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Weight : 11.00Category : Bearings/Bushings

Harley Davidson 9025A, 1952-90 Sportster Left Side Tranny Trap Door Bearing


Harley Davidson 9025A.  1952-1990 Sportster left side tranny trap door bearing.  Made in Malaysia.

Return Policy: The Good Old Motorcycle Parts Company accepts returns and/or exchanges on products within (30) days of receipt. We DO NOT accept any returns or exchanges on Electrical Components (remember if it smells burnt, it is burnt). All warranties on electrical components must be taken up with the individual manufacturer. The returned product must be in the original packaging, unopened and unaltered. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges to exchange or return an item. Shipping charges will only be refunded on defective items, misrepresented items or items that may have been sent to you in error. If you are unsure about an item, a size or a fit, please contact us prior to purchasing the item.


M2Fantasy is a head-to-toe-total-makeover crossdressing studio located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


M2Fantasy is a safe space for you get transformed and have photos taken by a professional makeup artist, who is a crossdresser herself with several years of experience, in privacy of her home. Think of it as a social visit where you get to play a dressup with your gurlfriend and just relax and feel beautiful.


The studio is a one stop T-gurl shop where you can get your makeup done by a transformational makeup specialist (not everyone can make you passable, one needs to live the lifestyle to have an eye for what looks correct and one needs to acquire skills thru years of first-hand experience to know how to transform you because what covers a girl does not cover a man), get makeup lessons, have photos taken (in your own clothes or anything you like in the studio), get hair, get trained to walk in heels gracefully, get assisted with shopping or even accompanied out and about. You are welcome to have your online purchases shipped here, you can even have some items kept here if you cannot keep them at your home, and if you get a makeover to go out you are welcome to come back anytime to get out of hair and makeup before heading home if you need to do that.


Gurls come over for many different reasons so please know that this is a judgment free zone, you are not alone and you are always welcome. Some ladies love fashion and they just want their photos taken in various outfits, some love feeling sexy and prefer more boudoir type photo shoots, some just stop by for hair and makeup and head out, some ladies come by for makeup advices and lessons, some girls have the artist come over their place to get transformed for a date or just because they want to feel gorgeous and feel the fantasy. Some people are married and closeted, some are out to their partners, some get a makeover with their partner, some are transgendered, and to some crossdressing is a fetish. Also, people come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many reasons people crossdress and I work with everyone, but everyone has one goal which is to feel good and be their most beautiful self and that is exactly what M2Fantasy is about.


This is a place for you to be yourself.


Are you ready to feel the fantasy?

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The issue of the words "trap", "tranny", and "shemale"

The terms "tranny", "trap", and "shemale"...Let's think a little

So you're probably wondering why these words are that offensive. After all, these are the terms that you are most familiar with on how to address a trans person. First, the word tranny and shemale are derogatory terms just like the word n-word and the f-word for gay people. The terms originated in the porn industry. The word "tranny" came about to shorten the word transexual, and "shemale" is a combination of the words "she" and "male" (not a play on words for "female"), and because these words are associated and originated from the porn industry, it is not a welcome term in the trans community. You wouldn't call women "slut" or "bitch" to their face, so why would you call trans people "tranny" or "shemale"? The word "trap" is of internet origin. As you may know already, most, if not all, popular social media sites are now LGBTQ supportive or tolerant (mostly, I say tolerant because some people who have different views deal with it like proper adults and not be a dick about it), and as the LGBTQ community became a bigger part of social media sites, the mainstream straight community were introduced to the rather large trans community. With a combination of some misogyny and transphobia, the internet came up with the word "trap" as a word to describe trans women (sometimes trans men as well) who "trick" straight males into thinking that they are "real women" (as opposed to virtual? wtf lol). Basically, the men who hit on women for the purpose of coitus (as opposed to friendship or an actual relationship) think that trans women WANT to sleep with all men to convert them into Satan worshipping knob-gobblers. Just so you know, when actually dating trans people, they will tell you that they are trans (at least in my experience) because they don't want to be with someone who can't accept them who they are (duh).

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I heard the bitches on streamin missed this song so I came back with a new verse B) shout out one of my most inspired tracks since I popped out, get into this Black trans gospel for the bitches who gotta crowdfund to survive out here



[French Intro by Levity]

We in the car spittin bars with the windows tinted
Flow funky fresh, clean like toothpaste, minted
New money
When I slide on the scene
Turn on them notifications, lemme hear them ka-chings!

Venmo ring, Venmo ring, make my,
Venmo ring, Venmo ring coz I
Need the bling, need the bling,
Free mind caged heart so this birds gotta sing

Young tranny with the fanny, tryna outlive this nation
Ragin, tryna fill my bank while I’m on vacation
All you crackas tryna pay me, call that shit reparations
Sorry to disappoint you just got high expectations
You got so much money, you got time to waste
I’m a beer budget bitch with champagne dreams for taste
Red bottom energy, but I’m a top
Snitches cop stitches, we ain’t capin for ops
When I mop these bitches starin’ til they faces fall-off
Got Balenciaga bread with a side of green guap
Drop that cheese behind the ball, watch it roll like magic
Dead white dudes help me pay for new fabrics

Venmo ring, Venmo ring, make my,
Venmo ring, Venmo ring coz I
Need the bling, need the bling,
Free mind caged heart so this birds gotta sing, what

Venmo ring, Venmo ring, make my,
Venmo ring, Venmo ring coz I
Need the bling, need the bling,
Free mind caged heart so this birds gotta sing

Baby Black money don’t grow on stolen Southern trees
Strange fruit proceeds still payin’ all yo’ fees
Now the world wanna act like money grow on me,
So I only spend munies on groceries n smokin’ tree
Dollah sign and I’m drowin’ in anxieties
Glass of wine and I’m stuntin like I’m bourgeoise
401(k) and an IRA’s a memory,
Our generation’s wealth is love, we call dat shit family

Now imma scam ya like Joanne coz
Honestly, truly, y’all laugh when it’s a man
But I think it’s really funny when ya drop a bitch a band
Run it up, throw some money in the pan, put the cash right in my hand, yo
Robin Hood done robbed da hood
He gonna gentrify the block n say he livin good
Poor whites findin riches just to live in the woods
Won’t even drop a dime to help some niggas pay for some goods
Can ya
Spot me
When they make a niggas funds freeze
When I throw some to the homies
Repopulate my wallet coz that Lincoln lookin lonely
They scared of scams but they heisted for spices
They scared of scams but they jacked up the prices
Bangin out the billions to just bang with ISIS
Goofy games, goofy prizes, now we in a crisis
Unemployed but I work all day
Gotta crowdfund, boost shit and donate
Make money move so my niggas get paid
Spend half my rap cash on mutual aid
No flex, just checks, fuck a damn means test
We do all this shit and we still in debt
No rest, what’s next, like it’s on reflex
Ask a bougie bitch to donate n they in distress
We pass the hat like we still in church
We pass the hat and we sell our merch
We pass the hat and we open our purse
And if you act like you don’t see then bitch you just gone get cursed,
Hope it hurts
Like when I saw how y’all did Tessica
Fucked me up coz every day I see the replica
Got gorilla glue burned in my retina
Woulda been different if her name Jessica
Stay high, retweet, bye
Talk shit about my Black trans bitches, you gon die
It’s no free money, run a game on the fly
When you realize I’ll be gone with the cash, Find Sai

Chere bebé, this beat sounds like you can’t afford it!
(A Creole phrase my gran knows that translates to “kiss it good bye,” and rhymes with bonsoir that I literally cannot spell),
Tell the real world bonsoir,
As the music takes you far to spend all your largan
Paris can burn anywhere, if your imagination is rich,
But listen and listen well:
Illusions may be free, but in reality all of your money should belong to we... oui?


released October 1, 2021
prod. Elda
French and Ad-Libs: Levity


all rights reserved


Trap tranny

Tell me all the details, shameless woman. My laughter provoked him even more. He began to grab me now by the excited breasts, now by the elastic ass and licked and sucked my pussy like a hungry tiger. When my arousal reached the maximum, he entered my pussy with a healthy bloodshot member and began to fuck with rapture.

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He was the only child in the family, but, as they say, successful. He understood that there was no one closer to the mother for a person, and tried to warm her heart with lines of letters. More often. He described everything in order, slowly, every day, knowing that his mother was interested in everything, every little thing from his army life.

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Having asked the time of awakening, I, as I was - wet after a shower, fell on the bed with a swing, clicked the valve on the glass. With Steve's grog. Sleep. Twelve hours later on watch.

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