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Physics- Sound Waves Simulation Quiz

Physics- Sound Quiz

Sound is made as a result of vibrations and passes through mediums at different speeds. Do you know that sound travels faster in water than in air? How good are you when it comes to basic knowledge of sound, how it is produced...

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 15426   |  Last updated: Feb 11, 2021

  • Sample Question

    Sound travels best through ___________________.

Light And Sound Energy Quiz Questions!

The sound is as a result of vibrations through the air and cannot pass through a vacuum. Both light and sounds are forms of energy which we learned this past week. Just how much of the topic did you get to understand? Do you know...

Questions: 5  |  Attempts: 12741   |  Last updated: Dec 2, 2020

  • Sample Question

    When light bounces off a smooth, shiny surface, what process has occurred?

Validity And Soundness - Practice Exercises

Determine whether each of the following arguments are VALID and/or SOUND. Remember: A valid argument is one whose conclusion is guaranteed if we assume that its premises are true, and a sound argument is one that is valid and...

Questions: 5  |  Attempts: 6647   |  Last updated: Jan 10, 2013

  • Sample Question

    Either President Lincoln was assassinated, or he was killed in an accident. President Lincoln was not killed in an accident. Therefore, President Lincoln must have been assassinated.


Take the sensational sound quiz!

Test your knowledge of sound with a quiz on waves, pitch, and the speed of sound! Can you challenge yourself to get 10 out of 10?

All the answers can be found on DK findout!

What word describes how high or low a sound is?

What word describes how high or low a sound is?
  • Volume

    Volume relates to how loud a sound is.

  • Amplitude

    Amplitude is the height of sound waves produced by sounds.

  • Altitude

    This is the height of a place above sea level.

  • Pitch

    Pitch describes where sounds are high or low.

How are sounds created?

  • By our ears

    We hear using our ears but they do not create sounds.

  • When an object is heated

    Sound waves are not caused by heat.

  • When an object vibrates

    Vibrations cause sound waves to travel through different materials.

  • By cooling

    Sound waves are not caused by cooling.

What scale is used to measure the loudness of sounds?

What scale is used to measure the loudness of sounds?
  • Musical scale

    This is a sequence of notes of different pitches that is used in music.

  • Decibel scale

    The loudness of sounds is measured in units called decibels.

  • Fahrenheit scale

    The Fahrenheit scale is used to measure temperature.

  • Celsius scale

    The Celsius scale is used to measure temperature.

In which material do sounds travel the fastest?

What device using sound helps ships to navigate?

What device using sound helps ships to navigate?
  • Pulsar

    A pulsar is a type of star.

  • Compass

    Compasses help ships to navigate but don’t use sounds.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasounds are very high sounds.

  • Sonar

    Sonar sends out sound waves and measures how long it takes for the echoes to come back.

What is it called when sound waves bounce off an object?

What is it called when sound waves bounce off an object?
  • Reflection

    Reflection is when light waves bounce off an object.

  • Conduction

    Conduction is when heat transfers from a hot object to a cooler one.

  • Echo

    An echo is a repeated sound caused by sound waves bouncing back from objects.

  • Vibration

    Vibration is when something shakes back and forth.

Which of these sounds is the loudest?

What word describes very high-pitched sounds?

  • Cybersound

    There is no such thing as cybersound!

  • Infrasound

    Infrasound is too low-pitched for human ears to detect.

  • Altitude

    Altitude is the height of a place above sea level.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound is too high-pitched for human ears to detect.

What is the speed of sound?

What is the speed of sound?
  • 120 km/hr (75mph)

    Sound travels faster than 120 km/hr (75mph)

  • 300km per second (186 miles per second)

    300km per second (186 miles per second) is around the speed of light.

  • 435 km/hr (270mph)

    435 km/hr (270mph) is the speed of the fastest race cars.

  • 1,200 km/hr (740mph)

    Sounds travel through air at about 1,200km/hr (740mph).

In which of these places could you NOT hear sounds?

  1. Rakdos burn modern 2018
  2. Is the bible on audible
  3. Top 100 anime list poster
  4. 1989 sea ray models

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  • 1. A disturbance in matter that carries energy from one place to another

A) reaction force
B) impulse
C) mechanical Wave
D) thermal energy

  • 2. Which of the following produce(s) the most EM waves on Earth?

A) a vacuum
B) artificial lights
C) the energy of distant stars
D) the high energy of the Sun

  • 3. The smallest part of the electromagnetic spectrum is made up of this type of wave.

A) ultraviolet light
B) radio waves
C) microwaves
D) visible light

  • 4. A higher amplitude means the wave has more energy. True or False?

A) True
B) False

  • 5. A wave that causes a medium to vibrate perpendicular to the direction in which the wave travels

A) longitidunal wave
B) transverse Wave
C) thermal wave
D) vibrational wave

  • 6. A wave in which the vibration of the medium is parallel to the direction the wave travels

A) node
B) transverse wave
C) interference wave
D) longitudinal wave

  • 7. Which of the following waves are NOT mechanical waves?

A) water waves
B) light waves
C) sound waves
D) seismic waves

  • 8. Which is an example of longitudinal waves?

A) sound waves
B) water waves

  • 9. Which colour has the longest wavelength?

A) yellow
B) violet
C) red
D) green
E) blue

  • 10. Which colour has the highest frequency?

A) violet
B) blue
C) red
D) green
E) yellow

  • 11. This type of electromagnetic wave is frequently associated with heat.

A) ultraviolet light
B) gamma rays
C) radio waves
D) infrared light

  • 12. These electromagnetic waves have the highest energy.

A) ultraviolet light
B) x-rays
C) gamma rays
D) radio waves

  • 13. A wave that can travel in both a vacuum and a medium is

A) when the queen greets her subjects while cleaning
B) mechanical waves
C) electromagnetic waves

  • 14. What do all of the colours in visible light make when all together?

A) white light
B) a path to lucky charms
C) a gross brown colour
D) black light

  • 15. Electromagnetic waves from this part of the spectrum are used in radar and cell phones

A) gamma rays
B) x-rays
C) radio waves
D) ultraviolet light

A) Energy
B) All of these are correct
C) Vibrations
D) Waves
E) Captured in our Ears

  • 17. The Doppler effect occurs when

A) The waves are really distorted in the front where the sound is and not in the back after the object moves away
B) A moving object is emitting sound continuously.
C) There is a rainbow present in the sky.
D) The waves are moving like the ripples in a pond from a rock

  • 18. Sound vibrations travel the fastest in

A) Gases
B) Space
C) Liquids
D) Solids

A) Sound that bounces in all directions
B) Sound that DOES NOT bounce back to you
C) Sound bouncing back to you off a solid object
D) A figment of your imagination

  • 20. The greatest distance the particles in a wave rise and fall from their rest position

A) Frequency
B) Hertz
C) Velocity
D) Amplitude
E) Intensity

A) The unit of measure to measure tone quality
B) The unit of measure used to measure frequency
C) The unit of measure used to measure the loudness
D) The unit of measure that is used to measure wavelength

  • 22. Pitch is directly related to what?

A) Frequency
B) It does not have a relation
C) Amplitude
D) Decibels
E) Speed

  • 23. Prolonged exposure to sounds louder than ________ can cause long term hearing damage.

A) 70 dB
B) 50 dB
C) 100 dB
D) 20 dB
E) 200 dB

  • 24. You can hear in space if you scream

A) True
B) You can always hear no matter where you are
C) False
D) Neither
E) The only place in space that you can hear is the moon

  • 25. An individual with normal hearing can hear sounds in the range of

A) 100-100,000Hz
B) A mouse squeak to a lion's roar
C) 0-100Hz
D) 50-50,000Hz
E) 20-20,000Hz

  • 26. A sound wave with less frequency will result in...

A) a lower pitch
B) a higher pitch
C) a softer sound
D) a louder sound

  • 27. Sound waves travel in...

A) in a straight line
B) all directions
C) parallel to the source
D) at right angles with the source

  • 28. For a sound wave, wavelength is...

A) determined between two consecutive crests or troughs
B) determined by how loud it is
C) determined by how many particles move side to side
D) determined between two consecutive compressions or rarefractions

  • 29. Sounds that are too high-pitched for humans to hear are called

A) ultrasonic
B) sonic the hedgehog
C) infrasonic
D) hydrasonic

  • 30. Sounds that are too low-pitched for humans to hear are called

A) sonic the hedgehog
B) ultrasonic
C) infrasonic
D) hydrasonic

  • 31. Which of the following uses infrasonic waves?

A) elephants
B) ultrasound machine
C) all of the above
D) bats

  • 32. Which of the following uses ultrasonic waves?

A) ultrasound machine
B) whales
C) all of these
D) bats

  • 33. Doppler Effect: As a source of sound moves towards you, the pitch of the sound you hear ___________. As the source moves away, the pitch __________.

A) stops, restarts
B) starts, stops
C) increases, decreases
D) decreases, increases

  • 34. Dolphins and Bats use what?

A) Echo Location
B) Echo Detection
C) Echo Reverberation
D) No echos at all

  • 35. The intensity of a sound depends on...

A) frequency
B) amplitude
C) wavelength
D) hearing sensitivity

  • 36. In the air, the speed of sound is...

A) 40 km/h
B) 10 km/h
C) 340 m/s
D) 3 m/s

  • 37. A sound at 40dB could be associated with a...

A) calm classroom
B) rock music concert
C) jet motor
D) intense road traffic

  • 38. Compared to 10 decibels, 20 decibels is how many times louder? (write the number, not in words, no commas or spaces)
  • 39. Compared to 0 decibels, 30 decibels is how many times louder? (write the number, not in words, no commas or spaces)
  • 40. Compared to 100 decibels, 20 decibels is how many times softer?

Waves quiz sound

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