Walmart grocery delivery never came

Walmart grocery delivery never came DEFAULT

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A frontline health care worker, who recently tested positive for COVID, had to fight a new battle this week.

A battle to find her missing groceries.

Nurse Jennifer Lilly ordered groceries from a Walmart on Highway 72 on Tuesday. The expected delivery time was around p.m.

The groceries never arrived.

“It’s 7 o’ clock, my groceries still aren’t here,” Lilly said. “I gave her the benefit of the doubt in case she got struck in traffic. I was thinking okay my house is four miles out it really shouldn’t take her that long even with traffic.”

Lilly said she called Walmart but was told her groceries were being delivered by a third party company.

After the call, Walmart did not refund her for those lost groceries. Instead, she said a Walmart representative would deliver them again with no delivery fee after she repays for the items.

According to Chief Dave Jernigan with the Madison Police Department, they took a report on a possible grocery theft. The Chief said they are currently investigating who the third party driver could be.

On Thursday morning, Walmart contacted Nurse Lilly to let her know she would be receiving her groceries at no additional cost.

“Thanks for all who reached out to me and offered to buy me groceries and to offer me money to help us,” said Lilly. “I am fairly new to Alabama and I have found out that there are still some truly caring people around in my community.”

Nurse Lilly asked people to pay their proposed kindness forward to others in need.

“All who reached out to me please pay it forward to someone who is truly in need. Someone who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from, is in jeopardy of losing the roof over their head or in need of an essential bill to be paid.”

After the experience, Lilly wrapped up her update by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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Delivery driver thought to have stolen groceries from a nurse, comes forward, explains flaw in system

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. &#; When Walmart initially refused to issue a refund or simply refill a lost grocery order totaling $, Jennifer Lilly, a nurse fighting COVID reached out to NEWS 19 to help find answers.

Lilly&#;s Walmart app told her the order was close, only the driver, Hailey, never dropped it off. For Lilly, the issue was more about how Walmart handled the situation and withheld information on their 3rd-party delivery service. Walmart initially told Lilly they don&#;t take responsibility for their 3rd-party partner and that she would have to reorder, only getting the delivery fee waived.

Walmart tells NEWS 19 the local store made a mistake and the situation was not handled correctly.

So what happened exactly? All Lilly knew is that her drivers first name was Hailey and she drove a Hyundai Sonata. Walmart launched an investigation following NEWS 19&#;s first report.

Before Walmart updated NEWS 19, Hailey actually reached out to us and explained what happened.

Hailey says she was close to Lilly&#;s house when her delivery app said she had to return to Walmart. Hailey says when colder items are out too long, Walmart will swap the items for fresh items. Often times drivers take several orders. In this case, a timer for the cold items in Lilly&#;s order went off. Hailey returned to Walmart. No one contacted Lilly about what happened.

&#;The hours and hours I spent on the phone with Walmart on 72 and dealing with corporate. They should have one policy if something happens. Do the right thing,&#; said Lilly.

In a bit of a twist, Hailey is also nurse in Huntsville.

&#;I don&#;t hold her to be responsible. It&#;s just a lack of communication. Walmart should do better,&#; said Lilly.

For Hailey, it was hard to silently watch the first report spread all over the country. Initially she worried someone would connect the dots with her first name and her car. Some of her friends did just that. Walmart and their 3rd-party cleared Hailey, allowing her to return to the job.

A spokesman for Walmart says it will take this opportunity to &#;get better.&#; The company refilled Lilly&#;s order and gave her a $ gift card for the trouble. Meanwhile, countless people have come forward expressing similar problems with Walmart&#;s delivery service.

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Out of the 12 times I have used&#;

Out of the 12 times I have used grocery delivery, 10 of my orders have been wrong. 2 times the driver left my order at someone else's door. Took me forever to get them to resend the order to the correct door!!
They also should not be charging your card before the
Order is completed they refund the money if jot in stock but it can take up to 10 days to get that money back

Loyal Customer for many years

Loyal Customer for many years, not only online but in store. Whatever they did to their site, where Grocery was merged with online .. it's awful. The options are worst than ever, half my order is not available period, the other half is now "shipped" so it arrives as a package. Bring back the separate sites or get it together please. Disappointed I recently paid for a whole year of grocery orders only to get none of them on time.

Would rate lower if possible

Would rate lower if possible. Cancelled orders with delayed orders that never come. Then they take payments out instantly but then you can&#;t get your money back. Now it will not let me remove my credit card because I purchased the zero delivery so I will cancel card. This has become the very worse company I will never order or go to their store again.


I love Walmart grocery pickup!

I love Walmart pickup!
I pickup my grocery orders at both Walmarts on South Houghton in Tucson, Az. Today Cort was my delivery person and I give him 5 stars alone! He handed my my eggs and bread to put up front with me. He packed the car well and I didn't hear any noise when turning corners!
I have been using this service for about a year and I love it! There are small inconveniences if your fav is not in stock and the substitute is not your first choice, but Hey! I didn't have to spend hours in a crowded store! IMHO, it is way worth it! Keep up the good work Walmart in Tucson and Vail!

Walmart is rude and very unprofessional&#;

Walmart is rude and very unprofessional and they make sure to make it hard to contact anyone. I&#;ve ordered groceries 29 times and 21 times it was messed up, this time they took money out of my account for no reason and said there&#;s nothing they can do told me to go to bank and claim fraud. What a bunch of jerks, please don&#;t use Walmart grocery delivery go to insta cart never had a problem

LaBreeska J. Wilson Crowe

Express delivery is horrible&#;

The last couple of times I have ordered groceries for delivery have been terrible. Either they cancel my order or I had to cancel because it took to long for them to bring the items. They should not offer express delivery if they can&#;t fulfill the orders. The substitutions also are not very good. It&#;s better to do pick up if you can find a slot available. That was the last chance and I won&#;t use their grocery delivery service again.

Unprofessional and rude

I shop online Walmart groceries and the last few orders every time has substitutes that are NOT suitable but there is no way for someone to get a hold of anyone to correct this! I tried chat and contact support and both times I was ignored and hung up on because they didn&#;t want to deal or help! This is so unprofessional and rude! Walmart you need to make the online app more communication friendly and easier for customers as this is ridiculous. You can&#;t even have access to your order or to edit substitutes or chat to anyone about it! And I am very passionate about the environment so I get eco friendly flushable wipes but every time I order through your online service you NEVER have what I ordered and you NEVER substitute for what I asked or a suitable substitute that is eco friendly and flushable! This is very frustrating and I even contacting the driver to get a hold of someone from Walmart and even though the associate from Walmart was still at the store when I told him my situation he still told me he cannot and won&#;t do anything and that the order is final!! This is so frustrating! Walmart your customer support team is a joke and I have always been a loyal customer!! This really makes me think about either switching stores completely and not shopping with Walmart anymore or to use the Instacart app instead because at least we can communicate with the shopper!!

Walmart im going elsewhere after today

Walmart I'm just going to have to start shopping at Food Lion and ALDI and get a ride there since I don't have a car that's why I chose delivery with you but the s*** really sucks and I'm done!! you messed up my orders not once but twice in two days in a row and I don't even order from you guys that often because in my area getting delivery is very rare. On top of that there's no public Transportation here in Clarendon County, South Carolina. On top of that whenever I choose delivery, all the time slots are always full and I'm forced to choose the express option which is $ delivery fee on top of my order! And no I won't go for the yearly delivery option or monthly delivery option even if it's $12 a month I don't order from you guys all the time so why would I waste the money.

Horrible. Walmart owes me $ Customer service is worthless!

I need someone to kindly contact me. I am beyond frustrated with the customer service number. It is a joke and they are Not helping me in any way. I canceled an online order and only 3 items were credited back to my EBT card. I was hung up on twice and the rest of the numerous timnes I have called, I get a different answer every time and the people can barely speak English. Walmart owes me $ for the canceled order. I contacted the EBT card center and they are telling me they can not help. I need to contact Walmart. Will someone from the corporate office in the United States PLEASE call me to get this straightened out??

I canceled this pick up order yesterday at a.m. Only 3 items were credited back to my card. I have also contacted the store where I would have made the pick up but they tell me I need to contact customer service. They are not in any way helping me. I am beyond frustrated!!!! I also received two emails from Mariela at Walmart telling me that Walmart owes me a refund and it will be credited in 3 hours. I received the forst email at a.m and the second identical email at pm and there is still no refund. I would be more than happy to forward both to you. I think the issue is that when I contacted chat to cancel the order, they said they would do that. I noticed that it was not canceled so I removed the items and canceled myself but I believe in the meantime, the person I chatted with was in the process of canceling and only 3 items were refunded. I don't know if that's the case, but it's my guess. Either way, Walmart owes me $ Thank you.

Horrible could not get my groceries&#;

Horrible could not get my groceries delivered and went through a 12 hour ordeal the walmart rep even placed a 2nd order at a different store and that could not be delivered because they claim they have system issues but I got a conformation after i ordered and they took my money! Un real imcompetence! Some of the reps i dealt with were very polite and i could tell they felt bad about it. Do not order express 2 hour delivery you will not get it!

Robin Sogreatly

Local delivery not wanted and terrible

I use to order products from Walmart to be delivered by FedEx/UPS/USPS/Ontrac. Rarely had any issues. At some point this year, they switched me to same day delivery by local drivers. A service I don't want and I hate! There is no way to opt out of it and get normal shipping.

I have had 3 bad experiences and I have complained to Walmart corporate about it 3 times now. The latest was last night. My order of 6 items was divided into 3 parts with 3 different drivers. How inefficient is that? The app can only handle tracking one driver at a time, so I have no idea when the other 2 drivers are supposed to arrive. I have to wait around at my house for 3 people to arrive over the span of 4 hours because porch pirates are rampant around here. The app gives me wrong delivery time estimates all the time. They usually arrive hours late. 1st part comes, 2 of the items are missing. I have to get on chat support for a refund. 2nd part comes, what is delivered is actually the part 3 order, but part 2 is marked as delivered, and the item is missing, so I have to get on support chat again for another refund! 3rd part of the order is never sent a tracking number but gets marked as delivered. So on an order of 6 items, I only received 3 of them. Now today I have to go to a store to get the missing items, which totally negates why I use online ordering in the first place.

On top of that, I was charged a "beverage container fee". Well the beverages weren't delivered in any kind of container, they were just dumped on my doormat, so that whole fee thing is a rip-off. The whole experience was stressful, infuriating, and a huge waste of my time. Unless Walmart gives me a way to opt-out of this service, I am going to stop using them and shop at Target instead.

Lady Lyric Here

Walmart has changed their policy and keeps your money

Walmart has changed their policy for refunding when they short you items on your grocery order or if they cancel. Last two times (and I mean lastthey have lost me as a customer) They held my money. First was an order that was cancelled order. They never released the hold. I had to wait for my bank to refund the hold after 8 days. Next order last Thursday they cancelled items it was refunded today, 7 days later, 1 day before my bank auto cancels holds. I called Monday because usually holds are released in 2 days. I know this because I have been ordering from them for ages almost every week. They said policy has changed to the 7 to 10 days and then of course they say you have to wait for your bank. When they release the hold, my bank credits it the next day so I know they held the cancelled order for 8 days and then the canceled items refund for 7. Also don't fall for the "ok this one time we will contact billing and it will be released in 2 hours". I called on Monday and was promised 2 hours and it just got it released today (Thursday 7 days after I placed the order ).

After ordering groceries yesterday it&#;

After ordering groceries yesterday it was put on delay and never received it nor did it update this morning I check again and bank account and have pending charges for 11x $ ,$ and 1 $30 charge contacted Walmart they sent me the transaction numbers told me to contact bank and bank says they can&#;t do anything while pending and I would have to call Walmart and vystar together if it doesn&#;t clear I tried to reorder again today and it has not updated I haven&#;t had a problem with it before besides the photo cup I had made for my dad he never recieved it was on hold for 2 months and I canceled it not even sure if I got a refund

Bernette Joubert

No respect for customers

I am reading all the bad reviews and it is really very sad that the largest retailers in the United States treat customers so poorly. What a disgrace!!! I placed a grocery delivery with them what a nightmare. The person who delivered the grocery stole it he took pictures of my food on his back seat of his car and brought bags and bags of beans to my door knocked on the door and ran. I guess stealing from a ederly person was a joke to him.. Shame on him I guess he do not have a grand mother.He probably stole the beans out the store.. Not good if they steal food and they have your address what else will they try to do. Walmart placed 4 charges on my card and I have yet to received one bag of grocery from them. They have my card helded up with pending transactions
American company what a joke. Who steals from the elderly. If you are elderly and unable to get out please do not trust your money with WALMART they are Horrible they do not deserve 1 star..

The most incompetent service I&#;ve ever seen.

This is the email I sent:

I am sick and tired of Walmarts grocery delivery service. It&#;s a freaking JOKE. Today I placed an EXPRESS order,to be delivered in 2 hours, just to get a &#;delayed&#; email and zero help from customer service online and at the store level. This is the 4th time this has happened. The last time was just a few days ago, and they order never even showed up! The time before that it was 6 hours PAST the delivery window. The lazy associates at the store don&#;t every want to answer the phone. And when they do they&#;re rude and hang up. The insulting $5/10 credits are just that, insulting. I&#;m tired of paying for something that is the most inconsistent service I&#;ve ever seen. The copy and paste responses from the online chat people are the most unhelpful ploy to make customers think they care, when they don&#;t. It&#;s not their family not having dinner that night, it&#;s MINE. I&#;ve been told every time this has happened that someone from management would call me. Not one phone call or email have I received regarding ANY of the 4 times this has happened. I DEMAND the respect of some sort of response. From an actual supervisor. Not a incompetent customer service person who can&#;t help me or answer ANY of my complaints.

Latorra Hines

This service sucks like buttafter u&#;

This service sucks like buttafter u chose a time they rush u too put stuff in your cartthen u place the order u get substitutions about 1 or 2 hours before deliveryguess what no delivery, because no one is coming to bring anythingu get the sad we are sorry but your order is delayed. This service was great when it started but boy is it gone downhill fastit can't even begin to compete with instacartthen has the nerve to charge $ for membership monthly what a jokeinstacart can run circles of fire around walmart non existent delivery service

Belinda J Kasday

Overcharging and missing items

I added 4 items to an existing order that totaled $ I was charged $ in my bank account. I immediately chose for customer service to call me. After 10 minutes of describing the issue twice, being told &#;oh it&#;s probably taxes&#;, then being put on hold after he realized I was correct, when I asked why this happened he said he didn&#;t know. I was told there would be an refund issued. After telling him that the funds were on hold, he argued with me saying nothing was on hold and that they were issuing a refund I gave up. Of course the funds are on hold as the grocery delivery hasn&#;t happened yet so nothing has been done.

Seems like there are some policies in place that customers are not aware of. After doing a little research it seems that this is happening all over the place with Walmart.

Extra charges that come out if no where, missing items, and substitutions of lesser quality and value, which goes against their own policy

Every time I have a grocery delivery something is missing yet I&#;m charged for it. I don&#;t find this coincidental. Now with these bogus charges that they can&#;t explain I&#;m calling bs.

When they put through a hold on the money you use for groceries, you cannot access that money. They&#;re not refunding anything. They&#;re going to adjust it when they put through the actual amount when the delivery is completed. So the $5 they put on there that&#;s bogus isn&#;t available. During this time let&#;s say your Apple ICloud charge of $ hits your bank. But it can&#;t get paid because Walmart has that $5 tied up when they shouldn&#;t have charged it in the first place. They have now screwed up your Apple bill.

They don&#;t get this or they don&#;t care.

I made a purchase for delivery last year for everything for Thanksgiving dinner. On the day before Thanksgiving, they canceled my order because they were busy. This was a $ order. After being on the phone with customer service for hours, I was told to just reorder the items and they would do the delivery. I asked if I was going to be charged again (because of course the funds for the original order were still on hold) and they said well yes but you&#;ll get back the first orders money in days. Now I don&#;t know about anyone else, but I generally don&#;t have extra money lying around. They got snippy with me because it &#;shouldn&#;t be that big of a deal&#;. We had to threaten them with legal action to get any kind of understanding or any solution to the problem.

When are we all going to do something about this? To me it sounds like Class Action Suit time. It seems the only way to get Walmart&#;s attention is to hit them where it counts. Straight in the bank account. Anyone know how to do this? Because I&#;m sure there are many many many of us who have been cheated by this conglomerate who would be willing to band together to stop their illegal and immoral business practices.

Walmart online grocery ordering for pickup Fails again!

My online grocery pickup order placed yesterday has not been filled. Same happened less than two weeks ago. Disabled, high-risk seniors, cannot shop in person. Nobody at Walmart picking up phone all morning. Finally got through, was advised they were extremely backed up for a week, wouldn&#;t be able to fill my order today. Nor tomorrow. Nor Wednesday. Actually, they don&#;t know if they will be able to give us food at all.
She suggested I come to the store in person to get some groceries, which we cannot do. Honestly, the homeless panhandlers on the corner stand a better chance of eating than sick seniors trying to get groceries ordered from Walmart online grocery ordering for pickup. Most seniors cannot afford Instacart, with their up charges and fees. And so, we are left with Walmart here.

Melissa Manning

Walmart delivery is at 77% bad reviews&#;

Walmart delivery is at 77% bad reviews that's way closer to % bad. Now let's think. How to assist our store by curbing our laziness and paranoidism. Pick up would help with millions of people in just this state alone would be like -imagine McDonald's having a million people come to a store in a nearly 24 hrs timeframe. I also feel that some younger employees need pardoning skills from distractions in order to focus more on their tasks to avoid mishandled products that are tediously made and wrong items sent and mixed orders are just personnel made errors. Get u sh** together Walmart delivery. Would it help if we contributed to a better established delivery of our own stuff. Free is free&#;. You get what you pay for. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Hahahahahahahaha.

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I tried Walmart Grocery review.

Walmart online grocery customers charged for missing items, orders that never arrive

Arshan Shahid had heard the advice of public-health authorities, urging Canadians to help slow the spread of COVID So when it came time to buy groceries, he decided to stay home.

The year-old university student in Brampton, Ont., usually buys groceries at Walmart, so he turned to the retail giant’s online delivery service to place an order on April It was supposed to arrive eight days later.

“They never showed up,” Mr. Shahid said. Despite that, his credit card was charged $

Amid the pandemic, grocers have had considerable difficulty meeting a surge in demand for online grocery purchases, with longer waits for delivery and some items selling out. But some Walmart customers have noticed a different problem: They’re being charged for items they never received and, in some cases, entire orders that never arrived.

Like Mr. Shahid, dozens of customers have posted to Walmart Canada’s social-media channels recently with similar complaints.

The delays in refunding those erroneous charges is occurring at a time when COVID has created significant economic uncertainty across Canada. Customers who spoke to The Globe and Mail said e-mails to the company generated only automated responses, saying Walmart is not able to reply to every e-mail.

Walmart Canada says it has hired nearly new customer-service agents to respond to e-mails and calls. But those who called the customer-service centre said they waited on hold for two hours or more and, in some cases, never reached an agent.

When asked about the problems, Walmart Canada said in a statement that customers should not be charged for items that do not arrive and should contact the company for a refund if this occurs. Walmart said it has seen a rapid increase in online grocery orders, with tens of thousands of deliveries and pickups per day.

“In a matter of weeks, we’ve reached the demand we were planning for years from now,” the statement said. “… We want to thank our customers for their patience and understanding as we work through this.”

Mr. Shahid sat on hold for two hours before being disconnected. He then e-mailed but received no response. After waiting a week, he complained on Twitter. He received a refund on May 1 – nearly three weeks after he had been charged.

Another customer, Jeremy Russell, had a similar experience when he found 16 out of 39 items were left out of his grocery order on April 13 – amounting to $ in missing goods.

“We were like, ‘do we just write this off? Are we ever going to hear back?’” Mr. Russell said. Because of COVID, his partner is unable to work and they are now a one-income household. “How do we prove that we didn’t receive these items? The driver said they did the delivery.”

The year-old lives in Mississauga and had always shopped for groceries in stores, but in an attempt to limit unnecessary outings, Mr. Russell decided to rely more on e-commerce during the pandemic. After e-mails and phone calls, Mr. Russell complained on Twitter. Eventually, Walmart called back. His refund arrived 17 days after the order arrived, but it was $ short, and Mr. Russell had to get in touch again to receive the remainder.

Walmart is among those in the grocery sector classified as essential services during the pandemic. The crisis is causing more customers than ever to test out online grocery purchases, and retailers have raced to keep up – for example, Sobeys parent company Empire Co. Ltd. has accelerated the tests of its new Voilà e-commerce service. Others that are already up and running have asked for customer patience with order delays or items that are unavailable.

Kristin Biddie, a year-old in Toronto, has used a number of e-commerce grocery services during the pandemic and has experienced delays, but Walmart is the only company that has charged her for an order that did not arrive – a total of $

“Everyone else has been very clear in their communications. I can empathize with the situation they’re trying to navigate,” Ms. Biddie said. But after her order did not show up on April 21, she was surprised and frustrated at the difficulty contacting Walmart to resolve the problem. Walmart then sent the order three days later, but with multiple items missing, she said.

Amanda Wilton has been working from home in Toronto during the pandemic and avoiding stores, concerned about her asthma and other respiratory issues. Her Walmart grocery order on April 24 arrived missing $38 worth of items that she was charged for. It took a week to hear back from the company and another three days to receive her refund. A subsequent order through Instacart had no such issues, she said.

For Sarah Batty in Calgary, the same problem applied to an online order for pickup. The year-old has been avoiding stores during the pandemic and placed a $ pickup order for groceries for her family of four. On Saturday morning, she received an e-mail saying that the store was out of $29 worth of items in her order, but her bank statement showed no deduction on her purchase.

“I would have been fine without [those items],” she said. “For me, the frustration was that I was charged for items I didn’t get.”

Unable to get through to the call centre, Ms. Batty did the one thing she was trying to avoid: She went into the store and lined up at customer service. She managed to get the issue resolved in person.

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Came never grocery walmart delivery

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I tried Walmart Grocery review.

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