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Gearboxes from BGM Pro for Vespa large frame engines. Available with or without main shaft. For highest demands the gears are made of high-alloyed NiCrMo case hardening steel (20NiCrMo2-2/ AISI8620). This extremely good base material withstands even the highest engine power. The precisely defined surface hardening to 58-60HRC makes the sprockets permanently resistant to wear. This makes the BGM gear parts an uncompromising material for every serious engine builder.

The highly developed gear parts can be used for all types of stress, no matter if standard engine, tourer or racer. We offer the gearboxes in the gradation of the PX125 (short fourth) or the PX200 (original gradation). Both versions are compatible with the auxiliary shaft of the 125-200cc models. Sporty engine/driver use the option with short fourth gear. The gear step is then less large and the engine immediately reconnects to the power band.

The gearboxes of the Vespa Largeframe are roughly divided into old and new type:
PX old (-1983)
The old type was used until about 1983. It uses a main shaft where the gears are held by a snap ring only on one side (Lima). In addition, it has a cranked shifting cross. PX Disc, My, 2011, T5, Cosa
The new type has been used since about 1984, not only in the Vespa PX but also in the T5, Cosa and its derivatives such as LML Star 2Takt and Stella 2Takt. The so-called Lusso transmission has two circlips on the main shaft, the shifting cross is flat. This type is considered to be more stable than the old one, because the bearing surface in the middle segment is wider and the main shaft is segmented, thus fixing the gear shifting cross under load. The Lusso gearbox is recommended for engines from 25PS upwards.

PX80, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB, Super, GL, Sprint, GT, GTR, TS, Rally
The PX80 engines as well as their predecessors (mostly still original with contact ignition) use their own transmission gears. However, these can be exchanged without problems against the ones offered here. The simultaneous exchange of the layshaft / auxiliary shaft is then also necessary. Otherwise the gear teeth of the gear parts do not match. The motor housing may have to be adapted to the larger seat diameter of the auxiliary shaft. It is often sufficient to remove the bushes in the motor housing at the auxiliary shaft support (PX80) or to use a suitable auxiliary shaft.

To identify loose gears, simply measure the middle section:
The middle section on which the gear cross rests is old at

- PX (until 1984, cranked gear cross): 5mm

- Lusso (from 1984, flat gear cross): 6,5mm

The middle segment of the BGM gangwheels is larger (approx. 1/10mm) and thus offers even more contact surface for the gear cross.

The gang wheels have a marking ("TOP") for installation direction. This should look in the direction of the gear shift lever when installed. The installation clearance between the gearwheels and the shoulder ring should be determined with a feeler gauge and adjusted to approx. 0.15-0.35mm.

TIP: The gear shift bolt has a left-hand thread. Therefore loosen it by turning it clockwise.




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Gear box

Basics of how the Vespa gearbox works

  1. The crank (1) is driven by the piston, this is directly connected to the clutch (2)
  2. The clutch (2) can connect and disconnect the crank force to a cog that drives the primary gear (3). When the clutch lever is pulled in by the rider, the clutch plates are lifted and the clutch spins freely without driving the primary gear. When the clutch lever is released by the rider, the clutch springs return the clutch plates pressure to driving the primary gear.
  3. The primary gear is part of a christmas tree of gears (4) which all spin as a solid mass.
  4. Another set of individual gears (5) mesh into the christmas tree and these ride freely on the output shaft (6). Within this shaft is a cruciform which slides up and down between the individiual gears when the rider changes gear. The cruciform locks into a single gear cog and to the output shaft together. So a gear ratio is obtained by a part of the christmas tree driving an individual output gear.


Below is a video from iowancamera on youtube

Cara susun gear box vespa -- how to install scooter Vespa gear

Vespa P-Series Gearing Calculator

The scope of Vespa gearing is less broad than Lambrettas but still complicated. There are 2 things that can be changed to result in higher or lower than standard gearing. The primary drive consists of a smaller helical gear that is integral with the clutch assembly and a larger helical gear riveted to a cluster of 4 toothed gears.

These must be installed as a matched pair except in some cases where a free gear with one less tooth can be added to the output shaft and still mate with the cast gear cluster (such as a T5 4th in a P200 gearbox. Lastly the tire size can be adjusted with slight modification to fit a nonstandard 4.00x10 tire. I also included a 3.00x8 tire for anyone who replaces their engine with a P-Series one on an older 8" wheel large frame and wants to keep the original 8" look.

Below are calculators for the three main Vespa gearbox options that will give gearing for a range of standard Vespa gearboxes without mixing separate gears from different models. These are currently only for P-series bikes. If anyone has info on 150 Supers and other 70's bikes please email me.

  • The helical primary gear - "Primary Gear"
  • The gearbox group (from a standard Vespa model) - "Gearbox Type"
  • The tire size used - "Tire Size"

I have included some primary drives kits by Malossi and Polini. P125 & 150 ratios have also been shown in the P series calculator as they can be modified to fit a P200 clutch by unriveting the central clutch gear from a P125 clutch and reattaching it to a P200 style clutch. The final ratio of a conversion like this will be pretty low but try it and see if it works for what you are trying to achieve. The resulting page will show gear ratios for each of the 4 gears and show an RPM to speed analysis at various engine revolutions. Also I have added some Vespa Cosa clutch options that I was sent by email.

P-Series Gearing Calculator

Miles per Hour

Kilometers per Hour

Primary Gear

Gearbox Type

Tire Size



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Gearbox vespa

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Cara susun gear box vespa -- how to install scooter Vespa gear

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