement rings will result in an exclusive experience.

Abe Mor Diamonds: If you live near New York City or have the opportunity to travel there, Abe Mor is a unique option. Specializing in larger diamonds, Abe Mor is an actual wholesaler who works with boutique jewelry designers in the city. He has provided unique diamond and jewelry options for many of our readers. When pursuing this route, it is best to contact us first. When working with a wholesaler its best to have a more focused idea of what you want before asking to see options.

James Allen: Focuses on customer experience, appealing prices and incredible diamond imagery, and provides high quality certification (GIA & AGS) on all diamonds.

When using these diamond dealers or others, follow these expert recommendations:

  • A GIA or AGS certificate should accompany any 3 Carat Diamond you are considering.
  • Look at comparable diamonds across online dealers to ensure an excellent price.
  • Only consider diamonds that are of an ideal cut or GIA grade quality of Excellent. Diamond Cut is the largest indicator of a diamond’s brilliance, beauty and fire.
  • Ask for the help of a diamond expert with reviewing and searching for high-quality 3 Carat Diamonds. Missing one minor detail can be very costly when purchasing a diamond of that size.

Think You’re A Diamond Pro?

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The Difference Between Diamond Carat and Diamond Size

Diamond Size and Diamond Carat are often mistaken as meaning the same thing. Diamond Carat, however, refers to the weight of the diamond—whereas Diamond Size refers to the visual appearance.

A larger sized diamond does not mean it is of a larger carat. The table surface area, depth and other shape features are not impacted by the diamond’s carat weight. These aspects are dependent on Diamond Shape and how the diamond is cut—both of which contribute to how big a diamond appears.

As an example, a 3 Carat Oval Shaped Diamond ring like this one on James Allen will likely appear larger than this 3 Carat Round Brilliant Cut in a solitaire setting from James Allen. Both are stunning choices, but the size appearance differs even though the carat weight is the same.

When it comes to carat weight and size, review several options and diamond shapes to determine which diamonds are most appealing to you.

To help you decide, we created the graphic below to make it easier to compare the actual sizes of common shapes. Each diamond represents the average measurements of a 3ct stone with a US quarter for scale. Click the image to enlarge it and get a better look.

All diamond cuts comparison of 3ct

How Much is a 3 Carat Diamond Ring?

Generally, the price of a 3 carat diamond is between $19,000 and $95,000, though some are priced at more than $100,000. The cost of a 3 carat diamond engagement ring depends on a number of factors including Cut quality, Clarity, Color and Shape. For instance, this 3 Carat K/VS1 Excellent Round Cut diamond from James Allen costs $21,260, while this 3 Carat K/VS2 Excellent Round Cut diamond from James Allen is worth $19,880. The slightly lower Clarity grade in the second diamond reduces the price by $1,380, or about 7%. 

Cut quality is the factor that most greatly impacts the price—and beauty—of a 3 carat diamond ring. That’s why we recommend only considering Excellent and Ideal cut 3 carat diamonds. A lower cut grade results in a diamond without brilliance—making such a large purchase worthless. So paying more for Cut quality is certainly worth it. Color and Clarity also impact the price of a 3 carat diamond, but not as much as Cut.

As Carat weight increases, so does the cost per carat. Diamonds with a higher carat weight are more rare, especially in a high-quality cut. For instance, the average cost of a 3.5 carat diamond is between $24,000-$110,000, with some priced as high as $165,000.

Clarity Rating for 3 Carat Diamond Rings

A diamond’s 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight) impact its beauty and brilliance in varying ways. Clarity indicates how void the diamond is of imperfections. When reviewing a diamond for Clarity, we are looking for surface defects, blemishes, inclusions and any extra facets that are present in the diamond.

The GIA Clarity scale ranges from best to worst: Internally Flawless (IF), Very Very Small Inclusions 1 (VVS1), Very Very Small Inclusions 2 (VVS2), Very Small Inclusions 1 (VS1), Very Small Inclusions 2 (VS2), Small Inclusions 1 (SI1), Small Inclusions 2 (SI2), Inclusions 1 (I1), Inclusions 2 (I2).

While the GIA grade carries validity and consistency, it’s not the only element that should be considered in regard to a diamond’s Clarity.

The differences between two grades, such as VVS2 and VS1 are rarely noticeable to the naked eye—yet the price can differ significantly. For example, an eye-clean diamond that’s graded lower than a flawless diamond will look identical—assuming all else is equal. The difference you’ll notice is just in the price.

That’s why we recommend reviewing the diamond yourself or having an expert assist you. We can help you avoid spending too much on a feature that will go unnoticed to the naked eye.

Properly reviewing Diamond Clarity can sometimes be challenging when looking through online inventories. For this reason, we recommend using James Allen as they are the only vendor to offer sufficiently high-quality images on all of their diamonds. With their best-in-class technology, you can find this beautiful SI2 diamond that saves you 15% over a mediocre VS2 like this one.

For 3 Carat Diamonds, our general recommendation is a minimum of a VS2 for Clarity. Most blemishes and inclusions are invisible to the naked eye at this grade. It is possible, though, to find an S1 with inclusions close to the edges. Once the diamond is placed in a setting, these inclusions may be hidden.

To maintain a reasonable spend in the area of Clarity, the highest we usually recommend is a VVS2, as there are no blemishes or inclusions visible to the naked eye.
Most importantly, an eye-clean diamond is what you should be looking for. Enlist the help of an expert if you’re not confident in this area.

Be sure to check out our Diamond Clarity guide for more information.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes

An exquisite 3 Carat Diamond can be found in any Diamond Shape. Based primarily on personal preference and style, Diamond Shape is often the first decision to make.

If size appearance is important to you or the receiver, it may be helpful to note the surface area difference amongst 3 Carat Diamonds of different shapes. Depending on table size (the top, flat surface of a diamond), a certain Shape may appear larger.

Elongated shapes, such as Oval and Pear Shaped Diamonds, most often have a larger visible appearance than other shapes, such as Round Brilliant, Princess and Asscher Cuts, of the same carat weight.

The chart below shares the different surface areas based on Diamond Shape:

3 Carat Diamond Ring Colors

Diamond Color is graded from D to Z by the GIA. D grade signifies the most clear, colorless diamond and Z indicates a diamond with easily noticed brown or yellow tint.

It’s important to note that the difference between each single grade is largely unnoticeable. James Allen states in their Diamond Color article, “Most people find it very difficult (if not impossible) to tell the difference from one color grade to another.” The difference in price, though, may be quite significant.

Because of the minute differences between color grades, we recommend reviewing the diamond yourself. What you see with the naked eye is more important than the GIA grading. Most online diamond dealers will offer detailed pictures and videos for this purpose.

You can also ask a diamond expert for assistance if you’re not entirely confident.

When looking at a 3 Carat Diamond’s Color, be sure the diamond appears white in relation to its setting. A beautifully colorless G graded diamond like this one from James Allen will maintain its white appearance in a yellow gold, white gold or platinum setting.

On the other hand, a K color diamond will likely only appear white in darker settings like this rose gold solitaire setting. Usually K color diamonds have noticeable yellow tint, but the contrast with the jewelry makes it appear clear and radiant.

Remember that a diamond’s cut is the most important element of a diamond’s beauty and value. When you have an exceptionally cut diamond, like those in the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond collection, the harder it is to notice Color. We always recommend spending more in the area of Diamond Cut than Diamond Color.

Our general recommendation is to consider 3 Carat Diamonds in the nearly colorless range of G to I grading. These diamonds will appear colorless to the naked eye and will cost much less than those in the D to F range.

For more detail on our Color recommendations, check out our Diamond Color guide.

3.12 Carat E Color VVS2 Clarity Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

3 Ct Engagement Ring Inspiration

Here we’ll show you some examples of beautiful rings in a few different shapes and settings, to give you inspiration for your 3 carat diamond engagement ring.

3 Carat Round Diamond Ring

The solitaire setting with a round cut diamond is the most popular diamond ring, giving you a classic, elegant look that is truly timeless.

3ct solitaire round cut diamond ring

3 Carat Oval Diamond Ring

A 3 carat oval diamond ring has the potential to take over any room, with the elongated shape giving a larger surface area and a sleek, elegant appearance. Add a delicate three-stone setting and you get a lovely ring everyone will adore.

3 carat three-stone ring

3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut diamonds, with an elongated, rectangular shape and straight linear facets, provide a large surface area and an understated, sleek appearance.

3ct emerald pave diamond ring

3 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The Princess Cut diamond is a square shape, offering more fire and brilliance than almost any other fancy shape. A 3 carat princess cut diamond ring is a sleek alternative for a round brilliant, when you want something a little different, but with similar fire.

3 carat princess cut diamond ring

How To Get The Best Value For a 3 Carat Diamond Ring

Our goal is for you to find the most exceptional 3 Carat Diamond—at a price that’s excellent within the market. We want you to spend your engagement ring budget in the areas that greatly affect a diamond’s beauty, and scale back in the areas that won’t be noticed by the naked eye.

Above all, we recommend reviewing the diamond yourself or having an expert assist you. We also advocate that all diamonds you are considering have either a GIA or AGS certificate. This ensures that what is stated is validated by an esteemed grading entity.

If a seller is suggesting you purchase a diamond with a different grading entity, it’s best to steer clear. No matter what the lab report states, the actual quality of the diamond is far less than what they are stating.

To ensure your 3 Carat Diamond is radiant and brilliant, and will maintain its value, follow our experts’ recommendations:

  • Shape: Choose the Diamond Shape that is most appealing to you and the wearer. Shape is primarily decided on personal style. Pick a setting that provides stability to the Shape you choose.
  • Cut: Be certain your diamond is an ideal cut or an Excellent grade on the GIA scale. An exceptionally cut diamond will maximize the fire and brilliance above any other feature.
  • Clarity: Narrow your search to diamonds of VS1 and VS2 Clarity grade. They offer the greatest value for what can be seen by the naked eye. At these grades, blemishes and inclusions will go unnoticed.
  • Color: Consider diamonds in the nearly colorless range of G to I. To the naked eye, these diamonds will appear just as clear as diamonds in the D to F range but will cost much less.
  • Online Diamond Dealer: Select a diamond from a prominent diamond seller with high-quality cuts and years of expertise. Diamond dealers of this caliber include Brian Gavin Diamonds, James Allen and Blue Nile.

Prices of 3 carat diamond rings

TypeTotal CostDiamond CostSetting CostSpecs
3.55 Carat Round Pave from Blue Nile$53,281$22,730 ($7,576/ct)$8303.00ct Round J color SI1 clarity
3.02 Carat Cushion Cut Classic Solitaire from Blue Nile$31,563$27,460 ($8,346/ct)$1,3103.29ct Cushion Cut J color VS2 clarity
3.01 Carat Princess Cut Side Stones Ring from James Allen$25,560$23,690 ($7,870/ct)$1,8703.01ct Princess Cut I color VS2 clarity
3.01 Carat Oval Pave Rose Gold Ring from James Allen$29,250$27,590 ($9,166/ct)$1,6603.01ct Oval Cut I color VS2 clarity

3 Carat Engagement Ring FAQs

Now we’ll answer some common questions our readers come to us with regarding 3 carat engagement rings.

How Much Does a 3 Carat Diamond Cost?

3 Carat Diamonds can cost anywhere from $19,000 to $95,000, and in some cases even more than $100,000. 3ct diamonds are rare, above average in size, and extremely sought-after, thus they command a high price per carat.

The exact price of a 3 carat engagement ring depends on the diamond’s Cut, Color, Clarity, Shape and, of course, setting. Low-quality diamonds command a lower price point, but in diamonds of this size, imperfections and poor-quality cuts are more easily spotted than with lower Carat weights.

How Big is a 3 Carat Diamond?

A 3 Carat Round Diamond on average will have a diameter of 9.1mm. This may be different from diamond to diamond, however, as Carat is a measure of weight, not size. Two diamonds, both 3 Carats, may have slightly different dimensions and thus one may appear larger, however both will weigh 0.6 grams. 

Is a 3 Carat Ring Too Big?

3 Carat Diamond Rings are much larger than your average engagement ring. Whether it is too big depends on your budget and opinion. However, consider that a big diamond, such as a 3ct diamond, will show any imperfections or inclusions easier. So instead of getting the largest carat weight that your budget allows, it may be a better idea to focus on a smaller diamond with higher grades in Cut, Color and Clarity.

We’re Here To Help, Contact Our Experts

Make your search for a 3 Carat Diamond Ring easier with the information in this guide. Consider saving our link as a bookmark so you can refer to it while looking online at different diamonds.

If you’re not confident in selecting an ideal cut diamond at an excellent price, contact our experts and they’ll be happy to assist you. With our years of experience and having looked at thousands of diamonds, we can easily distinguish a luxurious, high-class 3 Carat Diamond from a less than outstanding choice.

With a 3 Carat Diamond, your options expand. We have helped many of our readers work directly with diamond importers and boutique jewelry designers. If you’re unsure about carat weight, we have buying guides for 2 carat engagement ring and 1 carat engagement ring as well.

Reach out to us today and we can begin the complementary search process for you.

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