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Symbiote invasion


John Jameson(former host, deceased);

Unnamed Malaysian paramedic (former host, deceased);
Unnamed Malaysian woman (former host, deceased);
Suzy (former host, deceased);
Carlton Drake (former host, deceased)

Unusual Features

Fangs, claws, prehensile tongue, and pronounced red veins


Planetary invader and conqueror



(October 5, 2018)

(October 5, 2018)

Quote1.png There are more of us.... millions more. They will follow wherever I lead. Quote2.png


The Riot symbiote originated on the planet Klyntar,[1] and was the leader of an invasion force consisting of millions of symbiotes. Riot, alongside Venom and two other symbiotes, allowed itself to be collected by a Life Foundation deep-space probe in order to infiltrate the planet that had sent it and prepare it for invasion.[2]

When the shuttle reached its destination, Earth, Riot escaped containment and bonded to the pilot, Jameson, causing the shuttle to crash in Malaysia. While Jameson's body was being transported to a hospital, it transferred to a paramedic and took over her body, causing the ambulance to crash. Puppeteering the paramedic's body and slowly consuming her from the inside-out, Riot walked to the nearest settlement - killing some street gangsters when they accosted its host before transferring for the second time to an elderly woman.[2]

Six months later, the Riot symbiote arrived in San Francisco - having transferred over to the body of a young American girl named Susie. Traveling to the Life Foundation, Riot located Dr. Carlton Drake - the Life Foundation's CEO - and bonded to him, brokering an alliance to bring the rest of its invasion force to Earth. However, Venom - the sole surviving member of Riot's infiltration unit - had come to enjoy living on Earth and befriended its host, Eddie Brock.

Angered by this betrayal, Riot battled Venom and ripped it from its host, attempting to devour it. Eddie rebonded with Venom, leading to Riot forcibly assimilating it and its host. Riot was stopped from entering the rocket by Anne Weying, who blasted it with amplified feedback over the Life Foundation's PA system. Temporarily separated from Drake, Riot rebonded to him just as Eddie kicked him off the landing platform and impaled Eddie through the chest with an arm-blade before boarding the rocket. Venom rebonded to Eddie and used the blade to puncture the rocket's fuel tank, causing the rocket's liquid fuel to spill out. The liquid fuel in turn contacted the burning (and superheated) engines of the rocket, causing it to ignite and explode, the blast from the explosion and the burning leaked fuel also rupturing the rocket's hull,, turning it into a massive fireball. Riot is ignited first, screaming in painful agony as the flames consume and burn him alive, dissipating while Drake is incinerated, killing them both.[2]


Arrogant and callous, Riot was determined to subjugate Earth for the symbiotes; though it showed no concern over the deaths of two of the three members of his infiltration unit, remarking there were millions more to take their place.

When Venom betrayed the symbiote invasion force, Riot showed no mercy in attempting to execute it; though it did complement Venom on possessing a strong host. His executed plan failed as his rocket was destroyed by the combusted leaked liquid fuel of the Life Foundation's rocket.

Powers and Abilities


The Riot symbiote is considerably stronger than other members of its species, namely the Venom symbiote, and confers the following abilities to its host:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Constituent-Matter Generation
  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Riot is capable of extending its biomass into tentacles, firing projectiles formed from its biomass, and transforming its host's limbs into a variety of weapons - including swords, axes, and flails.


  • Sonics: Sounds within the 4 to 6-kilohertz range cause extreme pain to the Riot symbiote, and prolonged exposure could kill it.
  • Intense Heat: The Riot symbiote is also vulnerable to intense levels of heat and flames.


  • Paolo Giandoso, a senior concept artist working for the DNEG special effects studio, released concept art indicating that Carnage was originally planned to be the film's antagonist before being replaced by Riot early in development,[3] possibly explaining why the Riot symbiote possesses powers more-commonly possessed by the Carnage symbiote.
  • Unlike most incarnations of Riot, this version isn't a spawn of Venom and is instead its own separate entity.

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Riot Explained: No, That Villain in the Venom Movie Trailer Is Not Carnage

The latest trailer for Sony's Venom movie offers a much better idea of both the general tone of the movie and its storyline. Not only that, it seems to confirm that Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake will transform into Riot, one of many symbiote villains from the Marvel Universe. (And no, that is not Carnage in the trailer!)While even casual Marvel fans are probably familiar with Venom at this point, Riot is a much more obscure Marvel character. Here's everything you need to know about Riot and how the movie is drawing from Marvel's comic book universe.

Riot Explained: The Basics

Considering that he acquired his powers by stealing Spider-Man's alien costume, it's only fitting that Venom has inspired a few imitators of his own. Riot is one of five symbiotes to be spawned from Venom due to experiments from the scientists at the Life Foundation. For most of its life, the Riot symbiote has been bonded to Trevor Cole, a security expert helping the Life Foundation carry out its goal of flourishing after a global apocalypse.

Riot has survived countless defeats since then, including the death of its original host. Even now, it remains a dangerous X-factor in the Marvel Universe, with its power just as capable of being used for evil as well as good.

Riot's Powers and Abilities

As an offshoot of Venom, the Riot symbiote has many of the same powers as its "father." Riot possesses super-strength superior to that of Spider-Man, as well as the ability to block his Spider-Sense. Riot can cling to walls, recover from most wounds and reshape its body to form tendrils or deadly bladed weapons. Visually, Riot bears the closest resemblance to Venom, albeit without the spider emblem on his chest.

However, Riot also has the same weaknesses as most symbiotes. The symbiote by its very nature is dependent on a human host for sustenance and can't survive being separated for long periods of time. It's also extremely vulnerable to fire and sonic-based weapons.

Riot: Origin and Background

Riot debuted alongside four other symbiote characters (Scream, Lasher, Phage and Agony) in a 1993 miniseries called Venom: Lethal Protector. However, the symbiote wasn't officially given a name until 2012's Carnage USA.

Lethal Protector was an offshoot of the monthly Amazing Spider-Man comic, pitting Eddie Brock and his alter ego against Carlton Drake's Life Foundation. Drake and his allies believed that the world was destined to be ravaged by a post-Cold War nuclear conflict. Rather than try to prevent this conflict, the Life Foundation was devoted to helping its financiers survive it and flourish in its aftermath. The Venom symbiote became key to Drake's plans. He extracted five samples of Venom's suit and used them to transform volunteers into super-powered bodyguards. In the end, Venom was forced to join forces with Spider-Man to stop Riot and its siblings from wreaking havoc on San Francisco.

Despite their apparent deaths, Riot and company survived and resurfaced in a followup miniseries called Venom: Separation Anxiety. There the symbiotes attempted to reunite with Venom, but Brock wanted nothing to do with his "children" after witnessing how Carnage turned out. Scream used her sonic powers to begin murdering her siblings, tricking the symbiotes into thinking they were being targeted by Venom himself.Riot's human host Trevor Cole was killed by Scream, but the symbiote itself survived. All five symbiotes were eventually merged together to bond with a man named Scott Washington and form a new symbiote villain named Hybrid.

Riot has more recently resurfaced in the pages of Carnage USA, where it was revealed that it and other symbiotes were being paired with US soldiers. Riot even temporarily joined forces with Deadpool in 2014's Deadpool vs. Carnage to help Wade defeat his new foe. These days, Riot's status quo is unclear, but it's safe to assume this symbiote will eventually resurface, for good or ill.

Riot: Beyond the Comics

While Venom and Carnage have enjoyed a healthy life in Marvel's multimedia projects, Riot and its siblings have appeared comparatively little outside of the comics. Riot's appearances have been limited mainly to Marvel's video games. It first appeared in 1995's Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety, a side-scrolling brawler for the SNES and Sega Genesis loosely based on the comic storyline of the same name. Riot has also appeared in the free-to-play games Avengers Alliance and Spider-Man Unlimited.Clearly, Riot's Hollywood fortunes are changing in a big way this year, as he'll be the main villain of the Venom movie. However, whereas the comic book version of Riot is bonded to a security guard recruited by Carlton Drake, as noted above the movie version of Riot looks to be bonded to Riz Ahmed's Drake himself. Given how much the movie is drawing from stories like Venom: Lethal Protector, we expect that Riot will be joined by other symbiote villains like Lasher and Scream (the latter of which can seemingly be seen in the latest trailer too).Jesse is a mild-mannered writer for IGN. Allow him to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket by following @jschedeen on Twitter, or Kicksplode on MyIGN.

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Riot is One of Five Symbiotes

In the comics, Riot was one of five symbiotes created by the Life Foundation. The other symbiotes were:

  • Scream, the only one of the five symbiotes to be named in the Lethal Protector arc. She uses her "living tendril hair" as a weapon, to wrap, tangle, or choke enemies.
  • Agony, who can use her metabolism to spit acid that could burn through most substances. She can absorb chemicals into herself, including Spider-Man's webbing.
  • Lasher, a symbiote who creates tentacles on his back, and uses them as whip-like tendrils.
  • Phage, who preferred to form his symbiote into savage bladed weapons in a similar manner to Carnage.

The five symbiotes are typically found working together, and they proved to be a formidable enough force to easily defeat both Venom and Spider-Man. They were only defeated in the Lethal Protector miniseries when Spider-Man and Venom used the Life Foundation's own technology against them.

Which of the Five Symbiotes Appear in Venom?

The first official still for Venom showed Eddie Brock as a journalist, researching the Life Foundation. According to the notes on Eddie's notepad, there were rumors the Life Foundation was "testing its pharmaceuticals" on vulnerable civilians - and not all of them survived. In the original Lethal Protector run, the Life Foundation was tricking the homeless and destitute into becoming test subjects in their experiments. Eddie's notes clearly suggest a fairly accurate adaptation of the comic book arc. That idea was supported by one early casting call, which included a character who could conceivably be one of the five symbiotes.

Related: Marvel Characters Venom Can Feature (Besides Spider-Man)

Trailers have confirmed this, although they've also made it clear that Sony is making a lot of changes to the five symbiotes. Scream's origin appears to have changed; it looks as though she's one of the first respondents to the alien crash-site in Asia, and is unwittingly bonded with a symbiote. Presumably collapsing, she's rushed away in an ambulance, but breaks free before launching a killing-spree in a city. Somehow she winds up captured by the Life Foundation, presumably giving Drake the idea of bonding humans to symbiotes. Scream is the one who Eddie Brock encounters during his break-in at the Life Foundation.

Surprisingly, it seems another of the symbiotes in Venom is a being named Toxin. In the comics, the Toxin symbiote was the only one Spider-Man has really considered an ally. The "spawn" of Carnage, the Toxin symbiote was bonded to a police officer, and his strong moral center allowed him to control the symbiote's bloodlust. It's possible that, just as in the comics, the Toxin symbiote will actually be a hero rather than a villain. Speaking at SDCC, Fleischer teased that "there may or may not be other villains in the movie," saying he didn't want to give too much away. That kind of comment is clearly intended to make viewers believe other symbiotes will indeed appear in Venom, including perhaps other members of the Five.

Of course, it's impossible to know just how comic-book-accurate Sony's symbiotes will be. The trailer suggests Riot bears more of a similarity to the Ultimate Universe version of Venom than the 1990s iteration, so it's entirely possible the other symbiotes will be very different to the ones we've seen in the comics too. At the same time, though, the five symbiotes are relatively minor secondary characters, and no stories have actually developed them as individuals, or given them particularly noteworthy character arcs. Given that's the case, Sony has a lot of room to maneuver in Venom.

More: Venom Movie: Every Update You Need To Know

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  • Venom (2018)Release date: Oct 05, 2018

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Venom (2018) - Riot Attacks Scene (7/10) - Movieclips

Venom continues to run through the forest until they were far enough and changes back into Marcus. 

"Agh! What the hell?! Venom, we just left Zack and Danielle." Marcus says. 

"It is not safe for them. If we do not stop Riot, he will come back here with millions more of my kind." 

"Millions?" Zack says shocked. "So let me get this straight: you were gonna take the rocket, and then come back with an invading army and what were you gonna do after that? Feed on the whole Earth?" 

"Yes...but it is different now, Marcus. I have decided to stay." 

"Wow." Marcus says sarcastically. "I'm convinced." 

"On my planet, I am kind of a loser like you. But here? We could be more." 

"Say what?" 

"And I'm getting to like it here!" 

"Oh, you like it now? Huh?" Marcus scoffs. 

"However, there will be nothing left to like if we do not stop that rocket." 

"Oh, I get it now. So when it comes to total planet-wide annihilation, then its back to 'we' again, huh?"  

"(Sigh) It is 'we'. And like it or not it is going to take both of us." 

Marcus stop at the edge of the forest as he sees the rocket in view. "Venom cut the crap. What really changed your mind?" 

Venom then takes over Marcus. "You. You did Marcus." 

Venom then charges down the hill and jumps onto the side of a building and he sees Riot then burst out and run towards the rocket. 

"HOLY-! You can take him right?" Marcus asks. 

"He has got shit you have never seen." 

"What does that mean? What are our chances?" 

Venom looks down. "Hmm, pretty" 

Marcus sighs and chuckles. "You know what? I've wanted to kick Drake's teeth in the second I saw his ugly mug. Let's go kick their asses." 

Venom laughs. "More and more you continue to surprise me Marcus." 

The black Symbiote then jumps off the building and rushes underneath the railing below Riot. Venom then burst through the bridge and stares at Riot. 

"Venom, get in the rocket!" Riot orders. 

Venom stands his ground. "No! We won't let you destroy this world. You must face judgement for ruining Marcus's life!" 

"Then die!" 


Riot makes a fist that changes into a spiked wrecking ball. Venom widens his eyes as Riot then swings it at him while he dodges. Riot spins and then makes a giant scythe, striking the bridge. 

"OH MY GOD!" Marcus cries. 

"Told you." 

Venom then stands and backs away as Riot makes a large spear. Venom makes a shield, blocking Riot's attack. Riot tries to push him forward but Venom shoves him back. He then grabs Riot by the throat and smashes him into the bridge before kicking him several feet back. 

"You have a strong host." Riot admits. "But not strong enough!" The Gray Symbiote then stands and makes two large blades. He drives them into the bridge, sending numerous symbiotic stalagmites at Venom. The black Symbiote continues to jump backward until finally they stop. 


Riot venom versus

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