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5 Must-Have Workbench Accessories (Even for Beginners!)

Today I’ve got a fun garage workshop update for you! Corey built an amazing DIY workbench with all sorts of great workbench accessories, and I’m showing you all the details – and how it’s going to be a game-changer in our shop!

DIY workbench with accessories

We’re long overdue for a garage workshop update, my friends.

Ever since we moved into this house almost a year and a half ago, Corey and I have been working to make this (small) two-car garage functional for us as a workshop. It’s been an interesting transition (we used to have a full workshop separate from our garage!), but we’re slowly getting there.

Two things that are severely lacking in our garage are storage space for specific tools (like drill bits, etc.) and good working space. We have a couple of workbenches along the walls, but they’re full of tools and when we need to actually finish something or put something together, we usually end up working in the driveway.

Not anymore, my friends. Not anymore.

woman working at a. workbench

This post is sponsored by Rockler, but all opinions and enthusiasm about learning woodworking come straight from me! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Love & Renovations!

Woodworking isn’t the main part of what we talk about around here, but it is a huge part of what we do, and it’s an area I’m always trying to grow in. As someone who loves to work on my home, I think it’s important to constantly be growing and learning in all things DIY – including woodworking.

You know I love to share accessible ways that you can get into woodworking and building too (check out my Power Tools for Beginners series if you’ve never seen it!), so today I wanted to share some photos of the new workbench that Corey built and chat about the amazing accessories he added to it to make it something that even my super-beginner self is excited to use.

I might not have a lot of knowledge about how Corey built this amazing workbench (and, let’s be honest, I don’t know if any of us really wants to get into all of those details for this particular project!), but I do know that I love to watch him work on these projects with Jackson! There’s almost nothing better than seeing him patiently teach Jackson how to. work with his hands, and I love how excited Jackson is to help out.

Pssst – Need some ideas for keeping your garage workshop organized? This post all about workshop organization will help you out!

father and son working together to build a workbench

These are definitely some of the moments I hope Jack treasures as he gets older, and I hope our passion for working on our home can instill a love of creativity in him too!

Also, the free child labor is nice too, no?

I’m kidding. But seriously – Jackson loved to help Corey work on this, and I have visions of him helping us complete many projects on this workbench in the years to come.

Before we dive into the fantastic workbench accessories that every workshop needs (including yours!), I want to give you a few resources for workbenches if you don’t already have one. Or, you know, if you don’t have a husband who can whip one up for you over a couple of weekends.

(I know, I’m a lucky one!)

affordable workbenches & Workbench kits

  • This workbench may have been complex to put together, but we’ve built some simple ones before! This quick tutorial for a basic workbench should be perfect for you if you’re looking to DIY something that isn’t difficult.
  • These components are completely customizable to help you build a workbench really simply and affordably. Choose the legs and stretchers that work best for the size you need, then add in wood to customize. There are lots of options, and tons of support on their website for how to build yours.
  • This workbench leg kit will allow you to build a workbench of any size in less than an hour. Super easy to put together, and incredibly affordable.
  • This workbench shop stand is the epitome of easy-to-use – it’s a pre-made base for your workbench so all you need to do is add the wood.
  • The Material Mate is a great, flexible option if you want something that can be easily stored and function in the same way as a workbench. I talked a lot about it in this post, so go there for more details!
  • Finally, if you’re willing to spend a little more and you want something more along the lines of what we have, this is the workbench for you. It’s easy to assemble, and comes pre-equipped with several of the cool accessories I’m about to show you – which really off-sets the cost!

Got it? Great! Once you’ve got your workbench (and, if you’re doing any woodworking, painting, or basic DIY, a workbench is a good idea to have!), you’re ready to move on to the accessories.

Accessories are always the best part, right?!

5 Must-have workbench accessories

close up of workbench with text overlay - must hav workbench accessories

Heeeeeere’s where things get fun, my friends.

You may think that workbenches and workbench accessories are meant for fancy woodworkers who know how to build fancy things. But they’re not.

Workbenches are for you and me, my friends.

People who like to refinish furniture, sand and stain some shelves, and may dabble in a little building every once in a while.

Allow me to demonstrate with a few of my favorite accessories from our new workbench:

1. Face & Tail Vices

close up of vice on a workbench
woman using a vice to drill

A vice is basically a giant clamp that helps you hold unwieldy things in place while you’re working on them. It acts as an extra set of (really strong) hands to help you hold something steady while you sand or cut it. It consists of a large clamp and two pieces of wood – you loosen it up, slide whatever you’re working on into place, and then tighten it until the piece doesn’t move.

A great example for what you’d use a vice for is drilling. If you’ve ever been trying to drill a hole in something and had the piece of wood move on you, you’ll know frustrating it can be. Not to mention, it can ruin the project! A vice can hold that wood still while you work, so you no longer have to wish that you were able to grow a third arm.

It’s also great for things like hand-sanding pieces that need more detail work, or working with hand tools.

We have this vice for the end of our workbench and this one on the side. They’re an investment, so you may want to consider one of the workbenches with them already added in if you’re looking to save some money.

2. Bench cookie kit

detail of bench cookie kit for workbench

Adding cookies to anything is always a good idea, right?!

(Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

Bench cookies are probably one of the most handy things you can possibly add to your workbench. They’re basically another option to help you hold things in place while you work, but they do a little more than just that.

Bench cookies basically look like small hockey pucks with grip on both sides. You can lay them flat on the table, or raise them up by inserting risers into holes that you’ve drilled in the top of your workbench. They act as a non-slip surface for your project.

For example, you could use them at the highest setting to hold a piece of wood off your workbench so that you can use your jigsaw without hitting the tabletop (this is going going to be life-changing for me!).

Or, you could use them at a lower setting to help hold a smaller piece in place while you sand it.

Or, you could add the finishing cones to the top so that you can hold your pieces in place and finish both sides without damaging the finish. This would be a life-saver for things like painting cabinetry!

We have this bench cookie kit, and this storage center to help keep it all in one place.

3. Bench dogs

close up of bench dogs on workbench

Another really useful thing to have when you’re trying to hold things in place are bench dogs. They’re like small wedges that fit into holes in the top of the workbench (similar to the bench cookies!) and they help hold pieces of wood in place while you sand, plane, or route.

While the bench cookies are good for providing a non-slip surface for larger pieces (think a drawer, a cabinet, or something you’re manipulating a lot while you’re working), bench dogs are better used for single pieces of wood or more flat pieces that need sanding or planing.

For example, if you’re sanding down one board to turn it into a shelf, or if you’re prepping a board to create a DIY bathtub tray, bench dogs would be really helpful to hold it still while you work.

Rather than clamping it to the table from above and below like most clamps, they just block it from moving side to side (and you can use the vice on the side of your bench to adjust the sizing).

The bench accessory kit that we got these in also includes a silicone mat (which I’ll expand on in a minute), along with some clamps that can be added to the top of the bench. We also got these round bench dogs, which are just shaped a little differently and are a little more sturdy, for when you’re working with more heavy-duty things.

4. casters

close up of casters on workbench

Whether you’re purchasing a pre-made workbench or building one like we did, I highly recommend that you make sure your workbench has casters.

Most of us aren’t working with limitless space in our garages or workshops, and it makes life a lot easier when you can just roll your workbench out of the way when you don’t need it. Workbenches are incredibly heavy, and without casters they’re basically impossible to move. By adding wheels, one person can easily wheel it out of the way, which makes life much easier when you’re cleaning up the shop!

Most workbenches that you can purchase (and workbench kits) include wheels already, but I wanted to be sure to include them here because you can usually add them if they don’t! It’s a really simple hack to make your workbench more functional, and you’ll be glad you did it.

5. A Silicone Mat

silicone mat for workbench

Finally, one of the most basic (and really helpful) accessories you can have for your workbench is a silicone mat.

When you’re working with glue (hot glue or wood glue!) or when you’re staining and painting a piece, you’ll want to protect your workbench top. This is a really simple way to do that, while also helping to hold whatever you’re working on in place.

I see myself using this a lot when I’m working on gluing projects – especially with the hot glue gun! Here’s the silicone mat that we have – they’re extra large and they’re also interlocking, so you can buy more than one if you have a really large bench.

If you’re just getting into building things like I am and still feel a bit like a newbie to the woodworking world, it can be frustrating when you struggle with some of the most basic elements of a project – like holding it in place while you sand it!

Adding a few simple accessories to your workbench or work area will go a long way towards simplifying this part of the process and making your projects a lot less frustrating. And I don’t know about you, but when I’m learning a new skill I’ll take any advantage I can get!

If you want to get all caught up on our garage workshop renovation, I’ll link the posts below! It’s a great resource for how to turn your garage into a functional workshop, and you know I’ll keep updating you as we inch closer to getting this space where we want it to be!

Want more workshop tips?

I hope I’ve convinced you that you don’t need to be a woodworking pro to treat yourself a little in the workshop with some workbench accessories to make life easier. I highly encourage you to do a little browsing on Rockler’s site if you’re looking to add some more functionality to your shop. I’m always amazed by what we find there! They’re one of our very favorite brands, and we have a few other projects with them coming your way this year, so get excited!


How to install additional workbenches


Note: using the "addons-installer" is not recommended any more. Using the Addon Manager in all systems is the recommended way.

Use the addons-installer from Github.

During Google Summer of Code 2016 student Mandeep Singh started work on an improved version (available here) but that version needs further work before it can be fully integrated in FreeCAD.

Manual Install

Note: This method is possible but not necessary with the introduction of the Addon Manager. Nevertheless, the information here may still be useful to some.

  • Download the workbench from github by clicking on the button Clone or Download on the github page (upper right corner) and choosing "Download ZIP"
  • Unpack the downloaded archive on your local hard disk
  • Within FreeCAD, locate the macro path by choosing Edit → Preferences → General → Macro and look for the ”Macro path”
  • Supposed your Windows-Login is “username” the default macro path is %APPDATA%\FreeCAD\ which is usually C:\Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\FreeCAD
  • Within the macro-directory create (if not already present) a folder called “Mod”
  • Within the Mod folder, create a folder with the name of the workbench, for example “Curves”
  • Now move the unpacked files and sub-folders of the workbench to the just created workbench-folder
  • After restart of FreeCAD you should now have an entry in the workbench selector

Additional Recommendation for updating workbenches

On windows, when updating an already installed workbench, Windows keeps the old .py files as .pyc. Since this may lead to trouble, it is recommended to uninstall the workbench, restart FreeCAD and install the new version of the workbench.

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External workbenches

Icon Name Topic Description Author Code ArchTextures workbench icon.svgArchTexturesArchitecture and construction It allows you to add basic, non-photorealistic textures to architectural objects created with the Arch Workbench. furti workbench icon.svgBCFPluginArchitecture and construction It aims to support the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF). podestplatz and construction It aims to implement a complete building information modeling (BIM) workflow in FreeCAD. It extends the Arch Workbench, and gathers tools from other workbenches to provide an environment that is convenient to model buildings, and work with IFC files. yorikvanhavre workbench icon.svgBIMBotsArchitecture and construction It allows you to upload a FreeCAD model or selected parts of a FreeCAD model to a BIMBots instance (usually a BIMServer with external services enabled), and perform different services and analyses on your model, and read the results in FreeCAD, usually under the form of a text report, or a BCF file. BIMBots and construction It provides tools to create frames (trusses, beams) and pipelines (tubes, elbows, flanges), and query those objects.

This is the new version of Flamingo, intended for Python 3 and Qt5.

oddtopus and construction It provides tools to create frames (trusses, beams) and pipelines (tubes, elbows, flanges), and query those objects.

This is the old version of Dodo, intended for Python 2 and Qt4. You should prefer Dodo for new models.

oddtopus Cancel.svgGeoDataArchitecture and construction It provides tool to import geographical information from a given point on Earth by its latitude and longitude, of from OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Bing Map, or Here Map. microelly2 Cancel.svgGeomatics workbench icon.svgGeomaticsArchitecture and construction It is partially based on the GeoData. It provides functionality specific to Geomatics or Survey engineering, including importing point files, creating surfaces, creating contours, and creating sections. This is partially migrated to the Trails workbench. HakanSeven12 Cancel.svgOse-piping-icon.svgOSE PipingArchitecture and construction Create different piping fittings. It supports Flamingo. Ruslan Rebar.svgReinforcementArchitecture and construction It provides tools for Reinforcement Generation and Detailing. This workbench provides an interface and presets for the creation of common rebar types. And tools to generate rebars bill of material, rebar shape cut list, bar bending schedule, and rebars drawing and dimension. amrit3701 and construction It provides tools for creating complex steel columns assembled from IPE profiles and plates. ebrahimraeyat and construction It provides tools to facilitate the design and modeling of wood-frame and structural walls. This workbench is no longer developed nor maintained by its author. j-wiedemann Cancel.svgWorkbench Trails.svgTrailsArchitecture and construction It provides functionality specific to transportation engineering (roads and rail). It includes components to perform analysis of curvature. joelgraff FrameArchitecture and construction It provides tools to facilitate the design and modelling of wood-frame and structural walls, as well as cut lists for beams. JeromeL63 Cancel.svgA2p workbench.svgA2plusAssembly It provides tools to create multi-part assemblies. It is a fork and extension of the older Assembly2 Workbench, but it is not compatible with it. kbwbe Assembly2.pngAssembly2Assembly It provides tools to create multi-part assemblies. It is unmaintained since 2016. Consider using A2plus instead. hamish2014 Cancel.svgAssembly3 workbench icon.svgAssembly3Assembly It is used to perform assembly of different bodies contained in a single file or in multiple documents. It was a testbed for the App Link object that was eventually included in the master code. It is the most complex solution and supports things like interactive kinematics. realthunder workbench icon.svgAssembly4Assembly It is a solution based on the enhanced expression engine and the App Link object developed in the branch of Assembly3. Assembly4 does not work with a proper constraint solver, instead it uses the expression engine to position bodies with respect to Local Coordinate Systems (LCS). Zolko It is a small extension that allows you to select the workbenches that should be loaded when you start FreeCAD. It can be used in combination with other extensions from the same author such as CommandPanel, PieMenu, and ShortCuts. triplus It is an extension that provides a panel that can be used store tools from different workbenches. triplus CubeMenu provides the ability to manage the FreeCAD navigation cube menu structure and overall appearance. triplus It is an extension that shows the combo view (tree view and property editor) as a transparent overlay over the 3D view. triplus It is an extension that provides the ability of changing the icons of the default program. Icon sets aren't provided with this extension; these need to be provided separately. triplus It is a small extension that provides a dedicated dialog box to search and launch commands. Instead of clicking on a toolbar button or menu entry, this method of executing commands may be faster for some users. triplus workbench icon.svgModernUICustomization Replaces the standard user interface (UI) with feature such as ribbon menus and collapsing/expanding panels on mouse-over. HakanSeven12 It is an extension that adds an indicator for the mouse navigation style in the status bar. Since FreeCAD 0.17 this extension is obsolete, as the indicator is included natively in FreeCAD. triplus Cancel.svgPersistentToolbarsCustomization It is a small extension to keep the toolbars in their locations. Since FreeCAD 0.17 this extension is obsolete, as the functionality is included natively in FreeCAD. triplus Cancel.svgPieMenuCustomization It is a small extension that shows a pie menu to select tools or commands when the Tab key is pressed. A pie menu is an interface that appears in Blender and other systems like Android mobile phones to launch commands. triplus It is a small extension that allows the user to install macros, external workbenches, and other extensions in FreeCAD. Since FreeCAD 0.17 this utility is obsolete, as this functionality is already provided by the Addon Manager. microelly2 Cancel.svgRemBenchCustomization It is a small extension that remembers and automatically activates a workbench based on the document tab that is selected. triplus Workbench.svgSearchBarCustomization It is an extension that adds a search bar next to the what's this? tool. The search results include tools, objects and preferences. Other mods can extend it by registering a result provider. Suzanne Soy It is a small extension that provides a point and click experience for switching workbenches. triplus It is a small extension that provides a manager and overlay for shortcuts. triplus It is a small extension that adds a window with tabs in order to select workbenches. triplus It is a small extension that allows the configuration of toolbars, with icons, text, or both. triplus workbench icon.svgMOOCEducation It provides an interactive tutorial to learn about FreeCAD directly inside the program. It allows you to evaluate your self-learning. rockn logo.svgAirPlaneDesignEngineering It is an experimental workbench to design wings and airplane objects. FredsFactory (a179308) It contains tools to create metal profiles, square tubing, z profile, palette, rotation, drawing, and more. Siardeni workbench icon.svgGDMLEngineering It contains tools to handle the Geometry Definition Markup Language (GDML). KeithSloan It is a collection of tools to add geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT) labels in 2D and 3D technical drawings. It implements the standard ISO 16792. juanvanyo Cancel.svgGlider workbench.svgGliderEngineering It contains tools to design paragliders and kites using the OpenGlider library. booya It is aimed at helping both KiCad and FreeCAD users in collaborating with electrical (ECAD) and mechanical (MCAD) design. With FreeCAD it's possible to design a printed circuit board, and push it to KiCad; alternatively, the board can be designed in KiCad, it can be imported by FreeCAD, it can be edited with the Sketcher Workbench, and pushed back into KiCad. The 3D model, boards and enclosure, can be exported to VRML with materials properties for use in KiCad or Blender. easyw workbench icon.svgLCInterlockingEngineering It contains tools to create interlocking parts that can be cut with laser-cutters. Tabs and hinges can be added, and the sketch can be exported to SVG. execuc WorkbenchEngineering The Maker Workbench is composed of a mechatronic components system and an optic components system. The user can modify these components to customize their own system. David Muñoz D3D Pro Frame.svgOSE 3D PrinterEngineering A workbench for designing 3D printers by Open Source Ecology for Distributive Enterprise. G Roques logo icon.svgPyrateEngineering It is used to design optical lenses. The project aims to provide an optical raytracer for isotropic, homogeneous anisotropic and inhomogeneous isotropic GRIN media. mess42, joha2 It provides tools for model and amateur rocket design. Users can quickly and easily create rocket components suitable for 3D printing, CNC milling, or laser cutting DavesRocketShop workbench icon.svgSheetMetalEngineering It provides tools to design an object made of a folded sheet, such as a metal case or enclosure. The user starts with a flat sheet, then uses tools to extrude and bend the faces of the object until the desired shape is obtained. The body may then be unfolded to obtain the required flat material, and to use as input for mills or laser cutting machines. Shai Seger and Ulrich Brammer Ship.svgShipEngineering It is used to create structures that are common to ships. It currently is seeking a maintainer. Jose Luis Cercós Pita Cancel.svgCADExchanger workbench icon.svgCADExchangerInformation and data It is an extension that allows FreeCAD to import and export file formats supported by the commercial "CAD Exchanger" application, such as Rhino 3dm or ACIS sat, and mesh formats like OBJ and STL. yorikvanhavre and data It installs the DXF Python importer and exporter. This was required in FreeCAD versions v0.15 and below. This is not needed anymore when using the built-in DXF importer in v0.16 and above. This library is still needed if you wish to explicitly use the Python importer, or if you wish to export directly from the 3D model. Please notice that the built-in importer is faster than the Python importer, but in many cases the Python importer produces better results. yorikvanhavre workbench icon.svgDynamicDataInformation and data It is an extension that allows creating container objects to hold custom properties of any type that FreeCAD supports, for example, length or placement. These custom properties can then be used in mathematical expressions just like other properties in the Sketcher Workbench or Spreadsheet Workbench. mwganson workbench icon.svgInventorLoaderInformation and data It is an extension designed to import Autodesk Inventor files. Currently only Parts (IPT) can be displayed, not assemblies (IAM) nor drawings (IDW). As Inventor files contain a complete ACIS model representation, SAT and SAB files can also be imported. Export will not be supported, neither to IPT nor to SAT. jmplonka workbench icon.pngImportNURBSInformation and data A workbench to add support for importing 3dm files using open rhino3dm library Noteː This workbench is still under development keithsloan52 Plot.svgPlotInformation and data It is a layer on top of the Matplotlib Python module to graph mathematical functions and vectors of points. Jose Luis Cercós Pita workbench icon.svgReportingInformation and data It adds tools to extract information from a FreeCAD document using SQL statements, and show the results in a spreadsheet. The SQL statements can be used from a graphical user interface or from Python scripts. It works in a similar way to the Arch Schedule tool but is more powerful due to the flexibility that SQL provides. furti workbench icon.svgWebToolsInformation and data It contains a series of tools to communicate with web services like Git, a BIM server, and Sketchfab. yorikvanhavre workbench icon.svgYAMLInformation and data It is an extension that adds an importer to load and manipulate objects from YAML files. In this way it's easier to design and check 3D parts before manufacturing. Mambix, the engineering search engine for 3D components from CADENAS, provides users with easy access to millions of CAD models from thousands of international manufacturers and a range of intuitive search methods. tsielaff, berndhahnebach workbench icon.svgBOLTSFCParts It is an extension that allows you to use the BOLTS "Open Library for Technical Specifications", which is a collection of objects like nuts, screws, bolts, and so on, parametrically defined. jreinhardt, berndhahnebach module workbench icon.svgCadQueryParts It allows users to design parametric 3D CAD models defined by the CadQuery CAD scripting API. It includes a full-featured editor with auto-completion, syntax highlighting, line numbering, and code folding. Example scripts are included. Script variables can be edited dynamically through the use of a parameter dialog. This workbench also includes cqparts, which is a library that adds support for parts and assemblies with constraints on top of CadQuery. jmwright workbench icon.svgFasteners WorkbenchParts It is a workbench that provides various fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, etc., to attach to your model complying with ISO standards. Ulrich Bramar (@ulrich1a) and Shai Seger (@shais) workbench icon.svgFCGearParts It is an extension that adds many different gears like cylindric involute, involute rack, cylindric cycloid, spherical involute bevel-gear, and crown gear. looooo It is an extension with tools to create frames and beams, including two intersecting beams, in which one beam is cut by a plane or by another beam. looooo LibraryParts It is an extension that downloads a library of parts in STEP format .step or in FreeCAD format .FCStd that can be imported into a document. Users can contribute content to this library by forking the repository, adding their own parts under a permissive CC-BY 3.0 license, and submitting a pull request to merge the new objects. Community It is a workbench that allows the user to import and create printed circuit boards (PCB) in FreeCAD. It supports layers, colors, transparencies, importing Step and Iges models, and displaying holes and vias. marmni It is a framework designed to model and manufacture 3D printable parts starting from electronic waste. The intention of this project is to recycle e-waste, and promote 3D printing, especially in developing economies. Maaphoo WorkbenchParts It is a workbench that generates a set of parametric parts for the Stemfie Project. Stemfie Community LibraryParts It is an extension that downloads a library of SVG symbols that can be used in FreeCAD, particularly in the TechDraw Workbench to produce technical documentation. Users can contribute content to this library by forking the repository, adding their own symbols under a permissive CC-BY 3.0 license, and submitting a pull request to merge the new objects. Community It provides tools to create parametric 2D thread profiles compatible with extrusion tools in Part and PartDesign workbenches. mwganson Pivy_trackers provides a Python developer with an easy way to directly manipulate the Coin3D scenegraph by generating specific scenegraph node structures which are then inserted and accessed though the pivy_tracker classes. joelgraff Animation.pngAnimationPseudo-assembly It contains many tools to simulate movement of parts, create sequences of pictures, and thus produce an animation. The position and rotation of objects can be changed at different times, but also other properties like visibility, transparency, shape color, and camera position. microelly2 Cancel.svgExplodedAssembly workbench icon.svgExplodedAssemblyPseudo-assembly It allows creating exploded views and animations of assemblies. It was previously known as "ExplodedAnimation". JMG1 workbench icon.svgLattice2Pseudo-assembly It provides tools for working with placements and arrays of placements. It is a sort of assembly workbench but there are no constraints nor relationships. Instead, the workbench focuses in arrays of placements that can be generated, combined, transformed, superimposed, and populated with shapes. It can also create exploded assemblies. DeepSOIC workbench icon.svgManipulatorPseudo-assembly It is aimed at helping users in aligning, moving, rotating, and measuring 3D objects through a friendly graphical interface. easyw It is an experimental workbench that provides some improvements to Std Part and PartDesign Body containers (automatic grouping, visibility automation, etc.), in order to work with documents that have multiple parts with deep feature hierarchies. It provides a Body-like container for the Part Workbench, and for other workbenches that produce solid shapes. Part-o-magic does not provide assembly constraints, but the tools included may be useful in conjunction with a true assembly workbench. DeepSOIC workbench icon.svgWorkfeaturePseudo-assembly It provides tools to produce different points, axes, and planes, in order to facilitate the creation of assemblies. This workbench is based on the older Workfeatures macro, which was hosted in the macros recipes page. Currently, the macro has a bit more functionality than the workbench, but eventually the workbench will integrate all existing tools of the macro. They also differ in the graphical user interface; the macro creates a panel next to the tree view and the task panel, while the workbench provides its tools in toolbars, just like other workbenches. Rentlau It adds a simple exporter to produce XML files for use with the Kerkythea freeware renderer. marmni workbench icon.svgPOV-Ray-RenderingRendering It creates renderings of your FreeCAD model and is very easy to use but also offers all options for advanced users. The_Raytracers workbench icon.svgRenderRendering It can produce high-quality rendered images, using open-source external rendering engines like Pov-ray, Luxrender, and Appleseed. Render is a replacement for the Raytracing Workbench, and uses the same templates so they are compatible. In the future Render may also support Kerkythea, Blender's EEVEE, and OpenCascade's CadRays engines. yorikvanhavre Printing Tools workbench icon.svg3D Printing ToolsShapes It has tools to do small changes to meshes imported from external files like STL. mark1791 EngineShapes It is an extension that integrates CuraEngine into FreeCAD in order to facilitate gcode generation for 3D printing. This addon is unmaintained since 2014 and no longer works with recent versions of CuraEngine. cblt2l Cancel.svgCurvedShapes workbench icon.svgCurvedShapesShapes It has tools to create 3D curves from 2D profiles chbergmann workbench icon.svgCurvesShapes It is a collection of tools to create and edit NURBS curves and surfaces. tomate44 (Chris_G) workbench icon.svgDefeaturingShapes It provides tools to edit STEP objects to remove features like holes, faces, and edges, and perform some operations with the simplified objects. easyw workbench icon.svgDesign456Shapes Direct modeling tools for FreeCAD. Mariwan Jalal DrawingDimensioningIcon.pngDrawing DimensioningShapes It adds dimensioning and annotation tools to the Drawing Workbench. It is deprecated since FreeCAD 0.17. Consider using TechDraw Workbench instead. hamish2014 Cancel.svgLithophane workbench icon.svgLithophaneShapes It is an extension to convert a provided image to a "lithophane" for 3D printing. A lithophane is an image that can only be seen properly when illuminated from behind. furti workbench icon.svgMeshRemodelShapes It provides tools to help re-create or re-model imported mesh objects to obtain a solid shape. The workflow is to create points from the mesh's vertices, and use those to create sketches, which can then be extruded. mwganson It is a collection of scripts for managing freeform surfaces and curves. microelly2 workbench icon.svgPyramids and Polyhedrons WorkbenchShapes It has tools for generating pyramids, regular polyhedra and geodesic speres, fully scalable and usable like regular bodies. eddyverl It provides utilities to reconstruct models from images. microelly2 Cancel.svgSilk workbench icon.svgSilkShapes It is a collection of NURBS surface modeling tools focused on low degree and seam continuity. Silk is the new name of the NURBSlib-EVM project. edwardvmills workbench icon.svgSlic3r-toolsShapes It allows exporting parts, and opening the resulting STL in Slic3r. You can set up a default print profile, and directly get information about the resources that would be used to 3D print it, as well as quickly generate the .gcode file. limikael It allows you to build figures controlling the slopes of the faces of objects. Damian Caceres Moreno workbench icon.svgCfdSimulation It provides a graphical interface to the OpenFOAM solver to perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. qingfengxia workbench icon.svgCfdOFSimulation It is a fork of the Cfd workbench that focuses on ease of use; it is intended for people who are just starting in the world of CFD and OpenFOAM. jaheyns workbench icon.svgDesignSPHysicsSimulation It provides a graphical user interface to DualSPHysics, a fluid dynamics solver using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) model. ndrs92 It provides a graphical interface for different solvers by FastFieldSolvers. At present it supports the 3D magneto-quasistatic impedance solver FastHenry. Support for the 3D electrostatic capacitance solver FasterCap is ongoing. FastFieldSolvers S.R.L. FrontISTRSimulation It provides a graphical interface for FrontISTR, an open-source large-scale parallel FEM program for nonlinear structural analysis. kinagaki
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