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A sturdy shield, a sharp longsword,
and unwavering convictions.

  • Main/Sub WeaponLongsword/Shield
  • Combat StyleMelee

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Warrior is a weathered veteran that takes advantage of his physical strength by executing skills while wielding a one-handed Longsword and Shield. Charging in to the heat of battle, he can grab and smash his enemies or deliver a swift and mighty strike with his Longsword. He can also absorb hits on the frontline with his Shield.
He is an extremely versatile fighter on the battlefield who can get through even the toughest of situations.


Goyen, my brother,
we shall carry out your will

  • Awakening WeaponGreatsword
  • TalentGreatsword
  • Combat StyleMelee

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The awakened Warrior heaves a Greatsword and swings it with a might that matches its size.
When his rage reaches its peak, he becomes unstoppable. His unmatched physical prowess brings utter chaos to the battlefield, supplemented by his surprisingly quick skills. Despite lacking a shield, he can still block with his Greatsword, allowing for some balance between offense and defense.


An unforgiving blade
born from an indomitable will.

  • Succession WeaponLongsword/Shield
  • Combat StyleMelee

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Upon Succession, Warrior head out to the battlefield with his Longsword and Shield yet with a far more skilled hand than before.
He focus his might on the Longsword to attack with increased ferocity. Hordes of enemies in a wide area are brought down by the heavy blows of the swords of the Warrior, yet stays light on his feet. The improved Longsword and Shield skills give him a balance between offense and defense, making him extremely effective in combat.

Choose a Class

Choose a class to start your adventure in search of ancient secrets.


  • Main/Sub WeaponLongsword/Shield
  • Combat StyleMelee

Warrior is a weathered veteran that takes advantage of his physical strength by executing skills while wielding a one-handed Longsword and Shield. Charging in to the heat of battle, he can grab and smash his enemies or deliver a swift and mighty strike with his Longsword. He can also absorb hits on the frontline with his Shield.
He is an extremely versatile fighter on the battlefield who can get through even the toughest of situations.

  • Awakening WeaponTalentGreatsword
  • Combat StyleMelee

The awakened Warrior heaves a Greatsword and swings it with a might that matches its size.
When his rage reaches its peak, he becomes unstoppable. His unmatched physical prowess brings utter chaos to the battlefield, supplemented by his surprisingly quick skills. Despite lacking a shield, he can still block with his Greatsword, allowing for some balance between offense and defense.

  • Succession WeaponLongsword/Shield
  • Combat StyleMelee

Upon Succession, Warrior head out to the battlefield with his Longsword and Shield yet with a far more skilled hand than before.
He focus his might on the Longsword to attack with increased ferocity. Hordes of enemies in a wide area are brought down by the heavy blows of the swords of the Warrior, yet stays light on his feet. The improved Longsword and Shield skills give him a balance between offense and defense, making him extremely effective in combat.



Greetings, Adventurers!


The aforementioned Ascension for all classes is scheduled to be updated on February 25th. We are sure that there are a lot of questions that you might have, so we have prepared a Q&A to answer the most frequently asked questions.



■ What is Ascension?

You will be able to Ascend your character after reaching level 60 and receiving the pass for Southwest Calpheon. Your character will be able to use the same weapons after Ascending but will be able to use much stronger skills.

- Please note that the gender or appearance will remain the same.


Base Class (Main Weapon / Sub-Weapon)

Ascension Class (Main Weapon / Sub-Weapon)

Warrior (Longsword / Shield)

Gladiator (Longsword / Shield)

Ranger (Longbow / Dagger)

Huntress (Longbow / Dagger)

Witch (Staff / Dagger)

Archmage (Staff / Dagger)

Giant (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Titan (Axe / Ornamental Knot)

Valkyrie (Longsword / Shield)

Paladin (Longsword / Shield)

Sorceress (Amulet / Talisman)

Raven (Amulet / Talisman)


※ Insight from the developers

Unlike Awakening which basically transforms your character into a new class by using a new weapon set, Ascension is more of a system that develops upon your current character. For instance, if a Ranger Awakens, the Windwalker will then use a Kamasylven Swords and Feather. On the other hand, if a Ranger Ascends, the Hunter will continue using the Longbow and Dagger.

If Awakening had been updated first, any Adventurers that chose the Ranger because they wanted a character that dealt damage from afar with a bow would be forced into melee combat. Many Adventurers had issues with this in our other services and had given feedback about how it had inconvenienced them.

After listening to such feedback and a lot of heated arguments, we at the dev team had decided to update Ascension first for the global service. It was not as simple as just rearranging some quests. We almost had to rework the whole Awakening/Ascension system from the bottom up in order to bring you Ascension today. We hope that you will enjoy the enhanced class mechanics after Ascending your character.

Awakening is also in the works so that all of you will be able to enjoy a different type of gameplay. Just to give a little sneak peek to all of our Adventurers waiting for Awakening with bated breath, you should be able to change your Ascended character to it’s Awakened version when Awakening hits the servers so you don’t have to worry about not Ascending a character to Awaken it later. You are free to Ascend at will.

P.S. Awakening is scheduled to be updated in the later half of 2020.


■ Ascension Class Skills

- There have been many requests to bring back healing skills for certain classes. After much debate and deliberation, we have decided to add healing skills to all Ascension classes. We hope this change will allow you all to have more enjoyable and exciting experiences.


■ Ascension Class Skills

- Only some of the skills from the original class will be transferred to the Ascension class. Some skills must be obtained through skill quests. The skills have all been reworked to fit Ascension and will be much more powerful than they were before.

- Finally, after reaching level 70, an additional skill will become available.

- Ascension Skillbooks can be acquired from only certain regions at a low rate.

Zones where Ascension Skillbooks can be acquired: 

Omar Lava Cave (nightmare), Soldiers’ Grave, Soldiers’ Grave Depths, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, and Cron Castle Underwater Cave.

- Skill branches will be different from the original classes and will have enhanced effects and appearances.


■ Ascension Skill Training

- After Ascension, the original Skillbooks will be used in Skill Training. Skill training will increase AP, DP, and HP.

- You will still be able to acquire and use Skillbooks from the previous class.


■ What will happen to the classes that launch after Ascension is added?

All new classes from now on will be launched with Ascension available. There may also be some special cases where Ascension will be the base state of a character. 


Later down the line, when we are ready, we will implement Awakening allowing all of the classes open at that time to Awaken. Please note that once Awakening has been added to the game, there will be a function to allow your Ascended characters to switch to Awaken and vice versa.

Any characters added after both Ascension and Awakening are in the game will have the choice to either Ascend or Awaken as they choose.


We hope that this Q&A has helped answer some of the many questions you may have had with regards to Ascension and Awakening. 


Looking forward to the next time we get the chance to bring some awesome news to all of our Adventurers. 


Thank you.

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Five New Black Desert Mobile Classes Arrive This Year

Limitations and differences between Black Desert Online and its mobile version often leads to content coming to one and not the other. And while that's certainly true according to the Black Desert 2021 content roadmap, a whole bunch of new Black Desert Mobile classes are set to arrive this year. Some are old, one is new, and the other hasn't even been revealed yet. Here's what we know.

Announced as part of the annual Black Desert Heidel Ball over the weekend--which enjoyed close to a million views across Twitch and YouTube--Black Desert Mobile is set to get a slew of new content this year, but new BDO classes are bound to be the most exciting part of the announcement.

New Black Desert Mobile Classes

Whenever the update goes live, new Black Desert Mobile classes Corsair, Lahn, Mystic, Solaris, and "one more mysterious class" will join a game that already enjoys a ridiculous number of unique combat classes. Here are the five new classes coming to Black Desert Mobile this year:

  • Corsair
    • Revealed to be in development for all available platforms at the same time, this new swashbuckling pirate will bring freaky shapeshifting and sea-based abilities to the fray.
  • Lahn
    • Lahn is a dancer-style class that uses elegant twists, turns, and swirls to fight and glide around the battlefield.
  • Mystic
    • This melee-heavy class wields cesti to protect their hands as they jab, punch, and pulverize their opponents.
  • Solaris
    • This ancient warrior class uses a gargantuan spear that appears as light as a feature, swinging and slashing at all nearby enemies for devastating group damage.
  • TBA
    • The final one is still shrouded in mystery, but it shouldn't be too long until we hear more about it.

Although Lahn, Mystic, and Solaris have been available on PC/console players for some time already, the fact that they're coming to mobile now suggests Black Desert Mobile is still very much a focus of developer Pearl Abyss.

Corsair Release Date - New Black Desert Mobile Classes

You won't have to wait long to play as the first of many new classes coming to Black Desert Mobile. Corsair arrives on all platforms on the same day, so mobile gamers will get to play about with their mermaid transformations on July 29 just like their PC pals.

Are the New Black Desert Mobile Classes Gender Locked?

Sadly, yes. Just like most other BDO classes, Corsair, Lahn, Mystic, and Solaris are all gender locked in Black Desert Mobile. It's a girl's world out there, so each and every one of them are female-only classes. We won't know about the fifth until the proper reveal, however.

Great Ocean Expansion Details

Shedding a light on the Corsair's sudden existence, Black Desert Mobile is getting its very own expansion in the future.

It isn't clear if the Great Ocean add-on will release alongside the Corsair next month, but what is clear is its contents. Fishing, treasure hunting, ghost ships, New Night and Padix Pirate island, World boss Khan and a whole lot more are coming with it.

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Black Desert Mobile Sage Skill Preview

Thinking of giving Black Desert Mobile a try? Not sure which class to roll? Check out our all-in-one Black Desert Mobile best class guide for 2020 to get the scoop on each and every class in the game!

It’s no secret that Black Desert Online (BDO) is an incredibly in-depth and complex game. And its mobile counterpart, Black Desert Mobile, isn’t boiled-down by any means either!

The first big mystery to solve for most players getting started with Black Desert Mobile is which class they should roll for their first character.

So to help you pick the best class, and ultimately demystify the game a tad – we’ve decided to put together this all-in-one guide to the best classes in Black Desert Mobile, updated for 2020.

Let’s dive right in!

Black Desert Mobile Best Class Tier List For 2020

Our definitive tier list for the best classes available in Black Desert Mobile.

Right off the bat, let’s answer the biggest burning question we’ve all got – what’s the best class to play in Black Desert Mobile right now? The simple answer is that it really all depends on your priorities and what you want out of the game.

Below, we’ve categorized our top picks into 4 distinct tiers, with S being the highest tier and C being the lowest. Keep reading to learn about the best classes in-game and gain a better understanding of what the balance looks like in today’s day and age.

S-Tier: Ranger – The Best Overall Class In Black Desert Mobile

First and foremost, how could we possibly write a Black Desert Mobile best class guide and not include the Ranger? To no overstatement, this class basically has everything you could ever want out of a self-sufficient carry.

Insane damage output? Check! AoE and a decent handful of utilities? Check! And she’s even got some self-sustain along with impressive mobility to top things off too.

All in all, if you’re big on being able to do any content in the game smoothly and efficiently – the Ranger is probably the perfect pick for you in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

A-Tier: Valkyrie & Nova – Best Group Play Classes In 2020

The Nova and Valkyrie are some of the most versatile classes in Black Desert Mobile. Both of them can tank, dish out stellar damage, sustain themselves, and keep enemies grounded with their impressive kits.

In terms of PvP – we’d put the Nova in a DPS seat thanks to her debuffs and safe-range damage output. Whereas the Valkyrie’s off-heal and off-tank capabilities land her more in a support role.

On the other hand, with PvE encounters, the Nova is best suited as a tank as having her on your team allows you to bring on more fragile but higher DPS damage dealers since she’s super safe tanking at a distance. As for the Valkyrie, she proudly retains her place as one of the best support roles for PvE.

B-Tier: Witch – Best Guild vs. Guild PvP Class

Do you enjoy Guild wars? If so, the Witch is probably going to become your new favorite class thanks to her amazing AoE damage. In fact, when she has a dedicated group of supports and tanks, she can decimate the battlefield practically on her own.

So how’d she end up all the way down in B-tier then? Well, outside of Guild wars, the Witch is a field farmer at best as she isn’t all that great at PvE or 1 vs. 1 PvP. She needs a lot of healing, and her long cast times leave her open to CC.

C-Tier: Warrior & Hashashin – Best 1 vs. 1 PvP Classes

The only possible reason to play a Warrior in Black Desert Mobile is if you only care about 1 vs. 1 PvP encounters and nothing else. When it comes to single-target damage, the Warrior is an absolute menace. However, outside of that, you’re looking at a very clunky, rough-edged, and frustrating class when it comes to group PvP or PvE encounters.

As for the Hashashin, while he definitely fills some gaps as a stellar damage dealer in PvE scenarios, he lacks the CC-protection he would need to be viable in any sort of group PvP. Though, his dynamic kit is full of debuffs, soft CC, AoE, and linear damage – making him a fantastic pick as a PvE DPS.

What Classes Are Available In Black Desert Mobile?

At the time of writing, there are 12 unique classes in Black Desert Mobile. And with 10 of them having 2 forms, we get a total of 22 different class combinations that you can play out of the gate.

An Overview Of The Available Character Classes In 2020

Regular ClassAscensionAwakened Form
Dark KnightVoid KnightPhantasma
MusaBlade MasterWarlord

The Ranger

The ranger class in Black Desert Mobile.

The Ranger, as the name might imply, is your stereotypical bow and arrow dominatrix that deals heavy damage from a safe distance, with high mobility to boot.

Why Play A Ranger?

In terms of leveling, the Ranger probably has the most balanced kit in the game at the moment. You’ve got plenty of damage, great mobility, and fantastic sustain – allowing you to tune out and relax while the levels roll by.

This also translates into the Ranger and her ascension/awakening forms being some of the best to farm with into the late-game.

Ranger Cons

Unfortunately, as a character class that is highly dependent on kiting – you’ll need to watch out for melee CC (Crowd Control). The basic mobility allows you to dodge big hits easily, but if you get locked down, the Ranger will prove to be all too squishy.

The Valkyrie

The valkyrie class in Black Desert Mobile.

This class is BDM’s equivalent to a tried and true paladin. The Valkyrie is a tanky front-line damage dealer that can just as easily switch to be the off-tank while healing herself and her team if need be.

Why Play A Valkyrie?

If you’re big on Player versus Player combat and want to play a tanky class that dishes out tonnes of damage – the Valkyrie is right up there in our Black Desert Mobile best class tier list. In addition to this, she also has great off-heal capabilities and has a very diverse arsenal of CC abilities to help along the way – making her one of the absolute best PvP classes in the game.

Valkyrie Cons

Unfortunately, outside of PvP, the Valkyrie is pretty terrible as a class. She gets outshined by just about anything else in boss fights, and her kit isn’t exactly tailored towards field farming either.

The Sorceress

The sorceress class in Black Desert Mobile.

Tired of spamming Witches? Need something new and refreshing, without sacrificing the insane all-rounder kit and fantastic damage output? Meet the Sorceress, adventurer!

Why Play A Sorceress?

The Sorceress (affectionately known as the Sorc) excels at dealing short bursts of absolutely insane damage. This means she has a high clear-speed for bosses and field farming, with a low APM (actions per minute) – making her the perfect damage dealer, whether solo or in a group.

Sorceress Cons

She is pretty mechanically complex, and with a good portion of her skills being takedowns and bounds, you’ll have to really understand the right flow of skill-combinations in order to really play her at her fullest potential.

The Dark Knight

The dark knight class in Black Desert Mobile.

The DK is one of the most popular damage-dealer classes on the PC equivalent of the game, and that translates incredibly well into Black Desert Mobile. This class uses massive two-handed weaponry in order to dish out devastating strikes while dealing a constant stream of dark magic damage over-top for some absolutely mind-boggling DPS.

Why Play The Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight has nearly unrivaled DPS capabilities, which make her an absolute god-sent when it comes to PvP encounters.

Dark Knight Cons

While the DK deals insane damage, she is a total glass cannon. This means she isn’t the best fit for PvE or PvM, without a dedicated group to keep her out of harm’s way.

The Witch

The witch class in Black Desert Mobile.

The female counterpart to the tried and true Wizard, the Witch is Black Desert’s renowned magical powerhouse. Wielding her staff and dagger, she obliterates enemies with stellar AoE and a barrage of mid-range damaging abilities. In addition to this, she has all the utility in the world including a self-heal and teleport to get her out of sticky situations.

Why Play The Witch?

The Witch has some of the best multi-target DPS in the game. And when you consider her utilities, she is the perfect character for field farming and PvE. However, she definitely doesn’t fall behind in PvP either, with her being one of the best DPS picks for Node Wars.

Witch Cons

The Witch isn’t very viable in straight-line PvP or Arena mode. Her casting animation is very pronounced and obvious, making her spells very easy to dodge. This also leaves her very prone to CC such as grabs (though she can’t be stunned or rooted while casting).

The Giant

The giant class in Black Desert Mobile.

The giant, as the name would imply, is a huge character class in Black Desert Mobile, in both appearance, and presence. Surprisingly, this is one of the most dynamic, complex, and versatile classes in the game, which makes it one of the toughest to master but most rewarding to play.

Why Play The Giant?

Giants have the perfect trifecta of class-qualities. They boast tons of damage, lots of hard CC, and surprisingly high mobility. This makes them capable of filling nearly every role on the roster, with the exception of being a healer. This makes them great for PvP and team PvE encounters.

Giant Cons

Just as with anything awesome, there’s always a drawback. In the Giant’s case, it’s to do with the fact that he isn’t the most efficient AoE damage dealer. In addition to this, they don’t have any sort of self-sustaining abilities (like a self-heal), so they’re reliant on having a supporting team in both PvP and PvE encounters.

The Warrior

The warrior class in Black Desert Mobile.

As one of Black Desert’s original classes – the Warrior enjoys a lot of popularity thanks to his refined and polished kit. The male counterpart to the Valkyrie, he sheds some of her supporting capabilities in order to really hone in on the offensive side of the equation.

Why Play A Warrior?

Warriors are some of the best damage dealers in 1 versus 1 scenarios. In addition to this, they offer one of the best blocking abilities in the game (with 360-degree coverage), as well as a grab skill that allows them to absolutely dominate PvP encounters.

Warrior Cons

The Warrior is a little clunky to level, and isn’t exactly the most enjoyable class to play solo as they are very awkward in solo PvP and PvE content, outside of a team-based environment. They also lack mobility, which can take more of the fun out of solo play for most folks.

The Maehwa

The maehwa class in Black Desert Mobile.

As the female counterpart to the Musa, the Maehwa shares her ability tree up until the point of awakening. She offers a dynamic, fast-paced, and fluid playstyle that boasts high burst damage, as well as one-combo-kill potential in both PvP and PvE senarios.

Why Play A Maehwa?

The Maehwa is one of the fastest clearing character classes in low to mid-end PvE due to her amazing damage-dealing kit of abilities.

Maehwa Cons

They chug potions like water in high-end PvE spots and will require you to have a high weight limit in order to farm efficiently. Due to her relatively imbalanced kit, she isn’t a good fit for large-scale PvP scenarios, though she can fill for alternative roles like flank and flex in some encounters.

The Nova

The nova class in Black Desert Mobile.

As the last heir of Calpheon’s royal bloodline – the new Nova class isn’t any short of impressive power. Wielding a Morning star in her main hand, and Quoratum as the alt weapon, she is one of the best tanks to have graced the game. But despite being a full-fledged tank, she’s still just as capable in DPS and solo-play scenarios.

Why Play A Nova?

She is one of the best tanks in the game thanks to the fact that she can also summon spirits in order to tank – throwing more bodies at enemy lines. However, she does this from a totally safe distance, while dishing out some very good damage with her enchanted ice and morningstar. Her attacks apply a whole bunch of debuffs and player status conditions – which also makes her an absolute nightmare in both straight-line and group PvP.

Nova Cons

Much like the Warrior, the Nova can feel a little clunky to play at earlier stages of the game. However, if you can tough it out – you’ll be met with an incredibly rewarding and dynamic playstyle towards the endgame.

The Hashashin

The hashashin class in Black Desert Mobile.

As one of BDM’s pre-ascended classes, the Hashashin offers a very interesting playstyle, wielding sandstorms alongside a razor-sharp shamshir in order to decimate enemy ranks and escape unscathed in true desert assassin fashion.

Why Play A Hashashin?

If you’re someone that enjoys a fluid, dynamic, fast-paced, and precise playstyle – the Hashashin might just be the character for you. This class also offers lots of debuff skills, which help amplify his damage output, as well as that of his teammates. In addition to this, you get to enjoy great mobility, with amazing evasion buffs and both Q and S blocks making him great at 1v1 PvP. The Hashashin also offers some very strong AoE damage output, which combined with his abundance of down attacks, makes him great for PvE DPS roles.

Hashashin Cons

The awakened mode actually offers significantly less CC-protection than other classes, and with no grab ability of any sort – the Hashashin struggles immensely in large-scale PvP encounters.

The Striker

The striker class in Black Desert Mobile.

In Black Desert Mobile, the Striker fills the role of the good old monk that you’d expect with most eastern RPGs. Relying on his gauntlets, he uses martial arts to deal bursts of damage while also being an impressive tank at the same time.

Why Play A Striker?

The Striker is a very self-reliant class, so you won’t need much support while running the generic breadth of content. They also have a very high skill-ceiling that can easily turn them from a decent tank to an outstanding damage dealer.

Striker Cons

His skill combos are very mechanically complex, and getting everything right is a steep ask for most players playing BDM. In addition to this, the Striker’s clear speed isn’t the best, making him pretty passable when it comes to field farming or solo PvE.

The Tamer

The tamer class in Black Desert Mobile.

Together with her mystical summoned pet, the Tamer presents a very interesting take on an up-close-and-personal playstyle in BDM. While she may seem squishy at first glance, this melee damage dealer can dish out some of the highest DPS in the game, while being mobile enough to wisp away in the nick of time, before she takes any hits.

Why Play A Tamer?

If you’re willing to be mediocre when it comes to PvE in favor of absolutely dominating 1 vs. 1 player encounters – the Tamer offers the absolute best ability kit in the game thanks to her myriad of engages and dynamic damage output.

Tamer Cons

The Tamer is one of the hardest classes to play to it’s fullest potential due to the mechanical complexity of her skill combos. And while she is relatively tanky when played right – one mechanical mistake can quickly turn her into a squishy glass cannon. However, thanks to BDM’s autoplay feature – the Tamer can quickly scale to be an insane character for laid-back farming and general grinding.

The Musa

The musa class in Black Desert Mobile.

As the Maehwa’s male counterpart – the Musa shares many of the base pre-Awakening skills with her. This class offers a dynamic and fast-paced burst damage playstyle (as well as a one-shot combo) that is super viable in both PvP and PvE encounters.

Why Play A Musa?

The Musa offers very fast-paced combat with high mobility and huge AoE bursts of damage. In addition to this, they’re absolutely great for small-scale PvP and filler-roles in Guild vs. Guild engagements.

Musa Cons

The biggest drawback to the Musa is the fact that resource management with this class is an absolute nightmare. In addition to this, the Musa is also super reliant on gear score and having the right CP in order to overcome enemies. And overtop of this – you’ll need to watch out for CC due to the fact that the Musa has low base defense along with no grab ability, setting him back in that department.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it! If you’ve stuck it out this far into the article – you’ve now got all the information you’ll need in order to pick out the best class for yourself. We’ve covered the available character classes, gone over what each of them stands to offer, and finally – we’ve presented you with our in-house Black Desert Mobile best class tier-list.

With that said, we wish you some speedy leveling and fruitful farming ahead!

P.S. If we missed anything, or if any information is outdated – please let us know in the comments below.

Update Log:

01/26/2021 – made a few small tweaks, the information in the guide still holds the same for the start of 2021.

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🔴SAGE REVIEW - KR SERVER - Black Desert Mobile

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