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Building on VocoPro's proven UHF-5800 series, the UHF-8800 doubles that microphone capability with an astonishing 8 wireless microphone channels. While perfect for multi-microphone speaking engagements and public address, the UHF-8800's superior vocal reproduction still makes it a top choice for singers and DJs seeking the best sound for their shows. The UHF-8800 is the ultimate in versatility and flexibility and is ready-to-go for any occasion.

Frequency Sets


  • Frequency Sets:
         UHF-8800-9: 9A,9B,9C,9D,9E,9F,9G,9H
         UHF-8800-10: 9I,9J,9K,9L,9M,9N,9O,9P
  • Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules
  • UHF Band Operation
  • 8 XLR Microphone Outputs
  • 2 1/4" Mixed Mic Outputs (1: Ch M-PII, 2: Ch Q-T)
  • 8 Handheld Microphones Included
  • Individual Volume Controls for Precise Vocal Balancing
  • Individual Squelch Control on Each Mic Channel
  • 8 Independent Field-Replaceable Modules
  • Rugged 2RU Metal Receiver Chassis
  • Aluminum Carrying Case Included
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours
  • Links

    UHF Frequency Guide

    9A:FQ: 902.000ORANGE
    9B:FQ: 904.600SKY BLUE
    9C:FQ: 907.500GRASS GREEN
    9D:FQ: 910.700RED
    9E:FQ: 913.300DARK BLUE
    9F:FQ: 916.300YELLOW
    9G:FQ: 920.100BLACK GREEN
    9H:FQ: 925.800SILVER
    9I:FQ: 903.100BROWN
    9J:FQ: 905.800PEACH
    9K:FQ: 908.800PURPLE
    9L:FQ: 912.200GREEN
    9M:FQ: 915.000WHITE
    9N:FQ: 918.700BLACK
    9O:FQ: 922.800YELLOW GREEN
    9P:FQ: 927.200PINK

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    Sours: https://www.vocopro.com/products/product_info_m.php?ID=646


    With four handheld mics, each on their own independent UHF channel, the UHF-5805 gives you maximized vocal options without the fear of frequency interference. Wireless means that you are free from cables for more active performances that the crowd will never forget, plus with its rechargeable microphones and charger, the party can go all night. KJs will love that each mic channel has its own Field-replaceable Module that easily slides out, without affecting the functionality of the other channels. Included in this package are four wireless rechargeable microphones with upgraded, durable metal bodies. Vocalists, home entertainment enthusiasts, and club-goers all will benefit from the reliability and versatility of the UHF-5805.

    Frequency Sets
    UHF-5805-3M, N, O, P, PII
    UHF-5805-4Q, R, S, T


  • Frequency Sets:
         UHF-5805-3: M, N, O, P, PII
         UHF-5805-4: Q, R, S, T
  • Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules
  • 4 individual XLR Mic Outputs and 1 1/4" Mixed Output
  • 4 Handheld mics included
  • Individual Volume controls for precise vocal balancing
  • 4 independent Field-replaceable Modules
  • Interference-resistant UHF Band operation
  • Rugged 1RU metal receiver chassis
  • Low power consumption design for longer battery life
  • Shipping Dimensions: 7" (L) x 21" (W) x 14 1/2" (H)
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs
  • Links

    UHF Frequency Guide

    M:CH. 45FQ: 656.825YELLOW
    N:CH. 49FQ: 685.960PINK
    O:CH. 51FQ: 694.110WHITE
    P:CH. 40FQ: 629.400PURPLE
    PII:CH. 40FQ: 630.400PURPLE
    Q:CH. 48FQ: 676.740DK GRN
    R:CH. 38FQ: 614.150BROWN
    S:CH. 38FQ: 619.120LITE BLUE
    T:CH. 39FQ: 622.665SILVER

    Having frequency issues? Click Here.

    Sours: https://www.vocopro.com/products/product_info_m.php?ID=466
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    VocoPro UHF-5816 Wireless Microphone
    VocoPro is a California-based professional audio company that was founded in 1991. For over two decades now, the VocoPro name has been synonymous with professional karaoke systems, and still holds the number one spot for high-end professional karaoke products. Providing the highest level of customer service in the industry, VocoPro understands that it takes more than a great product to keep a customer happy.

    With its 20 years of experience, VocoPro has become, and still is, something of an industry pioneer. A few of their many "world's first" designs include an all-in-one entertainment P.A. system, and a dual tray multi-format hard drive player. In addition to their many innovations, VocoPro’s multi-channel wireless microphone systems reign as the top-sellers for most major music retailers.*

    VocoPro's goal is to truly live up to its name as the leader in professional vocal systems for singers, performers & artists all around the world!

    *Based on "Top Seller" and "Best Selling" rankings for www.guitarcenter.comand www.musiciansfriend.com.

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    • “Go VocoPro! I have to tell you I have been using your wireless UHF series Mics for years and through hundreds of events and they are rugged as well as being a great mic. Keep up the good work!”

      Nick Lamberti

    • “I started out with a Vocopro Gig Master all in one system about 7 years ago and now I have a Vocopro 5 disc player, amp, speakers and a 4 mike system. I do professional gigs all over central Florida and I am very happy with the Vocopro equipment!”

      Judith Pivk

    • “I've been using VocoPro for years! I've been in the business, this is my 20th year. Started out with a JVC machine and am now using your product. It's a great site. Thanks!”

      Nancy DeBruler McCoy

    Sours: https://www.vocopro.com/

    Microphone vocopro replacement



    Call our Toll Free Number To Speak To A Technician To Troubleshoot 1-800-678-5348.
    Chances are the problems can be easily resolved without having to send in the unit for repair.

    If you've got questions about your VocoPro product, chances are that someone else has asked them too. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may have the answer you are looking for. Check it out! Having a problem with some of our Technical terms? You can also check out our Glossary.

    In the event you are still experiencing problems with your unit after troubleshooting, and you'd like to send it in for repair, a Technician will make a determination if your unit is under Warranty based on the date of purchase and serial number*.

    The Technician will then give you two options:

    1. You can send it to one of our Authorized Service Centers for repair**. (You will need to call them before shipping your unit to them. Please allow 4-6 weeks for repair and delivery)
    2. You can send it to the Factory for repair and a Technician at that time will give you a Return Authorization Number and will request the following:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Unit Model and Serial Number
    • Place and Date of Purchase
    • Description of Problem

    Once a RA number is issued, you will be responsible for:

    • Shipping both ways (it is recommended you ship with insurance, and double box your packages, VocoPro is not responsible for lost or damaged packages).
    • Providing us with copy of original receipt

    *If a unit is sent to the Service Center or Factory as a Warranty unit, but is subsequently determined to have out-of-warranty damage according to the Warranty policy, the unit will be considered Out-of-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty charges will apply.
    **All repairs on VocoPro microphones must be directly sent back to VocoPro after obtaining an RMA number from a VocoPro technician.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your warranty card is not considered your receipt. So please be sure to send a copy of all receipts with your units for future warranty work.

    Sours: https://www.vocopro.com/support.php
    zZounds.com: VocoPro UHF-8800 8-Channel UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System

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