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  • Paul Verrilli on Google

    (September 25, 2019, 11:56 pm)

    Great sauces, really neat idea, maybe not the best execution. Many of the ideas peaked my interest, and I went with the Korean BBQ, Soul Food, Jerk Pork, and Chicken and Waffles eggrolls. I did not care much for any of them, but the Jerk Pork was the best of those I tried. However, they also serve Wings, and with sauces like that I'd imagine they're phenomenal to eat with all the delicious combinations they have.

  • Melisa Reyes on Google

    (September 15, 2019, 7:40 pm)

    I had the seafood deluxe and curry chicken. The curry chicken stole my heart and stomach as well as the strawberry lemonade my bf had the pulled pork and the cheeseburger which were devoured lol. Will return soon!

  • Ray Cortes on Google

    (August 17, 2019, 7:17 pm)

    Great food with so many different eggrolls. From vegan falafel to cheeseburger mac and cheese and chicken and waffles. And GREAT fries to boot. Prices are reasonable and you WILL leave full!

  • Carlos Hernandez on Google

    (May 24, 2019, 4:23 am)

    Clean, and really good customer service. Fresh French fries. They’re not coming pre-cock from a bag, you can taste it. My only complaint will be at noon is only one guy in the kitchen, and one girl on front desk. Is take long time for them. If you have 1 hours lunch, come here will take you like 30-40 minutes wait time. But everybody have to try it. The food taste really good and is something different from the usual. By the way, the first time you will fall in love. But I start coming like every single day, and you start losing that love quick. Recommended like once a month.

  • Jamie Persaud on Google

    (April 18, 2019, 1:24 am)

    I had wings.. They were actually hot. The girl Katie behind the counter was by herself and was doing everything. Honestly, she is very good at her job. (she took counter orders, phone orders, packed take out, served food and cleaned) I also like that you can order all flats only. I hate the drum sticks

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    • September 2021

      I just ordered 18 wings from this location and they was over cooked old and hard. Wasted 25 dollars. Worst order I ever received from world famous I’m done .

    • September 2021

      Great customer service ! Everyone has their days but for being short staffed the girls go the extra mile! Great food Great service definitely coming back again

    • September 2021

      Such a unique concept and recipe! You can't go wrong with eggrolls!!! Seasoned to perfection!! Such nice people every time I got in! I love this place, and I will continue to come back!

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      World Famous Boynton Beach

    • 5Andrew M. 10 months ago
      We ordered online and had a great experience, food tasted fresh and amazing, customer service was friendly and service quick.

    • 5Anne-christie D. 1 year ago
      Jessica and Liz were very nice to me. Great customer service. Love the food. Highly recommend!!!!!

    • 5J. 1 year ago
      Food is amazing!

    • 5r. 1 year ago
      This was great! Wish I had discovered it sooner.

    • 5Jessica T. 1 year ago
      The seafood eggroll was really good and the cheesecake was amazing!

    • 5siah s. 1 year ago
      Alexa and Nisha are 5star. They always go above and beyond no matter how busy they are. Would steal them for my company!! Best service ever.

    • 5Roosevelt W. 1 year ago
      Amazing food

    • 5Keith M. 1 year ago
      I called in the order for pick up 20 min before they closed. When j entered I was greeted by Neisha who were very nice and the food was hot when I got home.

    • 5krista s. 1 year ago
      Love the gyro eggrolls and wings great friendly service

    • 5Katianna J. 1 year ago
      This place is awesome! I love the ambiance. I seen someone post their food on social media and immediately wanted to try this out, let me just tell you I was not disappointed! I had the sea food egg rolls, their fruit Smoothie (fantastic) & their Oreo cheesecake which I loved. Definitely will pass by the next time I’m in this area. Did not have a bad experience at all.

    • 5Shahara C. 1 year ago
      Love the egg rolls

    • 5Nadine M. 11 months ago
      I just over love this place

    • 5Linda D. 11 months ago

    • 5Abby D. 11 months ago
      Best egg rolls ever , so many to choose from.

    • 5Troy D. 10 months ago
      Food is on point. Strawberry lemonade is the bomb. The lemon pepper wings and honey bbq wings are great.

    • 5Elizabeth B. 10 months ago
      They were called world famous for a reason! The egg rolls are amazing but the fries was really good! I personally enjoyed the Chipotle flavored, I also tried the parmesan and honey Chipotle but they were not on par with chipotle flavor. It was an awesome experience.. 10/10

    • 5Danielle Y. 9 months ago
      Steady customer flow, fresh food.

    • 5Darlene B. 9 months ago
      Food is always fresh & delicious! Been going to World famous for years since originally finding them at a food truck festival. Best egg rolls & cheesecake!

    • 5LaToya P. 9 months ago
      Delicious rolls...I had the seafood and Bahama roll. Service was a little slow, but they only had one person at the counter to assist. I will be back.

    • 5Derry H. 1 year ago
      Placr is awesome!!!!!!! The egg rolls are amazing and they're constantly adding new recipes. The wings are good as well. Just ate they're yesterday 😃

    • 5Edward R. 1 year ago
      The ladies making it happen this Sunday are to be applauded. Keeping safe order with C-19 rules, kindness for first timers ordering, and serving up some killer grub. You need to visit this place. Yummm

    • 4S. 9 months ago
      Competent but nothing really special. Worth a visit but not worth waiting for.

    • 4Sasha T. 1 year ago
      Decent place. Not the best customer service but shes a new worker or at least i hope she is....

    • 4Alexander R. 1 year ago
      First and foremost the egg rolls were delicious... Very unique cuisine fused all together and I would reccomend if you're a fellow foodie like myself to go ahead and try it. The four star comes from the terribly long wait time I had to endure. Came in and placed my order on a Sunday at 4:12 pm and didn't receive my food until 4:55pm. Mind you, I was told it was going to take 15 minutes. That's my one beef with the establishment. Time is money.

    • 4Jude B. 1 year ago
      Great food, clean atmosphere and good service

    • 4Edward c. 1 year ago
      Delicious eggroll creations! Their sauces are amazing as well!

    • 4Ashantae G. 3 years ago
      Most of the food I ordered was good. The only thing that we didn't like nor eat was the chicken wings. They were fried really hard and had some discoloration to suggest freezer burn or that it might have been old. The red velvet waffle was good. The cake was good. And I loved the Cuban and cheeseburger mac&cheese egg rolls. The management and staff were very friendly.

    • 3Paul V. 2 years ago
      Great sauces, really neat idea, maybe not the best execution. Many of the ideas peaked my interest, and I went with the Korean BBQ, Soul Food, Jerk Pork, and Chicken and Waffles eggrolls. I did not care much for any of them, but the Jerk Pork was the best of those I tried. However, they also serve Wings, and with sauces like that I'd imagine they're phenomenal to eat with all the delicious combinations they have.

    • 3Punken o. 1 year ago
      The food was good but the service sucked

    • 3Jade D. 1 year ago
      Today I ordered delivery and the egg rolls were great. Went to eat the $3.99 piece of strawberry cake and there was green mold on it. I would suggest going in person or maybe skipping the dessert options

    • 2AMILI G. 11 months ago
      I am definitely not some one who enjoys complaining but this needs to be said...the food here is good but the service needs to improve. There should be no reason why on the busiest days their isn't at least 3-4 workers in the front end and at least 2 cooks!!! I literally was placed on a 10 minute hold just to place a simple order that would've taken less than 60 seconds. Service matters to paying customers and if I were the business owner I would like at investing in improving service as that can kill a business. I no longer want to eat here because the service is subpar and will mention to others.

    • 2Chris S. 11 months ago
      The food is decent and interesting; however, the service is very subpar. I have visited this location twice and both times the staff have not acted in a professional manner. This occasion specifically, the young African American lady behind the counter (no name tag to identify her) was very slow to pay attention to actual customers as she had her friends come in twice (in the 30 minutes I was waiting for my food). She was very loud and openly conversing with these friends with customers waiting in the lobby and eating at tables nearby. In regards to the food, I would give this 3 stars. The ideas and flavors are very well thought out but the execution is very lackluster. Both times I have waited (15-30mins) for what I presume is the food being cooked fresh. Yet, both times the meat and insides of the egg rolls have been dry and look as if they have been out for a while or pre-prepared. This is especially disappointing when you spend between 9-10$ per egg roll order. This will be my last visit to this establishment for quite a while. This could be a huge hit but management will need to do some quality control on the food and train their staff to realize that they are at work and not their own social hangout.

    • 2Michaela S. 1 year ago
      The food was good, I felt I had to leave a review because I was unhappy with the fact that after paying for my food I ask where’s the restroom the lady said oh I’m sorry I can’t!!! I live an hour and 15 mins away and decided to go off my route bout 45 minutes to go get egg rolls and couldn’t use the restroom. I was very unhappy. I left and went to McDonald’s purchased a drink and use their restroom. Won’t go out my way again to eat there.

    • 1r. 1 year ago
      I ordered chicken & waffles. My pinky finger is bigger than the 4 puny over cooked wings they gave me. I also had the seafood fritters, that was nothing but breading. Maybe one or two had seafood inside. This was my first & last time eating from this location(Boynton).

    • 1Keith H. 1 year ago
      I am at the hotel next door. I don’t do third party delivery due to poor service. A small food business that can’t deliver next door so we spent 56$ on Chinese that does it’s own delivery. They are not even busy.

    • 1Stephanie *. 1 year ago
      g a r b a g e

    • 1Julliette B. 1 year ago
      Would give this place zero stars if I could. I’m not sure if it was just the location my friends and I went to (Boynton), but all 4 of our meals weren’t edible at all. They were way over fried, gummy, tasted refried and like it had been sitting for a looong time and just tasted old and stale altogether. Andddd, the girl who answered the phone was EXTREMELY RUDE the entire conversation. We were all very excited to try and ended up extremely disappointed ☹️

    • 1George F. 1 year ago
      Worse service ever, they never pick up their phones when you call to order ahead of time! In times like this you would think they are by the phones ready to serve customers but I was sadly mistaken. I had to drive to the store just for somebody to take my order. Mind you they were not busy what so ever they just had the phone on call forwarding. How do I know this? We called the store as I WAS IN THE STORE. And no one picked up the phone. Disgraceful

    • 1Griffin M. 1 year ago
      Says their open till 10 but close at 9

    • 1Ali B. 1 year ago
      Ew just ew. I wish I could give zero stars. There were only three people working last night and the place was so gross trash all over the tables, All counters and tables had finger prints and sauce dripping all over. The worker in the front cut a slice of cake on a messy counter by the register with no gloves on and left the cake Out the entire hour I was waiting for my two egg rolls (it was still out when I left) . no gloves on and out in the open right next to the register. Also left out was a giant bucket for their sauce with sauce dripping on the side of it. I ordered a vegetable egg roll and they gave me a burnt shrimp egg roll! The other egg roll was also inedible. Just a waste of money and time. One group had to eat at separate times like 30 minutes apart and I heard one guy didn’t even a chance get to order. THEY WERENT EVEN BUSY!

    • 1Gabriel H. 1 year ago
      Ok so I'm going to be very blunt, they specialize in egg rolls ...... instead dried out old tasting and oil saturated...... very disappointed. Plus their steak n shrimp egg roll took one bite tasted spoiled.... I have to say the sriracha fries were delicious and the only thing we ate....

    • 1Joyce M. 10 months ago
      Never been there.

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