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Resources for the Cleveland Municipal Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and resources applicable to all courts in&#;Ohio.

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Background Check Information

The Ohio Attorney General's Office offers instructions for obtaining a criminal background check from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Opinions

View recent Ohio Attorney General official opinions, browse opinions by year, or search by keyword.

Forms and related information

Online Self-Help Forms

Complete Ohio court forms using an interactive interview process; completed forms can be saved and printed. Instructions and additional self-help resources are provided.

Protection Order Forms and Information

View and download domestic violence, juvenile, and stalking or sexually-oriented offense protection order forms for use in Ohio courts. Links to related legal resources and publications are included.

Legal Forms and Information for Seniors

Pro Seniors offers interactive and downloadable forms and information for Ohio seniors, including power of attorney, simple will, advance directives, civil protection order, expungement, and child custody, support or visitation affidavit.

Online fine payments

Self help, legal research, general information

Cleveland Housing Court Information

View information about Cleveland Housing Court, including types of cases, criminal dockets, court rules, and answers to frequently asked questions about evictions, code violations, and mediation.

Cleveland Municipal Court Information

View answers to frequently asked questions about Cleveland Municipal Court including case records, court procedure, forms, motions, small claims, record expungement, interpreter requests, use of attorneys, subpoenas, ticket payment, and more.

Cleveland Municipal Court Magistrate Proceedings

View information about cases handled by magistrates in Cleveland Municipal Court, with descriptions of small claims mediation and criminal arraignments, instructions for self-represented parties, and answers to frequently asked questions. Links are in the left column.

Cleveland Municipal Court Programs

View information about Cleveland Municipal Court Domestic Intervention, Domestic Violence Docket, Drug Court, Human Trafficking Docket, Mental Health Docket, Selective Intervention, and Veterans Treatment Docket, which can set up treatment or educational programs in lieu of jail for some offenders. See also information about small claims mediation and other court programs and services.

Cleveland Area Mediation

The Cleveland Mediation Center offers mediation programs, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to court.

Citizen Brochures and Small Claims Guide

The Ohio Judicial Conference offers a guide to small claims court, and brochures on topics such as jury service, legal terminology, mediation, and self-representation in legal proceedings.

Court Rules

View Ohio Rules of Court including civil procedure, criminal procedure, evidence, juvenile procedure, traffic, and rules that apply to lawyers and judges.

Dispute Resolution Information

View information about arbitration and mediation, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to trial. Links to mediation services, rosters of local mediators, and a guide to selecting a mediator are provided.

Domestic Violence Help

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network offers information for victims of domestic violence and links to additional resources and services.

Domestic Violence Resources and Information

View information and publications about domestic violence issues, including elder abuse, teen dating, and juvenile exposure to abuse. Links to protection order forms, legal resources, and advocacy organizations are also provided.

Foreclosure and Eviction Information and Resources

View information and resources for Ohio homeowners facing foreclosure, including foreclosure mediation information and resources for renters facing eviction.

Local Court Rules

View Ohio Court of Common Pleas, County Court, and Municipal Court local rules by county.

Motor Vehicle Information

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers information about licensing and registration, traffic laws, insurance requirements, copies of driving records, and license reinstatement.

Victim Help

The Ohio Attorney General's Office offers information for crime victims, including victims' compensation, notification, cyber safety, and a searchable directory of victim services and resources.

Consumer Protection Information

The Ohio Attorney General's Office offers information and assistance to Ohio residents on cyber safety, identity theft, telephone solicitors, debt collection, elder fraud, and various other consumer scams. Search complaints, court decisions, and news on consumer issues, or file a consumer complaint form online.

Legal Information

The Ohio State Bar Association offers information for the public about lawyers, business-related resources, a Small Business handbook, legal tools, and publications on a variety of legal topics.

Legal Pamphlets for Seniors

Legal and long-term care resources are offered by Pro Senior, including hotline directories, downloadable pamphlets on topics of interest to seniors, and volunteer legal services.

Ohio Constitution, Laws, and Regulations

Search the Ohio Constitution, Revised Code, or Administrative Code by keyword, or browse by table of contents.

Supreme Court Law Library

View information about the Ohio Supreme Court Law Library, including location, hours, an online catalog, description of available materials and services, and an online Ask-a-Librarian service.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Cuyaghoga County Public Defender

View information about the Cuyaghoga County Public Defender's Office, which provides free legal representation for indigent defendants facing possible incarceration, and for some juvenile and children's services cases.

Cuyahoga County Housing Court Help

The Greater Cleveland Housing Partnership's Housing Court Assistance Program provides free legal services to property owners facing criminal prosecution, code violations, condemnations, and complaints in housing courts and municipal courts in Bedford, Bedford Heights, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights, Maple Heights, Shaker Heights, and Warrensville Heights. An online intake form and answers to frequently asked questions are included.

Cuyahoga County Lawyer Complaints

View information about filing a grievance against a Cuyahoga County attorney, with links to the required forms and answers to frequently asked questions.

Cuyahoga County Victim/Witness Help

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office offers information about the criminal justice process and victims' rights, including services to crime victims and witnesses, case status notification, court accompaniment, and assistance with victim impact statements and compensation applications. Links to additional resources are provided.

Northeastern Ohio Legal Assistance

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland offers free civil legal help to low-income residents of Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, and Lorain Counties. A telephone application line, locations of local offices, information about programs, resources, and answers to frequently asked questions are provided.

Domestic Violence Legal Assistance

The Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center offers free legal services to crime victims, and provides links to counseling services, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, and local victim assistance programs. A Crime Victims Rights Toolkit is also available.

Public Defender

The Office of the Ohio Public Defender offers information about its representation of indigent defendants in criminal cases, with links to local county public defenders and appointed counsel.

Attorney Directory

Search for attorneys admitted to practice in Ohio by name, registration number, and location.

Complaints Against Lawyers and Judges

View instructions for filing an official complaint against a lawyer or judge in Ohio, with answers to frequently asked questions, rules, and a link to the complaint form.

File a Consumer Complaint

Complete an online form to file a consumer complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's Office. A live chat with an agent is also available for general inquiries and assistance.

Lawyer Referral and Information Services

View a list of Ohio lawyer referral and information services by geographic area served, and a list of registered prepaid legal service providers.

Legal Assistance for Seniors

Pro Seniors provides Ohio residents over 60 with free legal assistance by telephone in all counties, in-person staff attorney assistance, and referrals to private attorneys who will assist low-income seniors for a reduced fee.

Legal Assistance for the Disabled

Disability Rights Ohio provides free legal assistance to disabled persons on a variety of matters, including disability abuse, neglect, and discrimination, and access to assistive technology devices, special education, housing, employment, voting rights, and community integration.

Legal Assistance for Western Ohio and Migrant Farmworkers

Legal Aid of Western Ohio and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality provide free civil legal services for low-income residents of 32 western Ohio counties, and for migrant farmworkers statewide. A toll-free telephone line, online application forms in English and Spanish, and local office contacts are included.

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Face Coverings

Must be Worn!

Based upon recommendations from Responsible RestartOhio,

all persons entering the Shaker Heights Municipal Court and its building are required to wear

a face mask, COVERING NOSE AND MOUTH, at all times.

You must also follow all COVID hand-washing protocols, along with proper social distancing.


Shaker Heights Municipal Court


Pursuant to Judicial Order dated June 5, , the following rules are in place at Shaker Heights Municipal Court, subject to modification, through July 31,


  • All individuals entering the Court shall wear a maskcovering their nose and mouth at all times. Refusal to wear a mask may result in penalties for failure to appear unless an individual cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. Appropriate receptacles shall be used for any desired mask disposal when exiting the Court.
  • All individuals entering the Court shall be given a temperature check test strip, as available. Those with a fever shall not be admitted and their business rescheduled.
  • Only individuals with business at the court shall be admitted. Family, friends, rides and children (with rare exception) shall not enter the Court.
  • Traffic and criminal arraignments shall take place in person with appropriate social distancing and other safeguards in place.
  • Status reports for the court&#;s DUS docket shall take place in person with appropriate social distancing and other safeguards in place.
  • Change of pleas, sentencings, status reports for first offense OVIs, and housing case status reports shall take place via video conferencing (zoom)/telephonically through the month of July with approval of the parties.
  • Criminal and civil pretrials shall take place via video conferencing (zoom)/ telephonically through the month of July and until further order of Court.
  • Traffic and criminal bench trials shall resume in person on July 2,  
  • Criminal and civil jury trials shall resume in August , with appropriate distancing and safeguards in place.
  • Suppression and other criminal motion hearings shall resume in person in July , with appropriate distancing and safeguards in place.
  • Civil motion hearings, R.I.T.A. cases, and mediations shall take place via video conferencing (zoom)/telephonically through the month of July
  • Eviction cases shall be heard in person or stayed by decision of the court made on a case-by-case basis. Those which proceed in person shall require appropriate distancing and safeguards.
  • Civil trials shall resume in person on June 25, , with appropriate distancing and safeguards in place.
  • Small Claims trials shall resume on July 10, , with appropriate distancing and safeguards in place.
  • Garnishments and exams shall be heard in person with appropriate distancing and safeguards in place.
  • The Clerk&#;s Office shall be open from Monday &#; Friday from a.m. to p.m.
  • Filings by fax are encouraged. The fax number is
  • Payments online are encouraged at

Welcome to the Shaker Heights Municipal Court website. The Shaker Heights Municipal Court serves Beachwood, Hunting Valley, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, and University Heights. We are committed to providing you with professional, efficient, and friendly service and the continued improvement of those services. Through this website we hope to provide an additional, interactive method of communicating with you in order to further the availability of court information and its operations. We welcome this opportunity to make part of the judicial branch of your government more open and accessible to you.


The Shaker Heights Municipal Court does not make any warranties or representations with respect to the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of any information or materials contained on the Shaker Heights Municipal Court web server or through links to other servers, including but not limited to: text, graphics, applications, databases, services, or any other information or materials, nor shall the Shaker Heights Municipal Court assume any legal liability for the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of said information and materials.

The information and materials contained on this web site have been compiled from a variety of sources and, as such, are subject to change without notice. In no event will the Shaker Heights Municipal Court be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, general, consequential, incidental, exemplary or special, arising from the use of information provided on this server or through links to any other servers.

Communications to the Court via this web site shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal or official notice to the Shaker Heights Municipal Court , its agencies, officers, employees, representatives or agents with respect to any existing, pending or future claim or cause of action against the Shaker Heights Municipal Court or any of its agencies, officers, employees, representatives or agents where notice is required by Federal, State or local law, nor shall communications to the Court via this web site be deemed to constitute legal or official notice for any other purpose.


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Garfield Heights Municipal Court


Monday-Friday am to pm More


Turney Road
Garfield Heights, Ohio
Telephone More


The Garfield Heights Municipal Court has limited geographic and subject matter jurisdiction.
Although it is located in the City of Garfield Heights and is called the Garfield Heights Municipal Court, the Court has geographic jurisdiction of cases arising in Brecksville, Cuyahoga Heights, Garfield Heights, Independence, Maple Heights, Metro Parks, Newburgh Heights, Valley View and Walton Hills.

Cleveland Housing Court-May 10, 2018

Where can I find my public eviction record? Can anyone see it?

There is no single, official place to find eviction records in Ohio. Eviction cases usually are filed in the municipal court of the city in which the rental property is located. A person interested in locating eviction records can look in the court’s case index in the individual municipal court. For example, eviction cases filed regarding property located in Cleveland, Ohio, can look in the Cleveland Municipal Court’s case index, on the Clerk of Court’s website. Records for evictions from properties in Euclid will be on file with the Euclid Municipal Court, etc. Some small cities share a court; the shared court for the city will keep its records.

The fact that an eviction has been filed against a tenant may show up on a tenant’s credit report. The credit report companies check the dockets of many municipal courts to report anyone who has a case filed against them. So, someone who reviews your credit report may see that an eviction has been filed against you.

There also are some private companies that a landlord, or others, can pay to search public records for information about you. Those companies could check the records of all municipal courts in the county or the state, and report back the courts in which cases were filed against you.


Housing court docket cleveland municipal

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Arnold Foundation discusses bail reform for Cleveland Municipal Court

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