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Appleton Wisconsin Private Investigator

Appleton Area Investigations
Phone: 920-268-4470
Chief Investigator: Mike Orchard
View Wisconsin license information – License Number: 16823-062

Appleton Private Investigator

Beacon Investigative Solutions serves the public, corporate, legal and insurance communities with comprehensive investigation services as a Appleton private investigation agency. We are a full-service firm specializing in asset searches, background investigations, locates, and surveillance services.

Beacon’s investigative team includes former FBI Special Agents and former law enforcement officers with specialized training and expertise. Our local field investigators in Appleton are backed by the resources of our national investigation agency with state-of-the-art capabilities. We guarantee reliable and cost effective results.

Appleton Asset Search and Discovery – Beacon Investigative Solutions provides asset search and discovery investigations for private, legal and business clients in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have decades of experience identifying undisclosed accounts and hard-to-find assets – with a long list of satisfied clients.

Appleton Locate Investigations – Beacon’s investigative team includes former law enforcement officers with specialized training and expertise in locating witnesses, defendants, family members, and other individuals in the Appleton area. When time is of the essence, Beacon Investigative Solutions has the experience and personnel to make it happen.

Appleton Background Investigations – Beacon Investigative Solutions offers comprehensive background investigations for corporations, law firms and private clients in Appleton. From pre-litigation services to due diligence, we pride ourselves in our ability to uncover all relevant information on individuals and businesses.

Appleton Surveillance Services – Beacon Investigative Solutions offers surveillance services including personal injury surveillance, domestic surveillance, and investigation of workers compensation and disability claims. We are a leading provider for insurance companies and law firms.


Assured Private Investigations strives to provide excellent customer service to assist in finding truth.

API: Our Investigators utilize a variety of tools and resources to solve problems and offer an objective critical eye.

  1. Above and Beyond - Investigators are driven to provide our clients with superior results

  2. Professional Service - Investigators strive to be a trusted partner for our existing and future clients.

  3. Integrity - API Investigators always do what is in the best interest of our clients.







Criminal Defense Investigations 


We will lend our Investigative Expertise.

Accident Investigations

Our Belief:

Assured Private Investigations focuses on what is important to the customer.  We combine over 25 years of Law Enforcement and Wisconsin Department of Justice experience with more than 20 years of Operations Excellence and Lean Six Sigma experience.  This allows us to look at situations with a unique perspective that deploys a systematic and rigorous approach to problem solving. This supports increased efficiency for the business and increased value for the customer. How can we bring value to you?

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DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc has been a licensed private detective agency since August 9, 2002. Based in Appleton, WI DIVERSIFIED strives to provide exceptional service to attorneys and corporate clients nationwide. DIVERSIFIED was founded on the core values of relationships, integrity and performance. Our commitment to excellence is shown in every aspect of our investigations.
DIVERSIFIED is proud to offer a variety of investigative services at a reasonable cost. To learn more about our services, please click on the "services" tab.
DIVERSIFIED utilizes licensed private detectives to complete comprehensive investigations. Many of our detectives have prior law enforcement experience that provides a solid foundation for decision making and critical thinking in difficult situations. Several of our detectives have completed extensive training in covert surveillance, interviewing, and investigative research. 
DIVERSIFIED continues to receive positive feedback on investigations completed from a variety of clients nationwide. Clients continually provide examples of investigative methods and situations that uphold our three core values. DIVERSIFIED takes great pride in producing an exceptional product at a reasonable cost. To view some of our recent feedback from clients, visit the "testimonials" area of our homepage.

Our Leadership Team

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality - Warren Bennis

Nancy is the registered owner of DIVERSIFIED investigations, llc and has over 23 years of collective experience working in various administrative roles in law enforcement and the private investigative field. She has assisted police investigators, analyzing and compiling data, which resulted in the arrest and subsequent successful prosecution of dangerous criminals. Nancy has completed a nationally-recognized white collar crimes, “Financial Records Examination and Analysis” (FREA) course, taught by the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

In addition to being a licensed State of Wisconsin private investigator, Nancy is a Notary Public, available to notarize affidavits and fill in for other investigators as needed.

Nancy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from UW-Green Bay in 2002. She is a former board secretary for Women Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin and the Executive Women's Golf Association's Fox Valley Chapter.

Julie has over 24 years of law enforcement, investigative, and corporate security-related experience.

The extensive training and experience that she received while a sergeant and former investigator with the City of Appleton Police Department earned her the classification of "Expert" in court with regard to financially-motivated crimes. She is currently an instructor for the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), where she co-instructs the "Financial Records Examination and Analysis" course.

As a favor to one of our local Fortune 500 company/clients, Julie took a sabbatical from DIVERSIFIED to work for them in 2008-2009, where she was the recipient of their World Class Achievement award.

Julie is available for speaking engagements and employee training on a variety of topics including fraud detection/prevention and workplace violence.

Private Investigator Guesses Exes Out Of A Lineup


It's the next best thing to having the answer...

TALK TO A DETECTIVE NOW Free advice from a professional! Our licensed Detectives are currently standing by to discreetly answer your questions. Call us at 1-888-888-9011. Your answers are just a phone call away! Local agents dispatched with rush service!

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Bound by the same guidelines found in Attorney - Client relationships, our clients and the nature of their requests are never divulged.

LICENSED, INSURED, BONDED Serving our clients faithfully for 25 years our experienced agents do the job better and faster. You can trust our network of X-FBI Agents, Law Enforcement Personnel and Specialists in every area of investigation. Call now and we will direct you to a specialist with the experience to guide you so you can move on.

They know where to go, who to see and how to handle your situation. They ask the right questions and get results. We understand the importance of information you need and we obtain it fast - at the most competitive rates!


Appleton wi investigator private

The Appleton Private Investigator Firm is a full service private investigation firm in Appleton Wisconsin. The Appleton PI Firm works with the Best Private Investigators in Appleton WI. Our highly experienced Appleton Private Detectives understand the value of conducting private investigations within the city of Appleton, WI.

Private Investigator Appleton WI Firm

Appleton Private Investigator Services

The Appleton PI Firm’s private detectives know and understand the importance of conducting discreet investigations. Our Private Detectives offer affordable investigative services to the city of Appleton WI and Outagamie County.

How Much Do Appleton Private Investigators Cost?

Most Private investigator companies in Appleton charge an hourly rate for their detective services. The cost to hire a private investigator in Outagamie County starts at $75.00 an hour. Below are other PI questions Appleton private investigators commonly get asked. Our Appleton PI Firm private detectives will answer all investigative questions you may have.

Appleton Private Investigator FAQs

  • How much does a Appleton WI private investigator cost?
  • How do I hire a private investigator in Appleton WI?
  • What are some of the best private investigation companies in Appleton WI?
  • How do I find a Appleton private investigator near me?

For affordable Appleton private investigation services contact The PI Firm’s Outagamie County office.

Appleton WI Cheating Spouse Investigator

Cheating Spouse Investigator Appleton WI

Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair in Appleton WI? Our company, PI Firm, is one of the best cheating spouse investigators in Appleton, Wisconsin and Outagamie County. We are an investigation company in Wisconsin that specializes in catching cheating spouses in the act. Contact our Appleton office if you have concerns that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is having an affair.

How much do Appleton private investigators cost to catch a cheating spouse? PI Firm is a Appleton Cheating Spouse Private investigator that can find out if your significant other is having an affair.

Appleton Cheating Spouse FAQs

  • What does hiring a Appleton private investigator to catch a cheating spouse cost?
  • How do I hire a Appleton private investigator to catch a cheating spouse in Outagamie County?
  • What is Appleton’s law against a cheating spouse?

At PI Firm, we believe surveillance is the best way to catch a suspected cheater in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our investigations are conducted by experienced Appleton investigators that use the latest video surveillance technology and covert camera systems.

Appleton Child Custody Investigator

Child Custody Investigator Appleton WI

The PI Firm also conducts family law investigations in Appleton. These matters include divorce, child custody, and proving income for child support. Our Appleton investigators have the experience in presenting your evidence and testifying in court.

Appleton WI Background Checks

Background Check Investigator Appleton WI Firm

PI Firm, a Appleton Background Check private investigation agency that makes it easy to get a background check in Appleton WI and Outagamie County. PI Firm is one of the most trusted private eye background check companies in Appleton, Wisconsin and Outagamie County. Our background checks are as accurate as the Appleton Police Department.

Appleton Background Check FAQs

  • How to get a background check in Appleton WI?
  • How much does a Appleton background check cost?
  • Does the Appleton police dept do background checks?
  • How far back does a Appleton WI background check go?
  • How to get a background check online in Appleton WI?

Appleton Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Check Investigator Appleton WI

The Appleton PI Firm Firm can do a criminal background check investigation on anyone in Appleton WI or Outagamie County.

Appleton Criminal Background Check FAQs

  1. How far back does a Appleton WI criminal background check go?
  2. How much does a Appleton criminal background check cost?
  3. How do I get a criminal background check in Appleton WI?
  4. Does the Appleton police dept do background checks?
  5. How do I get an online criminal background check in Appleton WI?

Appleton WI Employment Background Check Investigator

Requesting a Appleton pre-employment background check investigation can save you valuable time and money in the long run. PI Firm Firm provides accurate employment background checks for anyone in Appleton, Wisconsin and Outagamie County.

Appleton WI Missing Person Investigator

The Appleton PI Firm is a Private Investigator company in Appleton WI that has years of experience locating missing people. The PI Firm can help find an old friend in Appleton or locating a runaway child.

Appleton WI Surveillance Private Investigative Services

Surveillance Private Investigator Appleton WI

Our Appleton Private Detectives are experts in the detection of electronic monitoring devices. Contact our Appleton office if your need your house, office, or vehicle checked for audio and video monitoring devices.

Appleton PI Firm is one of Appleton’s most trusted investigative companies in Appleton. Our private detectives service areas are Appleton, Outagamie County and surrounding Wisconsin cities.

Number of Cities in Outagamie County 3

  • City: Appleton
  • County: Outagamie County
  • Appleton Population: 72,623
  • State: Wisconsin
Surveillance Tips for Private Investigators on Obtaining Initial Video

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