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47-64 Abstraction Channel

The mind of a person with Channel 47-64 Human Design is designed to inspire and help others. As you search for the meaning of life forever, learn to enjoy the moment.

The Channel of Abstraction connects the Parietal and Ajna Centers. Communication occurs through Gate 64 of Confusion and Gate 47 of Realization.

The owner of the Channel of Abstraction through deep reflection can come to clarity and meaning. By nature, a person with Channel of Abstraction is designed to inspire other people. Such people are inextricably linked with the past and often give birth to something new from a well-forgotten old. The search for meanings in the distant past often leads to the creation of some kind of masterpieces in art or science.

The Abstraction Channel is endowed with the Design of Mental Activity mixed with clarity. Mental Activity is manifested in the fact that Channel 64-47 is constantly in motion, in search of clarity, which in turn endows it with great potential for development. People with the Channel of Abstraction are constantly rummaging through their past, trying to find some meaning in the lived experience.

47-64 Abstraction Channel False Self

The carrier of Channel 47-64 has a rather peculiar way of thinking, which can be called abstract. This leads to misunderstandings in the process of communicating with others – they are simply not able to understand what the person with the manifested Channel of Abstraction 47-64 wants to convey to them. The reason lies in the fact that often a person voices only the beginning and end of the entire event series, which causes bewilderment and confusion among listeners.

Often the owners of the Channel of Abstraction tend to think out what the interlocutor did not mean at all – this is a sure sign of the False Self in which the person is. In the process of communication, a person with Channel 47-64 within himself may draw some emotional conclusions that do not correspond to reality. As a result of the dialogue, the story “I thought it up myself, I took offense myself” may turn out. It is worth remembering this and keeping track of such contrived, projected reactions in yourself.


Channel 47-64 Human Design, Channel Abstraction

The False Self of the Abstraction Channel can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes a person begins to adapt to society, going against his Strategy and Inner Authority. Sometimes the False Self needs excessive attention from the outside, in connection with which a person begins to shock the audience. Each such manifestation is an extreme that should not be taken.

47-64 Abstraction Channel Potential Human Design

A person with a manifested Channel of Abstraction has a natural analytical mind. The peculiarity lies in the fact that, as a rule, the analytical mind is not able to work for the benefit of the person himself. Most often, a person directs his abilities to solve problems and questions of other people, and this is quite correct. Helping others through your gift is a manifestation of the True Self.

The inherent clarity of the Abstraction Channel according to its Design lies in making the right decisions based on inner Inner Authority. Therefore, a person with a manifested Abstraction Channel needs to be able to wait out the emotional wave in order to make the right decision.

The correct scenario for living life for the owner of the Channel of Abstraction is enjoying life and the absence of an exorbitant search for meanings in it. There are a lot of creative extraordinary personalities among people with such a Channel. Such people may have several abilities, talents and interests, diametrically opposite in nature, but the phrase “who is everywhere, is nowhere” has nothing to do with such people. In this case, it would be more correct to say “a talented person is talented in everything.” Therefore, a mathematics teacher with a manifested Channel of Abstraction can write excellent poetry, and at the same time not experience the impostor syndrome in either area.

A distinctive feature of people with the Channel of Abstraction is the endless search for the meaning of life. Those who do not fall into the False Self manage to be in constant search, but nevertheless enjoy life in the moment. The search for meaning is the potential for development and the desire for achievement, which in itself is very good. The main thing is not to fall for the tricks of the False Self, so as not to become a victim of your own desires.


Sours: https://humdes.info/47-64-abstraction-channel/

Stories & Articles

Two Pressure Centers: The Root and Head

In Human Design we have two pressure centers. These pressure centers are very, very important. And they’re truly overlooked. That is, the root center and the head center. These are the two pressures.

And, when you’re looking at the circuitry of the BodyGraph—we have talked about the BodyGraph as a map and that if you look in that map there are a number of ways to look at it. You can look at the roads and the tunnels; that is, the personality and the design.

But, the way in which the physical map is laid out, it’s laid out in circuits. And circuits are sub-divided. One of the main aspects of circuitry is the movement of energy through awareness centers.


Three Awareness Centers: Spleen, Ajna, and Solar Plexus

Now, in Human Design we have three so-called awareness centers. That is, the splenic system, which is our immune system, our basic existential awareness, whether we call that intuition, instinct, judgment; the ajna center, the mind, and so the mental awareness. And of course, we know that the mind is something that we cannot trust in terms of having inner authority. Yet, it’s the dominate force in our lives. And the potential within the solar plexus center to emerge ultimately as an awareness.

Awareness centers have many things in common. The thing they have deepest in common is that their underlying thematic is fear. Awareness is driven by fear. And within the context of looking at the mapping of the BodyGraph, and in looking at circuitry of the BodyGraph, there are streams of energy that move through awareness centers. These streams of energy always begin in a pressure center, move through an awareness center, and seek their outlet in the throat.

Let’s take a look at the pressure streams that operate from the head center through the ajna center to the throat. These streams and their processes are what human beings identify with the most. In other words, all human beings are preoccupied with these streams rooted in pressure. We are a specie, in that sense, under pressure.


The Head center

The head center is a center of inspiration. The best way of imagining the head center is to image that in that triangle is a big question mark. It’s all about the pressure to find out. And it’s one of the most important things to understand about us as a specie is that we are under enormous pressure to find things out. We have only three ways, mentally, that we can do that. We can do that abstractly: we can find things out by reflecting on them. In other words, reflecting on things past. We can do so logically: we can find out by projecting into the future. And we can find out individually: that is, we can suddenly know inspiration.

So when we’re looking at the head center we have these three pressures. We have an abstract pressure, and it is the pressure of confusion. And we have a logical pressure in the 63rd gate on the other side from the 64th. The 64th is the gate of confusion; the 63rd gate is the gate of doubt, pressure as doubt. Whether that pressure is confusion, or whether that pressure is doubt, the goal is to find something out.

In the middle, in the 61st gate, is simply the pressure to know something. In fact, anything, it’s just pressure. And to know something that nobody else knows. It’s the main difference between the collective and the individual. When you’re looking at the collective mind, this is Solomon’s world, nothing new under the Sun. Nothing new. And when you’re looking at the individual process, you’re always looking at those things that can pop into the world—mutation, mutative thought, mutative concepts.


The Process of a Stream - We Begin with Logic

So let’s look and see how a stream works. Let’s begin with the 63rd gate, the gate of doubt. The pressure is there in the head center, and the pressure is pointed towards the ajna center. The ajna center is a conceptualizing center. The 63, its harmonic gate is the 4th gate, Youthful Folly, the gate of formulas. So the pressure of doubt is there to lead to to inspire formulas, to figure out why there’s doubt, or why there is no need to doubt, to come up with a formula.

Then it crosses in the brain. And it crosses in the BodyGraph, the stream, and goes to the 17th gate. When it gets to the 17th gate, that 17th gate becomes the closing of the conceptualizing process. That is, that 17th gate is a gate that is actually going to turn a formula into an opinion, the gate of Following. So we start with a doubt and the pressure of that doubt drives the need for some kind of answer, some kind of formula, and that answer leads to an opinion, and then finally there’s that expression in the throat. By the time you get to the throat, to the 62nd gate, to the Preponderance of the Small you get to the gate of details and the expression of details as fact.

This is a mental stream, a mental, logical stream, starting with the pressure in the head center, the doubts. The pressure drives the need to conceptualize. The doubts drive a need to come up with formulas, the formulas lead to opinions, and the opinions have to be substantiated by the expression of them as fact. By the way, it doesn’t mean the answer is right. It doesn’t mean that the opinion is right. It doesn’t mean that the details are correct. But this is the process.

Understand the nature of our being. Everything about what it is to be human can be found in the BodyGraph, everything, all of our essential processes. But most important of all, understand how much pressure all of us are under. And recognize that the only way we can operate correctly through all of that is to operate as ourselves, resistance free—following our authority, our inner authority, and honouring our strategy.


The Abstract Stream – Confusion about the Past

The abstract begins with the 64th gate in head center. Remember the head center is a pressure center. It is the pressure to find out, literally. And that pressure to find out works in different ways. In the abstract process, it’s a pressure to find out about the past. And the way in which we experience the pressure is that we have confusion about the past. Of course the pressure about the confusion drives us to find a way to resolve, or eliminate, that confusion. That brings us to the ajna center, the awareness center. Streams begin in a pressure center and move through an awareness center.

On the other side of the 64th gate, the harmonic gate to the 64 is the 47, the gate of Oppression. And Oppression is a gate of trying to make sense out of things. Where the logic begins with a doubt and seeking a formula, the abstract begins with confusion, but isn’t looking for anything precise. It’s trying to find a way to make sense out of it.

Again, when you’re looking at the logic and the abstract operating through the mental plane, they cross in the ajna center, the streams cross. In the same way that in the structure of our physical brains, there is this crossing over. From the 47th gate you cross over to the 11th gate. The logical process tries to turn the formula into an opinion. But the abstract process, because it is based on only a sense of something, leads to ideas, the gate of Peace, the 11th gate. And the ideas to be substantiated are seeking their outlet, and that outlet is there in the throat, the 56th gate, the Wanderer.

Now, the Wanderer is a very special gate, it’s a storytelling gate. Think about the relationship, or the difference, if you will, between the 62nd gate, which is a gate of detail and facts and the expression of logic, and the 56th gate. The 56th gate is all about the hope or despair of a story. And the value, or the information, has to be transmitted through the story itself, like a parable, or a tale. These two gates are extraordinary in their metamorphic capacity.

The gate of opinion, the logical 17th gate, and the gate of ideas, the abstract 11th gate are the gates of our eyes, symbolically. That is, the 17th gate is the logical eye. And the 11th gate is the abstract eye.

When we come to the metamorphosis we can see that in the collective process, whether that is the abstract or the logical, it is an inner vision translated into language. Because everything about the movement from the head center to the throat is seeking articulation, seeking expression in language. The collective takes the visual and turns it into language.


The Individual Stream

The individual is different. It runs through the center, it does not cross. It begins with the 61st gate. And unlike the logic and the abstract which is based on what is and has always been—the logic bases what it can imagine about the future on what it knows in the present; the abstract makes sense out of the past in order to be clear in the present. The doubts and the confusion are based on what is. But the 61st gate is trying to find out what isn’t. That is, it’s trying to find out what isn’t in the world already. In other words, unique, mutative thought processes.

This pressure that there must be a question out there that can be answered that hasn’t existed yet, that when it gets into the ajna center, the conceptualizing process through the 24th gate, the gate of the Return, is a process of going over and over and over and over and over. In other words, it’s like looking into the empty night and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for that moment that will be different, that moment of mutation, that moment of “aha.”

And in that moment of some kind of unique concept comes the potential of Breakthrough, the 43rd gate, the gate of insight. Now, what’s interesting about this is that if you look at the three gates of the ajna that are pointed down towards the throat, and we’ve already seen that the 17 and the 11 are visual, that what you’re looking at in the individual process, what you’re looking at in all individuality, is all individuality is acoustic.

The logic and the abstract may translate images into language. But the process of the 43 getting to the 23, getting to the gate of Splitting Apart, getting to the gate of explanation to be able to explain what’s new, that movement from the 43 to the 23 isn’t a movement from translating vision into language, it’s transiting inner language into outer language. It’s a real translation.

One of the things to recognize about the uniqueness of that process in the 43/23 is that it makes it often exceedingly difficult for these beings to be understood by others. It is very difficult for them to make sense of themselves to others, and you’ll notice I’m using keynotes of the collective. All they can do is try to explain something that has no reference. It’s why the channel 43/23 is a channel of genius to freak, this channel of Structuring. That something unique, original and mutative needs to be given its structure and be explained. Otherwise, it cannot enter into the collective. And if it cannot enter into the collective, it is a failed mutation.

This is a transcript of A Daily View session, recorded on Saturday & Sunday, March 6 & 7, 2004.

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger. Ra dedicated 25 years of his life to the development and teaching of the System around the world until he passed away in 2011.

Sours: https://www.jovianarchive.com/Stories/2/The_Mental_Streams
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47 – 64 – Abstraction

The Channel of Abstraction - 64-47, links the Head Center through the 64, the Gate of Confusion, to the 47, the Gate of Realization in the Ajna Center. Since it is part of the Collective Circuit, obviously sharing is a keynote for the channel, but since it is not part of the Understanding Circuit, logic and the future are not.

Basically this channel is trying to make sense out of the past. The abstract is based upon experience, so the 64-47 is always sifting through past experiences. It’s sifting through a kaleidoscope of images looking for the one that makes sense, the one to which it says “Aha! That’s it. I see the story.”

Great advice to give someone with this channel: Confusion marks the beginning of an experience for them and if they are patient enough with their process they will come out with a valuable story to share. (47 is the gate of Realization, 64 Confusion). It is important that they share what they think, since the collective is nothing without sharing.

The abstract mental person (the 64-47) wants to make sense of and share everything about the past - both yours and theirs. "We all share the past, this is what I think makes sense." The 64 - 47 is one of the 4 most common channels in humanity, so a big part of being human is always reviewing what makes sense and what does not.

Like all channels from the Head to the Ajna, this is a projector channel. It is most successful when it is recognized and invited to share its “sense” of the world. It’s always important for people with mental definitions to remember that the mind is NOT an authority for making decisions for oneself. It is not an internal authority.

Sours: https://humandesign.tools/hd-channels/47-64-abstraction
Human Design--64 47 The Channel of Abstraction

Her wish came true quickly. Misha froze, stopping his frictions, jerked convulsively and let out a groan and seemed to go limp all over. - Have you finished. - asked the mother.

47 channel design 64 human

It was as if I was holding my aunt by the crotch with two fingers, plunging them deep into her body and. Feeling how they almost touch there inside. It was such an incredible experience.

Get Grounded with Human Design and Gate 64

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