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Mount Ebott was an interesting place.

It was one of the few places on Earth heavily covered in forestry with an abundance of fauna and flora. A large part of that was related to the dismal legend about monsters residing under the surface somewhere. The place was said to be cursed, people always disappearing without a trace.

You were a bit of a skeptic when it came to such mythology. Sure, the stories were entertaining, but like all myths, they weren’t real. At least, that’s what you once believed.

There were reasons you were in a supposedly enchanted location. The views were fantastic, and you had a hobby of photographing things you found interesting. Often it was nature, other times it was people, or just anything unusual. Unfortunately, photography could have its dangers pending on where one went.

This is the story of your life after the Barrier is destroyed, and the Reset that followed.

Work TitleRatingReader SexContainsSource/Link OutCobaltExplicitUndefinedMinor romance, vaginal or anal penetration, ecto dick.

Talk To MeCleanUndefinedRomance, hurt/comfort.

PunishmentCleanUndefinedFluff, heavy flirtation.

Maybe You've Seen This All Before

CleanUndefinedHurt/comfort, sad feels/tragedy.

Alone TimeExplicitUndefinedMinor romance, vaginal or anal penetration, sex with a strap-on.

Better Than My Pet RockExplicitFemaleDubious consent, pet play/submissive reader, ecto dick.

Connect The Dots


UndefinedRomance, sensitive bones/touching/licking, some hurt/comfort.

Good Bad TimeExplicitFemaleOral sex (giving), vaginal penetration and anal virginity (yes, all at once), aggressive sex, ecto dick.

You Don't MindCleanFemalePost-Undertale setting, reader already has a jealous boyfriend, developing relationship with Sans.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleVaginal fingering (receiving), sensitive bones/touching (giving). It In Your BonesExplicitFemaleCourting/dating, vaginal fingering (receiving), sensitive bones/touching (giving), praise, ecto dick.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleSensitive bones/touching, vocal Sans, praising (receiving), teasing (giving).[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleSensitive bones/touching, oral sex (giving), oral sex (receiving), vaginal penetration, ecto dick/tongue.[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleOral sex (giving), vaginal penetration, ecto dick, praise, very very vocal reader and Sans.[Untitled]CleanUndefinedFluffy hand-holding. BiteExplicitFemaleOral sex (receiving), vaginal fingering (receiving), vaginal insertion, ecto dick and tongue.[Untitled]ExplicitUndefinedSans with a vagina, ecto pussy, vaginal fingering (giving), cunnilingus (giving).[Untitled]CleanUndefinedFluff, touching bones, cracking joints.

This Is Going Tibia Long Night


UndefinedComfort (giving), sensitive bones, licking/kissing bones.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemalePredatory/jealous Sans, vaginal penetration, fingering (receiving), ecto dick, some body worship.

If Only To Hope That Time Stand Still

ExplicitFemaleAn in-progress novelization of the events of the game.

But I Saw It HappenCleanUndefinedAngst, hurt/comfort (reader receiving comfort), romance and intimacy.

The Process of MendingCleanFemale

Platonic bonding with Papyrus, cute pet names, romantic bonding with Sans, hurt/comfort (reader giving).


Predatory Sans, voyeurism, fingering (receiving), cunnilingus, ecto tongue/dick, throat stuffing, vaginal penetration.

He Doesn't Even Have Facial Muscles

CleanUndefinedDevelopment of feelings, fluff.

[Untitled]ExplicitUndefinedOral sex (giving), being caught by Papyrus.[Untitled]CleanUndefinedAngst, hurt/comfort (reader giving comfort), romance.

Beneath Your Touch I Crumble

ExplicitFemaleMild romance, vaginal fingering, vocal praise (giving and receiving), vaginal penetration, ecto dick.


Threesome with Papyrus, oral penetration (Papyrus), double-stuffing vaginal penetration (Papyrus and Sans simultaneously) (receiving), fellatio (receiving), ecto tongue.


Reader with body issues, comfort (reader receiving), romance, ecto tongue/dick, penetration, body worship. HeartExplicitFemale

Established relationship, worship (reader receiving), vaginal penetration, ecto dick/tongue, flavored precum/cum. According To PlanExplicitFemaleReader is established to have a chubby physique, ecto dick, vaginal penetration.

A Hundred Times OverCleanUndefined

Implication of multiple timelines where the reader fell in love, some hurt/comfort (giving and receiving), general fluff.

How To Make MuffinsExplicitFemaleFlirtation, multiple timelines, sensitive bones, ecto dick, vaginal penetration, fellatio.

Forget The MovieExplicitFemale

Voyeurism (reader catches Sans), ecto dick/tongue, spontaneous sex, mutual masturbation, vaginal penetration. Until TomarrowCleanUndefinedMeeting/falling in love, development of a relationship.

AnomalyCleanFemaleLengthy ongoing fic. Development of a relationship, angst, many timelines.

A Bone To PickExplicitFemaleExtremely long slow-burn romance culminating in smut. Ecto tongue/tentacle tongue, cunnilingus.

Super SeriousExplicitUndefinedSpontaneous sex, ecto dick, vaginal or anal fingering, vaginal or anal penetration.

Good MorningExplicitUndefined

Established relationship, sleep-sex, bondage, vocal Sans and reader, ecto dick, vaginal or anal penetration.

Redefining Normal (1)ExplicitFemaleHeavy daddy dom kink, ecto dick, oral sex (reader giving).

Not Such A Kid After AllExplicitMale

Mild sounding (reader being sounded), ecto dick/tongue, ectoplasm used as lube, anal penetration (receiving).


Romance and fluff, established relationship, semi-public sex, tentacle ecto-dick, vaginal penetration, body worship.

Study TimeExplicitUndefined

AU in which both the reader and Sans are physics majors attending the same college, ecto dick, penetration.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleEcto tongue and butt, pegging (Sans receiving).

Everything You Want To Understand


UndefinedDiscovery of feelings/flirtation, sensitive bones, licking/sucking/touching bones.

[Untitled]CleanUndefinedFluff and flirtation.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleDaddy dom Sans, ecto dick, fellatio, vaginal penetration. FlyCleanUndefinedFluff and romance, a date.

Meeting DayCleanUndefinedPost-pacifist setting, humans interacting with monsters, bullying. Ongoing., Rise, RepeatExplicitFemale

Established relationship, fingering, bathing together, sensitive bones, mild bondage (Sans), self-conscious Sans.

A Serious Sack of Lazy Bones

ExplicitMaleFellatio (giving), anal (reader penetrating Sans), ecto dick and butt, Sans as a power bottom.

Skeleton SmokeExplicitFemaleSmoker kink/smoke fascination, vaginal fingering.

No Words NeededExplicitFemale

Reader is mute and communicates in sign, sensitive bones, magical stimulation, vaginal fingering, romance.

[Untitled]CleanUndefinedVery short flash fiction, smoking fascination, very dominant Sans.

Angst and timelines, sensitive bones, ecto dick/tongue, flavored cum, oral sex (giving + receiving), vaginal penetration. Know You Got It In YouExplicitFemale

Casual/friends-with-benefits relationship, dry humping, ecto dick, large dick, fellatio, facefucking/throat stuffing.

I'll Tell You My SinsExplicitFemale

Story jumps between present time & other timelines, flirtation, ecto tongue/tentacles, vaginal penetration.

Would That Make You Happy?


FemaleReader is cast in the role of Frisk's mother, develops a relationship with Sans.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleNon-consensual, ecto tentacles and dick, throat stuffing, vaginal penetration, flavored cum. of the SoulCleanUndefinedReader is cast in the role of Frisk. Long slow-burn fic with story, angst and romantic development.

Rewind and ReplayCleanUndefined

Reader is in the role of Frisk. Novelization of Undertale, forging relationships with both Sans and Papyrus.

Call It MagicExplicitFemalePost-pacifism setting, flirtation/development of relationship. TO BE UPDATED.

Timeline ResetCleanUndefined

Angsty romance fic based around the concept that both Sans and the reader have an awareness of the timelines and have fell in love multiple times. RoastedExplicitFemaleThreesome with Sans and Grillby.

Snuggles For Your TroublesCleanUndefinedFluffy, platonic cuddling with both Sans and Papyrus.

Goodnight, Sleep TightCleanUndefinedCuddling/falling asleep next to Sans.

A Serious Case of Deja VuCleanFemale

Novelization of the events of Undertale, reader is cast in the role of Frisk, developing romance with Sans.

I Saw The Way You Looked At Me

ExplicitFemaleSongfic, ecto tongue/dick, cunnilingus, vaginal penetration.

No Funny BusinessCleanFemale

Novelization of the events of Undertale where reader is in the role of Frisk, building into romance with Sans.

MercyExplicitFemaleNon-con, Sans losing control of his powers, ecto dick.

PuppyExplicitMalePet-play (reader submissive), ecto tongue, oral sex (receiving). You To The BoneCleanUndefinedFluffy cuddling and flirtation, intimacy/touching.[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleDaddy dom Sans, humiliation/shame, ecto tongue, oral sex (receiving). OverCleanUndefinedA partial novelization of the genocide route battle against Sans. is cast in the role of Frisk, developing relationship with Sans.

I'm Having The (Good) Time of My Life


UndefinedAsexual reader, sensitive bones, touching/intimacy.

NightmaresCleanUndefinedHurt/comfort (reader receiving comfort), reader experiences genocide route-related nightmares.

TimeskipsCleanFemaleGenocide route vignettes, reader is killed by Sans.


A partial novelization of the events of Undertale building into a relationship with Sans, multiple timelines.

Unexpected AttractionExplicitFemale

Post-pacifist setting, semi-long buildup, ecto tongue and dick, oral sex (receiving), vaginal penetration.

That Tiny Bit of Insuboordination

ExplicitUndefinedPure PWP, ecto dick (presumably), either anal or vaginal penetration.

Karaoke NightCleanFemaleFluff, songfic duet with Sans.



UndefinedFooling around in an alley, story cuts off before any actual explicit content.

I See The LightCleanFemaleFluff and cuddling.


Redefining Normal (2)ExplicitFemaleDaddy dom Sans, ecto tongue/dick, cunnilingus, vaginal penetration, very vocal partners.

Just Give UpExplicitFemale

Fragmented writing with many timelines, some in which the reader dies, some in which they make love with Sans.

This Time It's DifferentExplicitUndefinedRomance, sensitive bones/touching/licking, ecto tongue/tentacles, sex via soul-melding.

You're the One, or thing...ExplicitFemaleThreesome with Sans and Gaster.

[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleSpontaneous sex, ecto dick/tongue, intimacy/touching, penetration.[Untitled]ExplicitFemaleOral sex, body worship, ecto tongue/dick, vaginal penetration. NightExplicitFemaleDominant Sans, dirty talking, penetration. MeExplicitUndefinedChoking/breath play. and somewhat insecure reader, praise/body worship, ecto dick, vaginal or anal penetration.[Untitled]ExplicitMaleFlash fiction, getting caught, finger sucking. MarksCleanFemaleFluff fic in which the reader kisses Sans and Papyrus a lot.

Nice Scream, You Scream, We All Scream

CleanUndefinedLong, casual ongoing fic post-pacifist end. Reader has emerging relationships with Sans and Papyrus.

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Flowers Between Ribs [Sans x Reader]

Summary: Papyrus is cooking downstairs and Sans is asleep.
Of course, you would take this opportunity to stick flowers in his ribs… You did not know he was sensitive there.

Genre: Fluff

Date: July 21, 2016


It was an unusually peaceful day. A comfortable yet rare silence had settled in the humble abode of two skeleton brothers, which was usually bustling with noise and strange misendeavours.
The sun was just starting to set, and the hues in the sky cast their light into the house. Gradients of the fading twilight slipped past the curtains and washed over the room, bathing it in it’s palette of orange, pink and purple watercolor.

You would soon attribute the odd spell of quiet with the absence of a certain boisterous skeleton-

“SANS, WE HAVE RETURNED WITH THE INGREDIENTS FOR DINNER!” Papyrus kicked the door open, almost sending it off of its hinges.

The door bounced off of the wall with a splintering ‘CRACK,’ and would’ve slammed back into Papyrus’s armful of groceries if you hadn’t jammed it open with your foot.

Whew, that was a close one. There were eggs in there.


You poked a head around Papyrus’s towering frame and peeked inside the familiar house. As always, it was relatively clean, leave for a sock in the corner. (Which was bombarded with sticky-notes.)
You visited Papyrus and Sans on a regular basis, and knew this place better than the back of your hand. Scanning the room, you realized that something was missing- or, to be specific, someone.

“Hey Papyrus, do you know where Sans is?” You ask as you shift the brown bags in your arms, and walk towards the kitchen. Papyrus follows close behind, scanning the room as well.

“WELL, IF HE ISN’T IN THE LIVINGROOM, HE MUST BE SLEEPING UPSTAIRS.” Papyrus set the bags down on the counter and placed his hands on his hips, “THAT PILE OF LAZYBONES.”

You chuckled and plopped your share of groceries on the counter as well, snatching a particularly light paper bag off the table. “I’ll go wake him up, then! You better get started on cooking Pappy!”


As you slipped out the door, you couldn’t help but shudder at the skeleton’s strange sense of taste.

Sure, Papyrus may be sweet, but unfortunately that didn’t make his cooking any more palatable than a third grader’s macaroni-and-glitter art project.

Still, you were kind of thankful he sucked at cooking- it was what strengthened your bond with the brothers so much.
Whenever you were free, you’d come by their place and give Papyrus some cooking tips (“GEE (Y/N), THAT MAKES QUITE A LOT OF SENSE. I THOUGHT THAT WHEN PASTA CAUGHT ON FIRE, IT MEANT IT WAS SPICY; ISN’T THAT WHAT THE COMMERCIALS MEAN BY ‘FIERY HOT?’”) while also preparing nice meal for the three of you. Of course, you’d leave room for one or two bites of Papyrus’s self-proclaimed “MASTERPIECE SPAGHETTI, NYEHEHEH!” which seemed to satisfy everyone.

With the bag delicately pressed to your chest, you tiptoed quietly upstairs toward Sans’s room, faintly hearing the telltale signs of light snoring.
Luckily, he had left his bedroom door slightly ajar and unlocked, making your job a lot easier. (You knew Sans couldn’t be awakened by the mere sounds of knocking, and you didn’t have the adequate tools to lockpick.


You shouldered his door open quietly and were greeted with the sight of his room- something people could politely describe as… organized chaos.
It wasn’t often that you came up to Sans’s room.
Perhaps you’ve been in and out of here once or twice when you were sleeping over and needed extra pillows, but that was done rather quickly.

You never really paid attention to anything (except for the odd flashlight-lamp-contraption on his dresser.)
Taking a closer look at the room now, you notice many odds and ends you’re surprised you didn’t spot before. A dusty treadmill, heaps of clothes and stray socks littering the floor- and… A hurricane of a mess. Literally.

Typical Sans.

Stepping over the oddities strewn across the bedroom floor, you make your way over to a sleeping Sans, peacefully snoozing away while sprawled on his back.
The corner of your lips quirk up a bit further upon hearing the faint clanging of pots and pans downstairs, along with the occasional “NYEHEHEH!”and you figure Papyrus  is entertaining himself: you’d let Sans catch z’s for just a little longer.

You plop down next to Sans’s bed and rest an arm on the edge of the mattress, propping your head up on it.
Your eyes latch onto his chest, rising up and down at a slow and steady pace.

No nightmares this time, huh? You let out a small exhale and give the sleeping monster a small lopsided smile.

Despite his endless slew of lame jokes and easygoing attitude, you knew Sans always had a torrential wave of thoughts consuming his mind- in both sleep and his waking hours. At one point, you had gotten worried enough about his worsening eyebags and asked if he was alright, only to receive a broad and somewhat conventional reply.
You begrudgingly changed topics, taking the hint- but pressed him for answers once Papyrus called you up begging for help at 7AM on a Saturday.

You had dashed over there with a bad case of bedhead and mismatching socks, assuming the worst- only to arrive and find Papyrus in desperate need to use the only bathroom in the house- which Sans had fallen asleep in while brushing his teeth.
“no need to get so pee-ved, can’t a guy get some bath-room to himself for a bit, heh?”
“Sans,” You huffed “Look, we can tell something is bothering you- and it must be pretty bad, to lose sleep over.”
He shifted from one slipper-clad foot to another, eyes darting away from you.

No response.

You sigh and place a hand gently on his arm, furrowing your brows at him. “You don’t need to talk about it if you don’t want to, but take care of yourself, okay? We can’t have you injured for small things that could’ve been helped, yaknow?”
Sans chuckled and lightened up considerably as Papyrus came out of the bathroom, looking much more calm.

“hey, eye’m bagging you to let this go, (Y/N).”


And that concluded your semi-serious conversation about Sans’s health. You knew Sans was only avoiding a direct answer to save you and Papyrus the trouble of being worried, but there was a nagging feeling in your mind that there was something more than that.
Something that he was… Protecting you two from?

Your eyes travel from his rising chest to his ivory face, completely relaxed despite the constant grin that was plastered from cheek to cheek.

From afar the bony surface seemed flawless and smooth, but up close you could spot small imperfections. Chips on the surface, tiny indentations, ridges and occasional scratches decorated his face, and you found yourself struggling to keep your hands to yourself. It was strange how these small markings could be argued to be unattractive- but to you, be so entrancingly unique and beautiful.

It made Sans who he was.

Your stare catches on parts of his exposed lower ribs, a result of his white shirt and unzipped blue jacket riding up during his tossing and turning.

Your cheeks betray you and flush a deep red rivaling Papyrus’s cape, and you hurriedly avert your gaze elsewhere.
It was then that you remembered what you had brought into the room with you, and an idea popped into your mind.

Smiling coyly, you pick your head up and dig a hand into the brown paper bag, careful to subdue any obnoxious crinkling. You pull out your hand.
In between your pointer finger and your thumb was a dainty little flower with vibrantly colored petals and a thick, robust stem.

After you had gone grocery shopping with Papyrus, you spotted a flower vending cart next to the park you two passed to go home, covered from wheel to canopy with beautiful, multicolored flowers of all variety.


Papyrus gestured for you to go with a wide and genuine smile, but you were too busy cringing at the unintentional jab to really notice.


You wondered if bringing up the incident where he could barely wait for the bathroom would be appropriate, but bit your tongue.

Instead, you tossed him a grateful smile and went to pick out a handful of snipped daisies, bluebells, bleeding hearts and carnations.

Chuckling at the memory, you twirled the powder pink carnation between your fingers and eye Sans’s uncovered ribs. You honestly had no idea what to do with the snippets of flowers, and had only bought them in the spur of the moment. But now, you had an idea
Would he feel it? He was asleep…
This could be payback for that time he stacked ritz crackers on your forehead as you napped on the couch- needless to say you got a faceful of saltine cookies once you awoke. (“aw, come’on (Y/N), don’t be mad! I’m crackerin’ up over here!”)

Carefully, you slipped the smooth, dark green stem of the carnation between his second to last rib. Seeing that it stayed put, you felt a burst of happiness and immediately worked to place as many as you could in the exposed expanse of his bones.

Selecting a line of deep red bleeding hearts, you nestled those on the innermost part of his fourth to last rib. A cute daisy followed, placed snugly next to the bleeding hearts.
You decorate his outer false ribs with baby blue bluebells and tuck some red carnations comfortably against the tip of his Xiphoid Process, grinning to yourself.
Lines of fresh white daises and bleeding hearts dangle from his floating ribs, and you can’t help but admire your handiwork. The vividly colored flora somehow both complimented and contrasted perfectly against Sans’s milky white bones, framing the already strong and alluring structure with a collection of complimentary daisies and bluebells, gradiented red and pink carnations, and elegant yet sharply colored bleeding hearts.

After a few moments, you catch yourself staring and shake yourself out of your stupor. Glancing inside the brown paper bag, you are confronted with one more healthy-looking daisy sitting alone at the bottom.
Removing it from its confines, you stare blankly at the garden in Sans’s ribs, wondering where to put the final flower.

Finally, you decide to place it with the other daises, but-
Accidentally, your fingertips brush along Sans’s costal cartilage, and static shoots up your arm.

Oh, geez.

He was unexpectedly warm for a skeleton, and insanely smooth.

Your hand instinctively draws back as you sharply inhale, eyes darting up to Sans’s face.
Fortunately, he was still asleep- although a strange bluish hue had dusted his cheeks. There was no way…

Was he… Enjoying that?

A shiver travels up your spine as you hear him give an almost inaudible but throaty groan, and you press your fingers to your lips.
You didn’t ever really have a chance to find out what monster anatomy was like- but it was rather odd to you that ribs of all places could be a potential erogenous zone.
Slowly, you lower them back onto the same spot and wrap the pads of your fingers around the bone, giving a longer, harder rub.

The response is immediate. Phalanges curl into the bedcovers and metacarpals twist into bedsheets.

Sans arches his back with a whimper and brings his ribs into your palms, reminding you of lesser dog and his keening.

Except this one moans.

Sans unconsciously bucks into your hand and gives a crescendo of a guttural moan, sending your heartbeat sailing and skin crawling.
Your head whips towards the bedroom door to make sure Papyrus hadn’t heard and come up to check on you, and once you were in the clear, you yanked  your hand away despite the tingling in your fingertips that urged you on.

Well, attempted to. Your eyes widened into saucers when you feel boney fingers- the same ones that were grappling at the bed a few seconds earlier- wrap themselves around your wrist and hold you in place- if not pulling you closer.

Sans gazed at you with one half lidded eye, a lazy but knowing smile licking at his usual cheesy grin. “mornin’.”

You gulped and flushed red.
“I-It’s more night than morning, but…”

Your eyes followed his gaze to the small flower show in his ribs, and when you glanced back at you with a grin and a raised eyebrow, your blush reached the tip of your ears.

“I-“ You rushed to explain yourself, but found yourself tripping over your own words, “T-The flowers looked pretty and- and your bones were there and i thought it’d look good and alsobeacuseoftheritzcrackersthing-“ You visibly deflate with  complete and utter embarrassment, wishing you could either turn sink between the wooden floor boards or turn into one of the many heaps of clothing on his floor.

“it’s kind of like a garden.” Sans smiled at you, his long fingers still wrapped firmly around your wrist.

You mutely nodded, avoiding his gaze.

“the only thing im missing are butterflies in my stomach, but you already give me those.”

Your breath catches in your throat at the comment, and your pupils rapidly dart to-and-fro, intensely staring at anything BUT Sans. Ohgoshthiswasembarassingwhydidyouthinkitwouldbeagoodideaatall-


You feel the metacarpals around your arm pull you forward so you were practically on the bed with Sans. Before you could part your lips to protest, another set of fingers brushed along the breadth of your jawline and firmly but gently grasped your chin and turned you to face him.

“look at me.”

He was so close- maybe just a little more and-
Sans plucked the daisy you forgot you were holding from your hands, tucking it into your hair.

“don’t think I don’t know what you were doing, kid.” Sans chuckled mischeviously, the laughter coming from deep within his chest. Maybe it was just your imagination, but was his left eye glowing cyan…?

“I, uh-“


As you opened your mouth to respond, Sans stopped you with a finger to your lips.
“let’s finish what you started, hm? you might wanna keep quiet.“

His eye flared

"my room’s right above the kitchen.”

Undertale Sans x Scared!Reader (16+)

ValkyrieOfSmut 's Master Lists!

Anonymous asked:

hi is the last part of at your service alpha still in the works or is it safe to assume its not going to be finished

This is the current word count on the last part of at your service, alpha.


It’s in the works, it’s just been put aside due to life, and now commissions… Which are… Because of life stuff… Lol

missydudley asked:

Hello hello! I just found your “Captive Love” story and binged the whole thing in one night; it’s soooooo good!! I was just wondering when the next update will be?

Hello! That depends- did you only read what was on here, or did you read all of what was on Ao3, too? 

I haven’t gotten another chapter written, yet, it’s been really crazy around here, and I haven’t had much time to write. I have got it planned out to the end, though, so don’t worry; the only thing stopping me is time.

Undertale head canons and asks Master list

About the Bone Brigade boys

What are the boys’ kinks? 

What do the boys sound like when they ‘bottom out’?    And an audio

How many kids do the boys want?

Soft vs rough in bed

What if MC already had a kid?

Boys react to finding out MC’s kinks

THE TALK and how the boys feel about m-preg (sex education & gender talk)

Boys and MC in college

Boys walk in on MC getting out of the shower

What if MC was flirty?

What if the boys were out with MC, a guy hit on her and she threw him into a hold?

What if MC were pregnant when she got there?

How the boys act around their crush

What the boys think about bone pun/ skeleton wear

Oh no! There’s only one bed!

The boys’ sleeping habits

Boys reacting to MC’s cycle change cravings

The masturbation question, MC caught

Boys react to MC roasting someone who upsets her

MC gets targeted for sex trafficking and is drugged

MC dressed as the boys’ gift… *wink*

Boys’ S/o flirts with someone else to get them jealous

Boys’ reaction to finding out their partner is a squirter

The boys and the Daddy kink

Boys’ go to masturbation fantasies of Reader

Boys find MC’s stash of toys

The masturbation question, reader caught, but with angst!

Ovulation craving ask, but S/o misses ovulation (w/ science-y rant)

Scenting between humans and Monsters (science-y rant)

The masturbation question, boys caught

Boys get a text that they are suddenly a parent- with no answers?! 

Boys handle a pregnancy scare, and having a pregnant S/o   
And with angst…

Boys reactions to getting a dirty text/pic from their S/o

Boys flirting with their oblivious S/o

S/O asked to say grace but recites Niki Minaj

Skeleton fluff

Boys with a sub S/o who’s into primal play

Boys with a nurturing/ gentle S/o 

What if… they were all yandere… 

Boys react to MC having a nightmare

Zodiac compatibility 

Big spoon, little spoon

MC decides to sneak into bed and get frisky… 

Boys with a sleep walking S/o 

Boys and accidental slapping during sexy times 

How the boys feel about soul touching 

Axe comforting MC through the night and coming downstairs the morning after- and how the other residents react. 

Boy’s ideal dates 

Which boys are ok with S/o topping, up to and including pegging

“I think I’m pregnant- good night!” 

S/o dates someone else… 

MC wakes up to boys having a wet dream…


About specific characters

What if MC was a skeleton like the boys?

What if MC had PTSD and needed more care in relationships?

Mafia boys go a courtin’

Mafiafell boys’ S/o has a panic attack 

Captive Love Sans reacts to popping bones, self harm and depressive episodes

Mafiafell boys catch their S/o taking care of themselves…


How about some world building?

Bone Brigade boys and their AU MCs? 

Keep reading

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you were ever going to update the alpha Kurt story?

I am, no worries! I’ve even started the next chapter! It isn’t finished yet, though, and it’s not only the smut scene, it’s the last chapter, as well! As far as I can tell, anyway. So it’s just taking me a bit, since I have to write the whole sex scene and also tie up the whole end of the story, as well, and I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and just write without distractions. 

Life with the Bone Brigade Masterlist

Polyamorous, multiverse skeletons x Reader 

Sans, Axe, Blueberry, Stretch, Red, Blackberry, Mutt, possibly Edge, Papyrus, Crooks (Bun)

This is the cover pic, but I can’t put it without reposting…

Description: (Y/n) lost her job, which sucks. If only she hadn’t lost her second job, and apartment, as well! Now all she’s got is a camper full of her crap on the back of her truck, and nowhere to go. At least she found this campground, even if it is in the middle of nowhere, and looks like no one has been around it for a while, and a skeleton with a head wound tries to make her into a meal… Rough start to making new friends, but his brother is sweet enough!
And then there’s the other skeletons who inhabit the other cabins, who all look vaguely similar… Their explanation of “cousins” only goes so far, but there are more concerning things to worry about, like how almost every skeleton is trying to get into her pants, their heats, and where her clothes, particularly her socks, keep disappearing to?! 

Types:  This is the basic “group of skeletons, reverse harem, reader lives there, now” story, with lots of sexy times, hopefully, once we get into the swing of things!                  
18+ (In progress)

Warnings/ tags:  Eventual Smut, Eventual Romance, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Skeletons going into heat, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Polyamory, Blueberry is a Dom (Surprise!), (more than one?) Threesome - F/M/M, Vaginal Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Ecto-Penis, Ecto-Tongue, Ecto-Genitalia, Ecto-body, Slow Romance, Slow Burn, Fluff, Angst, Asexuality Spectrum, Demisexuality, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Light Bondage, Knotting, lots of possibilities, Reverse Harem, Soul Sex, Alternate Universe - Underfell, Alternate Universe - Swapfell, Alternate Universe - Underswap, Alternate Universe - Horrortale, Reader-Insert, Reader has a green SOUL, Female Reader,  Tall Reader,  Other Additional Tags to Be Added    
Most of the Skeletons want the Reader. Everyone Is An Adult! Which means that EVERYONE may do adult things, but that doesn’t mean that EVERYONE is interested in sex!  (Aka: cinnamon rolls are adults and may do adult things, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is necessarily interested in sex) Some scary themes, because Horrortale Sans. As a note, a couple of the skeles are asexual, and one is demisexual. Doesn’t mean that they can’t start relationships with the reader later, they just don’t want to immediately jump her bones!    (posted on @valkyrieofsmut​)

Read on Ao3  (it gets posted there first)           Fan art!


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Undertale and Undertale AU Masterlist


Captive Love     UF!Sans x Reader

Monsters have made it to the surface and made a place for themselves. A place that’s still dangerous for humans. Feeling ill and heading to her apartment at the edge of the Monsters’ part of town, (Y/n) runs into a wall, helped there by Sans, who she’d run into first. When she wakes up, she’s a human in the middle of the Monster territory, with no way out and a couple of edgy skeletons for hosts. Sans doesn’t particularly want to hurt just anyone, but he has to keep his tough guy image up. What he wants, is to find out why this strange, beautiful human woman kissed him, especially after he’d thrown her against a brick wall, but she faints too quickly to ask. To keep her safe, he decides to take her home until she wakes up. …and then maybe he decides she should stay there a little longer… 

Life with the Bone Brigade     
Reverse harem with UT! UF! US! SF! HT! bros

(Y/n) lost her job, which sucks. If only she hadn’t lost her second job, and apartment, as well! Now all she’s got is a camper full of her crap on the back of her truck, and nowhere to go. At least she found this campground, even if it is in the middle of nowhere, and looks like no one has been around it for a while, and a skeleton with a head wound tries to make her into a meal… Rough start to making new friends, but his brother is sweet enough! And then there’s the other skeletons who inhabit the other cabins, who all look vaguely similar… Their explanation of “cousins” only goes so far, but there are more concerning things to worry about, like how almost every skeleton is trying to get into her pants, their heats, and where her clothes, particularly her socks, keep disappearing to?! (coming to tumblr soon, on currently posting on Ao3)

One shots and drabbles

Captive Love “what if the reader had kinks?”   (Smut drabble)

UF!Sans as a barista(Drabble)

Mutt’s tied toy (SF!Papyrus)  
A little something to give more insight to Black’s tendencies (SF!Sans)

An outside date with Sans  (UT!Sans)  

Locked means “go away”   (HT!Sans)  

c’mon babe, light my burner  (UT!Sans) 

Take some time to breathe, honey  (US!Papyrus)  

Sans’ little “lap angel”    Part 2!    (UF!Sans) 

Skelekinks   (UT, UF, US, SF, HT, Dust)

Bang Axe into the floor until he cries happy tears   (Smut/fluff-let)

What the boys sound like when they sink into their human…   (UT, HF, US, SF, HT, Dust) 

UT!Sans x Reader x UF!Sans, dom boys  (Smut drabble) 

Red can’t look at strawberries the same way anymore  (Smut drabble) (UF!Sans)

Menophillia moment with Axe (thought)

(Something with dub-con- you’ve been warned) 


List of head canons/ asks-


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Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) Masterlist

@valkyrieofsmut‘s Kurt Wagner AKA Nightcrawler Masterlist!



Gargoyle’s Angel  (In Slow Progress)

Angeline has dealt with more than her fair share of pain, then she falls in love with Kurt at first sight, but he’s uninterested in her advances. Five years later, after an incomplete apocalypse, she’s pregnant. Kurt fell in love with Angeline the second he saw her, but was convinced she could never love him. Five years later, she’s having his baby, and he has to convince her to let him be in her and their baby’s lives. Tactic? Refusing to leave.

Starting with an accidental encounter (Complete!)

Kurt is in the middle of an investigation for the X-Men when he’s found. He accidentally escapes into Lacy’s apartment, and shockingly instead of screaming she pulls him into bed. Now he can’t stop thinking about her.

Kurt’s Mail Order Bride (In Progress)

Old westAU In about 1900 Germany, Kurt has heard stories about the wild west and dreamt about being a cowboy for a long time. When he’s brought over to America and sent to live with Logan he’s excited, until he learns what hard work a ranch actually is. Logan knows a woman will set him straight from his shenanigans, and brings one back. Kurt hopes for love, but they can’t seem to get along.

At Your Service, Alpha (In Progress)

Kurt is apartment sitting for his friend and the last thing he expected to find was his one true omega, but there she was. Except she can’t seem to tell they belong together. (Y/n) has dreamed about the day she would meet her one true alpha her whole life. A new, blue, alpha comes to see her every day, and she hates him! Until she starts thinking about him all the time. Her allergies make it so she can’t smell anything, but she knows that her alpha will let her know when he finds her. Won’t he?

One Shots

Only call me Liebling

Amber has had a crush on Kurt for a while, but has never told him. Until one day, she hears him say something hurtful about himself and is determined to set him straight. Then his first kiss turns into his first time.

Massage therapy and forgotten English

Tanner has been watching too many commercials for massage therapy school. Does she want to do it? She doesn’t know, but maybe Kurt can help her figure it out. And maybe she’ll pick up a bit of German at the same time.

A good Master

An excerpt from a BDSM series.

All I want for Christmaspart 1part 2

Kurt has given up the way of the X-Men for the way of the Catholic church. He has spent the last nearly three years training and devoting himself and is nearly finished. He is happy with the way life is, until a woman who isn’t a member of the church comes to sing with them for Christmas. She is a human, he is a mutant, she is a member of the choir, he is a priest to be… It’s a sin for them to be together, but fate, or God, or maybe Christmas, has different plans.

Kurt for Christmas@devilbat‘s Christmas challenge

(Y/n) asks Kurt to come home to Christmas dinner for her so her parents will leave her alone about not having a boyfriend. A few truths come out, and Kurt is surprised to hear who her family wants to be her boyfriend.

More Smut


Pic by Nick Robles (amazing artist!)

At Your Service, Alpha! Masterlist

Kurt Wagner x Non mutant! Reader


Originally posted by mister-wagner

Description: Kurt is apartment sitting for his friend and the last thing he expected to find was his one true omega, but there she was. Except she can’t seem to tell they belong together. (Y/n) has dreamed about the day she would meet her one true alpha her whole life. A new, blue, alpha comes to see her every day, and she hates him! Until she starts thinking about him all the time. Her allergies make it so she can’t smell anything, but she knows that her alpha will let her know when he finds her. Won’t he?    NSFW 18+    (In Progress)

Types: Smut. Romance, angst, pining that becomes mutual pining, ABOverse A/B/O dynamics, Alpha Nightcrawler, Sassy Omega Reader

Overall series warnings: Smut, swearing, German (translations provided, but I have bad grammar… Sorry native speakers…) (can’t remember any more at the moment)


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Kurt’s Mail Order Bride Masterlist

Cowboy!Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) x Mutant!OC


(from the comics, found on the interwebs…)

Descriptions:   Old westAU In about 1900 Germany, Kurt has heard stories about the wild west and dreamt about being a cowboy for a long time. When he’s brought over to America and sent to live with Logan he’s excited, until he learns what hard work a ranch actually is. Logan knows a woman will set him straight from his shenanigans, and brings one back. Kurt hopes for love, but they can’t seem to get along.

A/n- I watched the (1964) western movie “Mail Order Bride” and thought it would be hilarious to make a story and stick our favorite blue fuzzy man in! Also… He’s kind of a whiny brat in the beginning… because that’s where he had to be to have character growth! lol.   NSFW 18+   (In Progress)

Types: Smut. Romance, angst, mutual pining, Old west au

Overall series warnings: Smut, swearing, German (translations provided, but I have bad grammar… Sorry native speakers…) (can’t remember any more at the moment)


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X reader sans


Human!Sans x Human!Reader

Hi there, im using the name Narm but you can but your name instead. I hope you like this and ill put in chapter 2 soon if you like it... :3, yes sans has his powers even though hes 'human'. he just looks human. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Narm was walking out of the entrance. She was waving Toriel goodbye walking to the bridge. Sans couldn't believe his eyes; there was a human crossing the bridge. It had been centuries since a human fell. he decided to play a trick on them, just to have a laugh. he started following the human, teleporting away every time they turned around to see if someone was there, and when they stepped on the bridge he slowly waled towards him, until between the two of them there was only an inch of space. "Human." he said in his scariest voice. "Don't you know how to greet a new pal? turn around and shake my hand." he reached out his hand, waiting for the human to shake it. Narm turned around scared hesitantly shaking his hand. As soon as she shaked his hand, a farting sound played. "Hehehe..." sans giggled. "The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It's ALWAYS funny." he laughed again. Narm blinked confused. "U-uhm.. Who are you?" She said looking at him. He looked human but he was almost as pale as a skeleton . "You're a human, right?" he asked, putting his hand back in his pocket. "That's hilarious. I'm Sans." he introduced himself; he was tall and pale. his hair was so white it was almost blinding. He had a tired expression, mostly emphasized by the dark circles under his eyes, and a toothy smile; in addition, a bit of beard grew on his chin. He wore a blue hoodie and some black shorts, as if he didn't suffer the cold. "Aren't you cold..?" Narm asked shivering slightly. She was only wearing sweats and a t-shirt. "Not really, no. You, on the other hand, look like you're freezing. Here, have this." He took off his hoodie, placing it on her shoulders and remaining with only a plain, white t-shirt on. "Ah thanks. So are you saying that your.. Not human?" She asked tilting her head slightly "Not exactly. I'm a monster, which means I look like a human but have powers, and other stuff like that." he explained. "I'm actually supposed to be on watch for humans right now. but... y'know... i don't really care about capturing anybody." he shrugged. "now my brother, papyrus... he's a human-hunting FANATIC." Narm slightly shudders. "Should I be scared?" She asks looking around. "nah, he's a pretty chill guy, but i think that's him over there." she took a look over her shoulder, noticing another pale, tall man in the distance. "i have an idea. go over this gate thingy. yeah, go right through. my bro made the bars to wide to stop anyone. and now quick, behind that conveniently-shaped lamp." Narm looked and lifted her eyebrow confused but hid behind it anyways. "SANS!" the other man screamed, approaching him. He was very similar to his brother, but he was taller and his face had no trace of fatigue at all. he was wearing some kind of weird suit and a cape, which kinda made him look like a ridiculous superhero. the two talked, and the taller one seemed very angry, saying something about sans not doing his job before he left. Narm watched and lightly snorted. when his brother was finally gone, he teleported in front of the girl. "You better get outta here, he might come back." he told her."But where will I go? I'm in the middle of the forest. I'll die from hypothermia!" Narm says The monster sighed. "Damn, taking care of humans is hard. Couldn't you dress more properly when you decided to jump in here?" he joked. "I guess i can make an exception for once... come here, we'll take a shortcut." He suddenly held her in his arms, being careful to hold her tight enough. One second later, they were inside of a big house, much warmer than before. "home sweet home." he murmured, loosening his grip on the human. Narm froze. "W-what just happened?" She said wobbling a little. Narm was holding onto him not letting go "I told you about my powers, didn't i?" he asked, not giving any further explanation. "Anyways, this is me and my brother's house. pretty cool, right?" She nodded looking around. "Go sit down while i search for something for you to wear, i guess you might be feeling a little nauseous." he pointed at the couch with a nod of the head, then he disappeared, just to reappear upstairs. Narm Sat on the couch waiting patiently for him to return. Sans reappeared in front of her after a while with something in his hands. "Here you go." he said. "This is my brother's, try not to ruin it." he handed her a white sweater with a big red heart on it. She took it and put it on. "Thanks" she said with a closed eyed smile. He felt a pink blush color his pale cheekbones. "whatever pal." he murmured, turning his head around. She blinked. "Did you blush?" She asked a smug look on her face "Pfft sure, in your dreams maybe." he smirked, a mocking expression on his face. "Now why would I dream of you, frosty the snowman" she said with a giggle. He opened his mouth wide, pretending to be surprised. "oh, why must you hurt me this way?" he asked dramatically. She laughed. "Whens your brother supposed to come home?" She asked looking at the door worried "that's a great question. i honestly have no idea." Narm looked out the window."i don't think he's gonna be here soon anyways, so don't be so tense" "Ok.." She says walking around the house"So how old are you?" She asked all of a sudden "oh, that's a secret. you never ask a monster his age." he joked, letting out a small giggle. "Your probably 200" she said squinting "what? do i look that old?"She squinted at him acting as if she's thinking really hard. "aw come on! you're mocking me!" he yelled. "fine then... let's say i have between 20 and 40 years. maybe 30." " 29?" She asked. he shook his head. "you got pretty close though." "27!" She said pointing at him. "nnooope." he smirked, sitting on the couch. "28?" "that took you long enough, kiddo." "I-im not a kid!!" "how old are you, then?" "I'm 24" she said crossing her arms "see? you're still a kid." he shrugged. "W-what!! We are 4 years apart. Not that much of an age difference!" sans chuckled, finding funny how worked up she would get. She puffed up her cheeks pouting sitting next to him."aw come on, don't pout like a little baby now." he poked her cheek, smiling. She bit his hand, lightly. "ouch! Why would you bite me!?" he yelled, quickly moving his hand away. "You poked me and called me a baby! Who's a baby now?" She said smirking crossing her arms "well i did not bite you! damn, so touchy..." he murmured, holding the hand she bit. She grabbed his hand softly looking at it. "It's not that bad." She said. he felt his cheeks turn lightly pink again, and teleported a few steps far from the couch. "still, you don't bite a complete stranger." "We aren't friends?" Narm said looking a little hurt. " Didn't you say 'don't you know how to greet a new friend'? " "oh shi—" he muttered under his breath. "it's not like that, kiddo. it's just that we barely know each other, so you can't really say you're friends, you get me?" "Oh..alright" she said "I'm sorry for biting you." She's said "it's alright, it doesn't even hurt." he shrugged, teleporting on the couch again. She rested her head on her hand looking at her lap."what is it? are you tired?" he asked ."Kinda.. I haven't slept in 4 days almost. But you shouldn't worry about a stranger" she said "stop being so touchy already, you should totally get some sleep. I can let you stay in my room if you want, or at least until my brother comes back." he reached out his hand, waiting for her to grab it. She hesitated taking his hand. the second she took his hand, they both landed on something soft and bouncy. "Sorry for the mess, i don't clean in here quite often." They were in sans' room, more specifically on his bed; there were clothes and liter all over the room and the bed was unmade, the only thing that seemed more tidy than the rest was a small wooden desk with a computer on it. "Well my room is definitely messier." She giggled "nah, that's impossible." he got off the bad, walking towards the door. "do you want me to leave you alone? so maybe you can rest a bit." "I-i mean I could take the couch.." She said a light shade of pink covering her cheeks "but you're already here, so make yourself at home. i'll go downstairs then, maybe i can eat something..." Narm looked away from him before laying down."well... see ya later then." he turned around, then disappeared. "Bye.." She whispered closing her eyes and falling asleep Half and an hour later, sans teleported back into his room, just to check on Narm. "she's probably still sleeping, she must've had a hard time out there." he thought. Narm had her eyebrows pressed together in stress. Sans looked at her, a worried look on his face. She didn't seem to be having sweet dreams. He sat on the bed, putting a hand on her shoulder and wondering what she was dreaming about. "" She muttered before waking up sitting up bumping her head into sans"Oww" she said rubbing her head "what's up with you trying to hurt me today, huh?" "Your the one watching me sleep" she said puffing her cheeks up " i was not watching you sleep. i was just checking if everything was alright, and then you started having this nightmare so i just came to see what was wrong." "Ah..I see...well thanks stranger" she said a small smile on her lips. he smiled too, putting a hand on top of her head. "no problem. you sure u okay?" he asked, gently rubbing his hand on her head so that her hair would mess up a bit. "Yea I'm fine" she said chuckling "good. are you still tired?" he asked. "Nah, im fine, how long have i been sleeping?" she asked "an hour, maybe two. that's incredibly little sleep for someone who hasn't slept in days" he smirked, getting off the bed. "Im used to it.." she said rubbing the back of her head. "you should sleep more, kiddo. not sleeping enough will make your brain go nuts." "I can tell" she teased looking at him "ha-ha, very funny." he had an annoyed expression on his face. "anyways, are you hungry? i was thinking about heading to grillby's." "Grillbys? " she cocked her head "oh right, you don't know what grillby's is. follow me, i'll take you there." he got one of his hand out of his pocket, reaching out to her. She took it when she grabbed it, they both teleported. in front of them there was a small pub with a banner on top that said "GRILLBY'S". he moved to the side, doing a small bow.  "ladies first."Narm rolled her eyes walking inside looking around. " I think..?" "more like a pub." he shrugged. "come on, get in." She nodded following him. The pub contained a couple of booths and tables here and there , a bar and a broken jukebox in the corner. sitting inside there were lots of different monsters, mostly anthropomorphic canines. everyone greeted sans; he seemed to be pretty popular around there, he greeted everyone back, then took a seat at the bar, where a monster made entirely of fire was cleaning some cups. Narm Sat next to him looking at the firey dude "so, what do you want?" sans asked her. "What do they have?" She asks "burger and fries. a wide variety, i'd say." he chuckled. "Mochi? Or icecream?" She asks her face lighting up her eyes sparkling "Mochi? what's that?" he asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion. "Its a Japanese ice cream" she said chuckling"Its made out of rice and stuff" "japan? i haven't been to japan recently so i really can't say I've ever tasted it." he shrugged. "I know how to make it" she said with a proud face. "really? than you should let me try it one day." "Maybe... only if your nice to me though, so do they have icecream here?" she asked "we have nicecream. is it the same thing?" "Ill try it." Narm said shrugging "It sounds pretty nice" "so, are you gonna get anything?" he asked her again, pointing at grillbys with a nod of the head. "Nicecream please!" she said with a smile. sans chuckled. "you got it wrong, kiddo. they dont serve any nicecream in this place." he laughed again. "Aw man.. well water would be fine" she said grumpily. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Thanks for reading! Might go for part 2 hehehehehehe.. should I? ...

underfell sans x reader text with bff (1)

I went to work the next day, so I had more bites than drinks. And my wife drank plenty - champagne, vodka. The fun dragged on, and at the beginning of the 12th, he told his that he was going home. We were in a remote area, so we had to catch the car for about ten minutes.

Now discussing:

Pops from champagne, and the long-awaited wreath of the winner. Denis drove up, still smiling, kissed my hand and whispered in my ear: - Congratulations and hello to Sam, I take off my. Hat to him. - How do you know him. - my eyes were looking for an answer.

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