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If you have ever run a business venture or had a sale of some sort, you may have noticed that customers often respond to bright, positive signs and promotional material. Bright colors attract attention and inspire positive feelings, while words like “grand” and “sale” put potential customers in more receptive moods. The main purpose of our “Open” flags and “Sale” flags is to help inspire those things in your customers.

Whatever you are selling, we can make you a flag or pennant to display. Are you having a mattress sale? We have you covered. Perhaps you are preparing for a red tag event? That's no problem at all! Do you want your customers to know that you're open on Sundays, unlike your competition? We can help with that, too. Even if you do not see your specific product on our website, you can special order something to fit your sale or event. You can even choose a different color scheme, if needs be.

All too often, flag choices are generic or limited; however, purchasing an “Open” flag or “Sale” flag does not need to be a game of chance or a bitter compromise. Your event is important, and you need a flag that will do it justice. That is why our flags are well-made, detailed, and pleasing to the eye: we want your event to succeed, and our flags can help. Call to place an order today, and we will send you a flag that will help you advertise and gain customers for your event.

Order “Open” Flags or “Sale” Flags for Your Event

Applique Open Flag

Applique Open Flag provides bright & colorful eye-catching bubbles.  This Custom Decor fine art flag is beautifully crafted of high quality fade and mildew resistant polyester material to ensure longevity of each flags’ spectacular art work.  The beautiful artistic image appears on both sides of the flag.  This decorative flag is a Two-sided flag & Applique flag with embroidered details.  Available (while supplies last) in the Garden Flag [12″ x 18″].  This flag displays best on its optional Garden Flag Stand – which sells separately.  Use decorative flags to cheerfully welcome family & friends while creating stunning elements in your home’s landscape or garden beds.

Last one available.  Buy now!

Free Shipping On All Continental US Orders*.

Custom Decor Garden Flags

Custom Decor Flags produces outdoor decorative products in a variety of themes & designs, such as decorative house flags, garden flags, doormats, mailbox covers & more.  Therefore, their seasonal flags & holiday flags suit any home & garden decor.  Certainly, their large selection of outdoor decorative flags enhances any home’s curb appeal.  Decorative yard flags add eye-catching detail to your home & provide colorful artisan alternatives to traditional garden decorations.  Certainly, their large selection of decorative lawn flags & garden decorations can be intermixed to enhances any home’s curb appeal.

Garden House Flags offers the complete collection of Custom Decor seasonal flags, holiday flags, special occasion flags and everyday flags.  Produced with quality and craftsmanship to last for years to come.  Available in an array of designs and colors to fit any space or garden décor.  They wonderfully coordinate with other decorative garden décor such as yard signs, door decor, mailbox covers, and doormats.

Cool Outdoor Flags

Custom Decor creates vast variety of unique coordinating home and garden decor using high quality material & production processes.  Custom Decor Flags and their outdoor products, such as their show stopping decorative garden flag, come in a variety of themes & designs which allow customization of your lawn & garden for every season, holiday or special occasion. Decorative flags are gorgeous on their own, but provide impactful focal points when clustered in sets or grouping along with other garden decor in varying heights.  Garden flags add beautiful bursts of color to large flower pots.  So, Custom Decor seasonal flags & holiday flags inspire any home & garden decor.  The Applique Open Flag provides immediate & impactful focal point to your home’s landscape or garden beds!

Discounts Decorative Flags & Special Offers

So, you love outdoor products.  Yet want to save money.  Therefore, we are sharing a few avenues to get discount garden flags and garden decorations cheaper.  First and foremost, shop our discount decorative flags in Clearance!  Secondly, receive exclusive offers & discounts when you Follow us on Facebook.  Thirdly, get VIP promotions by subscribing to our Weekly Newsletters.  In conclusion, obtain a better understand on how to maintain, install, and utilize our products by viewing informational product videos at GHF YouTube Channel.

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 House - Mid Size- Garden - Lamppost Flags

Welcome to the House of Flags we hope you will enjoy looking through our collection of Holiday and Decorative Flags. Our Decorative House, garden, and lamppost Flags (also known as Banners) are appliqued an can be viewed from both sides, not silk screened. All of are decorative flags are hand crafted and made in the USA! Our flags are made of poly/cotton. These decorative flags will enhance your yard,home,and business.

Choose from are large selection of seasonal decorative house flags, garden flags, or lamppost flags. We have coordinated our flags so you can choose matching designs to help you complete your seasonal yard decor. In are garden flags we have added some embroidered details that compliment the designs. Look for them throughout our garden flags designs. We will also personalize your garden flags for you. Please contact us for further information.

Quality craftsmanship and friendly service have always been important to us. We hope you enjoy are flags as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Fiber Optic Decorative Flags

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