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Protector of Starling City

bkoganbing25 November 2016

Many years ago Oliver Queen known tabloid playboy and perennial feature on page 6 of Starling City's local newspaper has been lost for five years on an uncharted island, the last survivor of yacht that sank. All others are dead including Queen's girlfriend of the moment and his father played by Jamey Sheridan.

Played by Stephen Amell Queen may on the surface look and act like the old playboy, but he's a lot more physically fit and he's got some fighting skills. At night when he's working he becomes the Arrow clad in Robin Hood like Lincoln Green. He who is a child of privilege uses now his fighting skills developed and the billion or three he's got control of to become the people's champion.

Arrow is darker than most comic and cinema superheroes and Amell plays him that way. He's not got any super powers just some highly developed skills.

The show's been on for five years now and it's got good staying power. Amell is a hero, but a most human one. I look forward to its future.

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Pretty decent stab at the superhero genre

Leofwine_draca30 August 2016

Warning: Spoilers

Review of Season One:

I'm no huge superhero fan so it's with some trepidation that I sat down to watch ARROW, my first fully-fledged superhero TV series. The good news is that I ended up liking it, although I wouldn't say love. The series is flawed by being overlong and endlessly dragged out with trivial plot points and villain-of-the-week story lines, but it still has an interesting set up and lots of good stuff to counter the bad.

One of the main problems I have with the show is Stephen Amell as the protagonist. I find the guy a conceited jerk, his arrogance extremely off putting, and that opinion only cemented itself as the episodes went by. On the other hand, David Ramsey gives a strong turn as Arrow's sidekick Diggle, and Paul Blackthorne is very believable as the weary cop on his tail.

The show has a bit of an odd format whereby half the scenes are told in flashback, exploring Arrow's history on a desert island where he gets involved with some renegade soldiers. These flashbacks lack impact because they've already taken place and are kind of shoehorned into the main, present day narrative. But they do allow for a couple of cool actors, namely Byron Mann and Manu Bennett, to do cool stuff, so I didn't mind too much. ARROW is an easy show to watch because action scenes are inserted into every episode and the action is choreographed as it should be: violent, hard-hitting, and fast-paced; it doesn't disappoint. It's a more than watchable show, which is why I'll be coming back for season two.

Review of Season Two:

Season Two of ARROW is firmly in the category of 'more of the same'. It follows exactly the same template as the successful first season, with the main story told chronologically alongside various flashbacks to Arrow's time on the desert island and his interactions with Slade Wilson (the great Manu Bennett, still the best thing in the show). The contemporary material has more of a story arc feel to it here, less villain of the week, more building towards something big.

The action scenes are quite fun, although repetitively staged at times and always seeming to take place in the dark, which gets a bit annoying. I didn't like the last episode, which utilises confusing choreography and time-swapping to poor effect, but otherwise this show is pretty decent. I'm still no fan of the main actor but the supporting cast are fun and you get people like Colin Salmon and Summer Glau turning up just to show you how it's done.

Review of Season Three:

Unlike some other reviewers, I found season three to be the strongest yet. I enjoyed the whole sub-BATMAN plot of the league of assassins and Ra's Al Ghul and the presence of seemingly half the cast of TV's SPARTACUS in support, including Katrina Law and Nick E. Tarabay. Some of the characters are still mighty annoying and the romantic sub-plots are extremely testing and make you want to turn off, but the action choreography remains strong and kept me watching from beginning to end. I do wish they'd give up the endless flashback plots though, which slow things down incredibly.

Review of Season Four:

For me, season four is on par with the third season and still much better than the first two. Neal McDonough makes a strong recurring villain and for once the flashback island scenes are interesting, fusing magic and mysticism into the storyline very well. The supporting cast are generally solid, aside from the awful sub-romantic character of Felicity Smoak, who continues to be the biggest detraction here.

Review of Season Five:

Things drop off again at the outset of this season, which feels a bit repetitive and all too familiar, what with yet another mega-villain and the like. However, the flashbacks are finally off the island and involving the Russian mafia and Dolph Lundgren, so more fun. There are some real missteps, including a horrible episode in which Oliver is trapped in a bunker with blooming Felicity, but the momentum picks up and the series ends on a high with the return of some fan favourite characters.

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problematic island escapes

SnoopyStyle1 February 2020

Presumed dead billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is rescued from a remote island after 5 years. He returns to his rich life but at night, he turns into a vigilante. This is the first of the CW superhero universe. It's basically Batman with a bow. I really like the first couple of seasons. I like the split structure between present and five years earlier. The problem starts when he escapes from the island before he is rescued. It seems silly and it causes problems for the flashbacks. Eventually, the flashbacks become a drag on the show. The later seasons suffer from new characters as most shows which overstay their welcome. The start is strong. It led the way. It has good action that pushes the norm. It builds an interesting world. It has good characters for the most part. The island escapes are really problematic.

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Some potential but it's no Nikita

phd_travel17 October 2012

Of the new CW shows this fall, this vigilante batman style action hero drama has some potential to last. Fills a gap left for Smallville fans.

Stephen Amell plays the titular hero who returns from being shipwrecked on an island for 5 years to right some wrongs in the city. They make him look a bit too scruffy. Katie Cassidy as his love interest looks more serious as a brunette. Nice to see her on a TV show though she isn't the most convincing lawyer. Colin Donnell plays his best friend. Also good to have Willa Holland (from the O.C.) as the younger sister on TV again.

Couple of faults.

Some of the dialog is a bit banal and isn't cleverly written. Can see some of the characters as trending towards low brow cardboard cutouts.

I can kind of see the arrow shooting getting a bit repetitive. Can't be as fast as a gun. How come its so hard for any of the bullets to hit him? So far Nikita is still my top action show on TV.

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What a bunch of crap unless you are a ten year old

deloudelouvain18 February 2015

This show gets an eight star rating? Really? Did I miss something or am I living on a different planet or what? Seriously I wonder who is voting for this piece of garbage. I watched the whole first season and I will never forgive myself for that. I thought I gave it a shot, that it might get better, but no it only got worse. The script is so badly written and the actors are below average it's painful to watch. I wonder what Katie Cassidy had to do to get this role? It was for sure not for her acting skills she got the job. And don't get me wrong, I normally do like some superhero action, but this one is too ridiculous for words. Avoid this show at all costs!

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Broken arrow

Lejink17 March 2013

Being more a DC than Marvel comics fan, I'm familiar with the (Green) Arrow character Oliver Queen, but, in the manner of Smallville, from the same production company, the links to the original character are fairly tenuous. This modern-day archer has the same social conscience, but is barely in his 20's, has a six-pack, can't seem to grow a beard and doesn't even use the Green Arrow moniker. Moreover, his social conscience takes the form of hunting down the corrupt former associates of his ruthless billionaire father, following a boat trip which goes wrong, claiming the life of his then girl-friend's sister with whom he's having a fling and after-ward his father too who brutally sacrifices himself and another survivor so that his golden boy son can later return to their dirty old town and clean it up.

Pauses for breath...,that's a lot of back story and there's more as our hero tries to make it up with his former girlfriend now a firebrand crime-busting young attorney but who won't forgive him for going with her sister, plus her dad just happens to be the local chief commissioner who naturally hates his guts for losing his other daughter and did I mention his scheming mother and her new lover, together now in control of her late husband's business operation and his truculent younger sister with the giveaway nickname of Speedy (GA's "Robin"-type sidekick in the comics) so that there are plenty of characters and plot strands to develop.

I'm only two episodes into the first series and what I can say without doubt is that this show is obviously targeted at a younger demographic than me. The Arrow character owes too much as a crusading spoilt rich boy to a certain resident of Gotham City (he's even got an "Alfred"-type bodyguard watching his back) while the producers aren't above stealing a few riffs from the their rival publisher's Spider Man character (Laurel's dad is a cipher for J Jonah Jameson) so that one can easily see why Queen's character would never make it on the big screen.

That said, it's directed very much in the modern style, with fast cuts and dynamic action sequences although I'd like to know how our boy can shoot everyone with his arrows and not kill them, while the characterisations really are comic-book paper thin and the hero's Labours Of Hercules quest will I fear become too predictable.

The acting is serviceable with no one trying too hard probably because they don't have to but if I've nothing better to do i'll maybe occasionally dip in to watch this glossy but rather facile entertainment in the future.

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Great show ... if not for the Flashbacks from Hell

A_Different_Drummer8 November 2013

Let's take a moment of mourning for the TV plot arcs of yore. Back when shows prioritized the characterizations above the action and, if indeed there was action, it took place precisely in the last 7 minutes of the episode, and was all done with before the close, giving the characters a chance to make light comic banter, close down the storyline, and give the audience a chance to go to the toilet. How many TV shows followed that formula I cannot say, but the number was in the 100s. Now all that has changed. You can now have action many times in the body of a show, it is permitted, even encouraged. And you have action even before the characterizations are fully developed. All this is positive evolution I think. But here the catch. There are no more "closed" story-lines. In the multi-band, multi-channel, multi-device electronic age, where viewers tend to have attention span of a hummingbird, nighttime TV has astonishingly borrowed the Rule Book of daytime soap operas and, lo!, plots never actually resolve, they just become more complex. ARROW is one of the best exponents of the new type of comic-book-derived drama, arguably as good as or even better than SMALLVILLE (which was, thematically, all over the map). Amell is great. He has a whispery kind of delivery which oddly makes what he says that much more interesting. The supporting cast is great. In fact the only thing that prevented me from giving this a "10" are the flashbacks. They are terrible. They are like some silent Hell the viewers must go through to get back to the actual episodes. It is almost as if the lead writer, as a small child, was locked in a closet with a DVD looping KUNG FU, and grew up to believe that you cannot advance 10 minutes of plot in the present, without 2 minutes of flashback to fortify it.

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He's become someone else, he's become something else

Bored_Dragon17 November 2018

The first season started quite strong, interesting, but also confusing. Millionaire returns to his hometown five years after he allegedly died in a boating accident. While on the one hand trying to put his life back on its feet, at the same time he spends his nights as a masked vigilante who, armed with bow and arrows, is trying to cleanse his city from crime. Frequent flashbacks tell us his "origins story" little by little, but if you go into this adventure prepare patience, because you will not complete the picture of mysterious five years even after the third season ends. The second season is even better than the first, but in the third they nearly went over the top. The story starts to complicate too much and loses credibility by introducing too many new characters, many of them also being masked vigilantes or even meta-humans. Crossovers with other DC series are extremely irritating because they not only require you to keep track of five different series at the same time, but you must follow them by the dates of episodes. First, you start the oldest series, then at the same time with its second season you must start the first season of the second series, then with the third season of the first and second season of the second series you have to start first seasons of the third and fourth series... You are already getting a headache, aren't you? All of these series intertwine with each other and, if you watch one series at the time, the series you are currently watching will spoil the others for you, and also you will encounter holes in the story because some of the episodes of your series are placed in the other series instead. Because of this, I'm seriously considering to completely give up on all DC series, since they're becoming more of an effort and irritation than pleasure. After three seasons seen, my rating is


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The father of superhero shows (in my opinion)

John6Daniels28 July 2019

It has some bad episodes, moments, characters, seasons, actors, flashbacks and Oliver "Arrow" Queen goofs. Sometimes Oliver is an excellent fighter other times he is a jobber.

Overall it's a fun, serious, dark show that entertained me for 8 years.

This is the first TV show i watched from Ep 1 to finale during its run.

Thanks Arrow.

2020 July 21st update: Let's honor the father of superhero shows. Without Arrow all the others like Netflix Marvel would not exist. Arrow gave birth to them all. All Good things need to come to an end.

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An Honest Review

generationofswine10 October 2019

IF you only watch the first few seasons it's pretty good. It actually starts off decent enough, and had they kept on that track I'd give it 10 stars.

But, unfortunately, it spiraled into CW trash pretty fast and what was once a decent and gritty superhero show ala Grell, it quickly turned into Smallville meets The Dating Game.

As the show progresses, it becomes more and more muted, more and more toned down, and the gritty darkness that made it good fun turned into shallow CWness.

Watch the first few seasons, and then tune out.

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"Another dark, brooding comic re-imagining without comparisons..." - Robert Blanco, "USA Today" (source, back of the season-one DVD cover, "Arrow")

dee.reid7 May 2014

Warning: Spoilers

I have a strange relationship with the DC Comics non-super-powered superhero (or costumed crime-fighter/vigilante, if you want to be vulgar) the Green Arrow, created in 1941 by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, and who first appeared in "More Fun Comics #73."

I first read of the Green Arrow about five years ago when he was first teamed up with the Hal Jordan version of the Green Lantern in an acclaimed - albeit short - run of ground-breaking, socially-conscious comics by comic book artists Neal Adams and Denny O'Neill. In researching the character further, I've found that up until the acclaimed Silver Age "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" stories, that the Green Arrow was regarded as a second- or third-tier superhero (an "archer-themed Batman," if you STILL want to be vulgar), until Neal Adams gave the character a much-needed image overhaul in 1969, making him "rougher, darker, and edgier" and a spokesman for the under-privileged in American society (and left-wing politics, if you still want to bother being vulgar).

After that, the last I heard of the Green Arrow - who is routinely regarded as the finest archer superhero comics has ever seen, perhaps only to be rivaled by Marvel Comics' Hawkeye - was quite sporadically over the following years in my own curious personal research of the character, and then I heard about The CW's new TV series "Arrow."

Of course, due to my work schedule at the time, I had missed any chance of seeing the show when it aired on TV. So with the wonder of TV-on-DVD, I finally got the chance to watch it. One thing I was afraid of going in, was that the producers would take a "Dark Knight" approach to it to make the show "dark & edgy," as is all the rage these days regarding superhero movies and TV shows. Thankfully, I knew beforehand that the Green Arrow had gone the "Dark Knight" route a long time ago. Superhero movies/TV shows need to innovate, not imitate, each other, if it is a genre to continue being one of the last places for truly original and innovative filmmaking.

In watching "Arrow," it is obviously inspired by the Neal Adams-Denny O'Neill Silver Age revision of the character that made the Green Arrow a much more dangerous and rougher superhero than he was when he first debuted during the Golden Age of comics, in addition to some of the more recent "Green Arrow" comic book stories (penned most famously by Mike Grell). At the beginning of "Arrow," billionaire Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns to Starling City after being marooned on an island in the South China Sea for five years.

Five years before, Oliver was an irresponsible, reckless playboy with no ambition and who had cheated with the now-deceased sister of his girlfriend Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), whose cop-father Detective Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) also holds a strong animosity toward him. Upon his return to Starling City, he's come back to civilization a changed man and with an agenda to take down the individual members of the city's wealthy elite who have corrupted it. Donning a green hood and a bow & arrow, he thus becomes the Green Arrow (though in an effort to make this series more "realistic," I guess, he is never referred to out-right as "the Green Arrow," and is instead often called "the Hood" or similar), a modern-day Robin Hood (who, like the Democrats - according to one character - steals from the rich and gives back to the poor) who's aided in his dangerous battle against crime with his former bodyguard John Diggle (David Ramsey) at his side, as well as IT geek-girl Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

"Arrow" is a good show to get into, if you're one for superhero movies and TV shows with a dark, menacing edge. For the record, I'm not, except for when it fits the character. I like dark comic book superheroes (and violent anti-heroes) like Batman, The Crow, The Punisher, or Spawn just fine and without any problems whatsoever. When the Green Arrow became a "darker, edgier" character, that was one of the few character revisions that I feel actually made the character a much better and more intimidating comic book superhero presence.

I can honestly say that I'm waiting to see where this series goes in the future.


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A fantastic fifth season that has revitalized this show

alindsay-al2 June 2017

I have always really enjoyed arrow but I will admit the last couple of seasons were weaker so I am happy to say that season 5 Is a real return to form for the show. The premise of the season sees oliver queen attempt to train a new team of vigilantes in an attempt to stopping a serial killer while trying to be star city's mayor during the day. Stephen amell is oliver queen and he is absolutely fantastic in this role, he totally nails the character and you really empathise with him. At times his character goes through hard times and he totally sells the anguish that he goes through so well and this is probably his best season for a dramatic performance. The supporting cast is used better this time, felicity smoak played by Emily bett Rickards becomes a lot less annoying this season and was used perfectly in her role so she didn't take over the show like I believe she has in previous seasons. Out of the new team I really liked rick Gonzalez take on wild dog and once you learn more about his back story you really do sympathise with him and care about him. David Ramsey is once again back as john diggle and even though he has slightly less to do this season he does a great job in the role especially contrasting Oliver. Prometheus is the villain of the season and I really liked his character, he is a dark reflection of oliver and once his big reveal happens it is even better as you see these two character's going head to head. The story of the season is well done seeing oliver forming these new relationships with people and learning to trust them. Also as mentioned before I feel like the villain fed into the narrative very well and did the job well. Also I actually kind of liked the flashback storyline this season, don't get me wrong it's not as good as the first two seasons but it is pretty fun to watch. The script is really good because this is the darkest of the dctv shows so it's drama is heavily relied upon and I thought really well handled. When the humour is needed it also is done pretty well to help break the tension. The style like most seasons of arrow has great action scenes that feel very gritty and real that sucks you into it, I also really enjoyed the links to the first season that is a big theme of this season. However, my one criticism of this season is that there are a few filler episodes around the half way mark that deviate from the main plot and I didn't enjoy it as much. This is a truly fantastic season of arrow that includes possibly my favourite finale of any of the seasons and the whole season is a must watch for comic book fans.

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A great sixth season

alindsay-al4 June 2018

Arrow has been one of my favourite shows over the last six years and I have just finished the sixth season of the show and it was good until the season finale that really worked for me, making this a great season of the show. The premise of the season sees Team Arrow having to deal with a new group of enemies looking to take over Star City. Stephen Amell is known for playing Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow and he does a great job this season especially in the Oliver Queen role. I reckon he could play The Green Arrow in his sleep, but he really had to add depth and complexity to the role of Oliver this season. After the events of last season he is given a different outlook on life and it really works for this season. The supporting cast is incredibly large this season an to be honest I feel like not all of the characters were handled appropriately. Two I really liked were Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance and Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lane, after the events of last season the dynamic between these two changed significantly and it was one of the best parts of this season and this was down to the strength of the performers. I also liked Kirk Avecado's performance as the villain Ricardo Diaz, even though I found his character to be pretty generic I thought he bought the most out of the character. But then I felt like some of the other characters were annoying, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak has been annoying to different degrees over the last few years and overall this season I found her okay but at times those moments came out and it hurt certain elements of the show. Also the other members of the team have a significant story arc and overall I didn't care about them or what they were doing. The story goes along and there are some interesting stories seeing the good guys trying to take down these villains, but the season finale raised the personal stakes of the story and the payoff for a long season. However, during the season there was just story arcs I didn't really care about certain elements of the story that hurt the show overall. The script was very good this season, with this being a darker show it has less humour but when used it works well. The drama was handled very well this season and as the season went on the better it went. The style of the show has always been really good, with some amazing hand to hand combat action scenes that really brings you into this darker world in this now large universe. Overall this is once again a very enjoyable season of Arrow and one that deserves a watch if you are a fan of this show.

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A Good Seventh Season

alindsay-al30 May 2019

I have watched every season of Arrow and I have just finished season 7 which I thought was a good season of the show even though it is probably the weakest season of the series. The premise of the season sees Oliver Queen outed as The Green Arrow and sent to prison for his crimes. While he attempts to survive in prison the rest of Team Arrow attempt to keep Star City safe. Stephen Amell has become known for playing Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow for many years and he continues to do a great job this season. With him being revealed to be The Green Arrow his performance is more intense all season but it truly feels like Oliver Queen & The Green Arrow are one of the same and becomes a more complete character. The supporting cast are still great, Emily Bett Rickards are great as Felicity, David Ramsey is great as John Diggle, Rick Gonzalez is great as Rene Ramirez & Julia Harkavy is great as Dinah Drake. These characters have been crucial for numerous seasons now and they truly continue to be some of the more interesting characters in this DC TV Universe. The cast remains the true highlight of the show and along with the antagonists this season remains a true highlight of the show. The story is interesting as I liked the main antagonists motivation and felt is one of the more interesting motivations for a villain on the show. I also liked the prison element of the story, however, it feels like the first half of the season doesn't really build to anything and is a bit of a waste of time and hurts the season. Instead of flashbacks this season, there are flash forwards this season to see the future of Star City, these started off with some promise but I thought struggled to keep the interest up as the season progressed. The script has some decent drama in it that really worked for me and made me care about the characters. But there isn't as much depth as I would have liked and I definitley felt there was times that the humour took away from the show. The style of the show still has some of the best action scenes on TV & film around and it flows so well. But it is weird to say for a 22 episode season towards the end it just felt rushed, I couldn't believe that the finale came when it did and it took away from the epic nature of a finale. Though the last 30 minutes of the finale is some of the most emotional scenes I have seen on a TV Show ever. Even though there is another 10 episode season coming later this year this very much felt like the finale for this show. Overall If you enjoy this show this season of Arrow is enjoyable and still worth watching.

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An Above Average Final Season

alindsay-al18 August 2020

So after 8 years we have finally come to the end of the DC show that started a huge universe of its own Arrow and here is my review for the 8th and final season of the show. The premise of the season sees Oliver Queen have to work with The Monitor in an attempt to stop the upcoming Crisis.

Main Character Stephen Amell has become known for playing the role of Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow and he does a great job in his last outing as the character. He gives a really emotional and dramatic performance as he struggles with the crisis that is coming and how he plays into it. I have always liked how this character has moved with the times, in a world with aliens and speedsters he acknowledges it and becomes a better character for it. It is also clear to see the development that his character has gone through from the first episode to the last one and it shows a really well crafted and well developed character.

Supporting Characters David Ramsay as John Diggle is really the only other character who has been on the show since day one and really he has developed just aswell as Oliver. There friendship and brotherhood is on full display this season and again seeing how the character's friendship has grown since day one has been a really great watch and it continues here. Katie Cassidy as the Earth 2 version of Laurel Lance has had a good character arc since her introduction in season 5 of the show and it kind of comes full circle here and shows just how much of an interesting character she has become here. Katherine McNamara playing an older version of Mia Queen is much better this season then she was in Season 7, they do something interesting with her character and seeing her story arc is an interesting watch. But I also feel like certain characters that have been at the forefront of previous seasons are pushed to the side this season, such as Rene Ramirez and Dinah Drake played by Rick Gonzalez and Juliana Harkavy, they get very little to do here as the show focuses on other elements of its story.

Story The story is interesting, I think what this season does well in terms of its story is highlighting the journey that the characters have been on and showing how the past has shaped them into the characters that they are in this final season. Also most of the characters get satisfying endings, though it is clear that there are future plans for some of these characters in terms of there journeys in this universe. But this shows story feels unbalanced and just very different, the show feels more in line with The Flash and Supergirl in terms of its more science fiction elements and kind of loses the grit rough edge the show previously had. Also this show lacks a big bad and feels like a big build up to the Crisis, so when that is over the show feels a bit lost in what exactly it wants to do in it's last few episodes even though the finale is pretty satisfying.

Script The script here is a mixed bag, the drama really works. I think because of this being the last season it allows the actors and actresses to put more emotion into the story and make you care more about the characters. Though with being a bit grim, it does feel the little bit of charm is missing that has been there in previous seasons and that is a bit of a missed chance.

Style I have always said that Arrow has some of the best action scenes in any TV show or film out there and this continues this season. The combat is fantastic and is filmed brilliantly, it just feels so forceful and gritty and shows just how good the performers and filmmakers are at showing action scenes. Though this film has a bit of a struggle with its pacing, luckily it is only ten episodes but with the crisis being such an important part it feels like that takes up so much of the focus that it takes away from its own individual story.

Overall Overall, this is an above average final season of Arrow. It struggles in having to focus to much on the crisis crossover, but it still has some good things and as I said finishes this show in an appropriate way for the characters. If you are a fan of this show it should be seen and I think new fans should get into this show as there are some real highlights during the 8 season run.

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We lived with Oliver Queen...

cjonesas5 June 2020

Now that Arrow has ended, it seems to me harsh to only see its negative sides past season 3 and by the end of its final episode, I was more than touched by the monument in his honor, the gathering of all his family and friends, Quentin and John's shaking words in memoriam to him, bringing tears to my eyes and making me fondly see parts of these 8 years in my memory.

As John said, "... This universe is far bigger that any of us could have dared to imagine, even if it is a lot less bright, without him in it..."

We lived with Oliver Queen. We lived with all his adventures, dear to our hearts. Without him, an era ends.

Farewell Green Arrow

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Entertaining Action Romp

s32761694 February 2015

I'm not typically a fan of the action hero genre. Its often saccharine and predictable with shallow characterization. Which is why I was genuinely surprised and pleased to find Arrow broke the mould.

Arrow follows the action hero formula but its a more mature mix. The key characters are well rounded with strengths and weaknesses found in real people. They face familiar decisions too, that often have no good answers or perfect outcomes. Its this depth of characterization and the sense of being in a believable, imperfect world, that really sets this series apart from the rest of the action hero crowd.

The acting is solid too and the plot development reasonably engaging, helping to bring the series to life.

Eight out of ten from me.

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Some Good Not Initially Realized

AudioFileZ1 March 2014

Warning: Spoilers

Being late (2014) to Arrow my interest was piqued by the mostly favorable blurbs on the usual internet haunts. Thus, I began with the first episode with high hopes. The idea of an everyman with near superman powers is immediately engaging. The back-story, overall, has promise if somewhat too sensationalized which is forgivable within the realm of comic book heroes come to life. That said, the high points would be the production values, the rich ambiance of the Starling City, the camera ready cast, and the idea of a Bruce Wayne young tycoon heir cum Arrow superhero. So, after only two installments I'm ready to criticize.

There's a wooden quality to the story here as it unfolds. Too predictable and trite? Quite possibly. Does anyone have likable chemistry? The way the writers have immediately alienated the Queen family is trying as it should be all wrapped in the joy where a prodigal son, thought to be dead, is suddenly very much alive. The intricacies of the in-fighting begins at once. The fight against the cardboard cut-out villains plays out in fast-forward forcing that bit of realism a real life superhero needs to bounce off of. I've read it improves as the series progresses to which I hold out guarded hope. The idea is for a real-life Robin Hood with elevated heroes is certainly not the problem. The early realization of this veers too far in the less than believable realm however. A less antagonistic real fight for right is what is called for. Plus does anyone believe a hood with some black out around the eyes is unrecognizable? More realism with some believable justice served is the ticket. I'll update this when I get through the entire season if I find something more compelling to warrant it.

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Strong start but it didn't last

Kingslaay29 March 2017

When Arrow first premiered it was very promising. While we have seen the Green Arrow being portrayed before this show had a great actor to pull off Arrow, good story lines, characters and writing. The show was great when the Arrow team consisted of Oliver, Felicity and Diggle who not only worked great together but had excellent chemistry. Felicity and Oliver had romantic tension while Oliver had a brotherly relationship with Diggle.

However this series took a serious nosedive towards the end of season 3. As time went on pretty much every major character in the show knew Oliver's secret. It was interesting when he had to keep it hidden from Laurel, her father and his own family but the added mystery and allure of a vigilante was killed when almost all the characters know who he is. What made matters worse was the additions to the team such as Roy Harper, Black Canary and his own sister Thea. These were just terrible and did not do the show any favors. Roy Harper was a poor and smaller version of Arrow himself and all Black canary did was screech which was pretty useless. It sadly resembled the Justice league, which at least comprised of great heroes and personas. Their personas were terrible and lacked personality or development.

I stopped watching this because it became unwatchable but I suspect it has hooked some die hard fans for various reasons. This show may do well if you like cheesy, lackluster and empty story lines. This show is sadly a far cry from greats like Smallville or the present Supernatural.

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It's fine but not really that interesting

WeAreLive21 October 2017

Warning: Spoilers

Like with Smallville and The Flash I have not seen every single episode but on some occasions, I do watch this show but only when there is a crossover or a certain actor in a particular episode. Like Peter Stormare who did good acting as Count Vertigo for two episodes and Matt Ryan who was John Constantine for one episode which was very funny. I also think Stephen Amell did great as Green Arrow and Felicity Smoke is pretty hot like Cathlin Snow from The Flash is.

It is an okay show but it is not as interesting or likable as The Flash or Smallville.

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The guy is a vigilante. Does this bother me? Not a whit.

Bob-4511 October 2012

Warning: Spoilers

In a world where government officials routinely authorize torture and mass murder and white collar criminals destroy lies for greed, why should I give a whit that the latest "superhero" is not some "save the bad guys for justice" Boy Scout? Arrow would not be able to take down as many opponents if he had to deal with such niceties as "shooting guns out of the hands". I was rather pleasantly taken aback when he broke the back of one of the more vicious assailants, as "instant karma" is especially welcome in a world where justice rather seems to exist.

While "Daredevil" is still my favorite "superhero" (no great wealth, no particularly fancy toys and is handicapped to boot), I hope "Arrow" is amazingly successful as it is a terrific show; and, who knows, maybe its success will encourage some enterprising producer to create a "Daredevil" TV series.

By the way, having Oliver Queen's little sister nicknamed "Speedy" may foreshadow her fate, as I notice she is cast in only the first three episodes so far.

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.. guess folks like live anime to score it 8+..

bjarias9 September 2015

..ok.. just finished watching season one. Went in without any expectations... immediate impression after watching entire first season.. an episodic comic book with live action, with 'millionaires' no longer cuttin it.. gotta be 'billionaires.' Acting was very passable with some obvious exceptions.. overacting the main culprit (there's that comic book thing). Script was good most of the time, but the three story lines going on simultaneously was tiresome after awhile.. and the island portion got tedious and boring not too long into the season. Production values were impressive, considering the number of episodes in this season. This is like making twelve movies.. and considering that.. it must be said, they did it overall pretty well. The big exit in the last episode was somewhat a surprise, but in hindsight, they really could not have kept that threesome going back and forth any longer without being ridiculous. And as for right now.. who's actually dead or might still be alive... who cares? S2 will be interesting, I expect/ hope it will get better. As they show they know how to do it, and be that the case, if you're smart you learn from your lapses. So, now on to the next season! Sorry.. hard as I tried.. could not get through more than several episodes of season two. What this show really fails to do is come up with some bad guys that you really love to hate !! All good-evil shows have to have equal measures of both, and Arrow just doesn't do it. I'm gone. And as for rating.. S1 could maybe get a 7.. S2 is totally lacking, and deserves no more than a 5.

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The Most Entertaining TV series To Debut In 2012

JasonDanielBaker13 October 2012

With a decent premise (Though hardly original) and good writing punctuated by witty dialogue this series is of exceptional sophistication. The poor quality of small-screen drama has become mystifyingly evident in recent years. A lot of the action in the pilot was also beautifully choreographed.

I read Green Arrow comics as a kid as well as its tie-in The Black Canary. I recognize the names of many of the characters and can see where they might be going plot-wise in future episodes. But they have revamped the back story with a vision that suggests the one Christopher Nolan took in making the Christian Bale Batman movies and I find it quite agreeable.

The future of the show will obviously hinge on public appetite for scripted episodic TV. The evident affection for lame reality show singing/dancing auditions of homely, talentless twits eager to make fools of themselves remains depressingly high. Hopefully this show will find and keep an audience.

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Was Good

AngelHonesty16 December 2019

Warning: Spoilers

The first two seasons were really good, then it just got worse and worse every season from there. I liked Oliver when he would take people out, when he was rough and tough. Then he got soft even though he was supposed to still be that rough tough guy. Then suddenly the show developed into all action all the time, less dialog, making everything move really quickly. The show used to have heart and depth, now it feels shallow and cheesy

I wish they would have picked someone else to act as green arrow! After seeing Justin Hartley do a superb job acting as Oliver Queen on Smallville, it was hard to accept Stephen Amell. He doesn't come across as a spoiled, elegant, millionare, playboy that could have any girl he wanted; he's more brooding most of the time then anything. Most of the cast can not act! Paul Blackthorne and David Ramsey were not the right people to play the parts of Quentin and John. Then they added in Echo Kellum and Rick Gonzalez, but why? Their acting is terrible. They have no special abilities. They did not train in a league of assassin or on a messed up island. Why do they have the ability to fight just as good as Oliver? Why are they on the show?

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The Evolution of Arrow

Dr_Sagan10 October 2014

Warning: Spoilers

I liked the first season of Arrow and I watched it. In the season 2 I found myself a little bit bored from it. The premise and the look of it, plus some new characters that I wasn't willing to follow.

I just watched the first episode of season 3 (again, I skipped almost the entire second season) mainly because an (unexpected for me) Romance for me in the show.

If you haven't watch Arrow at all. Is it worth it? That's the question that I will try to answer in a bit. That's supposed to be the point for someone to read a review, anyway.

Well, the series seems to evolve a lot. It changed from what I remembered.

The first episodes were interesting. There were some mysteries to answer. More dramatic performances from the actors. Later it got a little frustrating (even to some "jumping the shark" extend) with new and old characters mixing, trying to find their places in the show. And now. Now seems the show moved-on from them. Major dramas have resolved and the series has a more relaxed and predictable course.

So. If you want to follow an action drama across multiple season you will be disappointed. In the end, didn't seem to matter a lot. But overall, the cast is OK, some action scenes are there, some feel good moments too, so you might wanna check it out, if you have time to spare.

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CW hits the mark with this thrilling, suspenseful series centering on a modern-day superhero who could likely hold his own in a duel with just about any comic-book hero. As superheroes go, Arrow ranks high on appeal thanks to a secretive double life, a genuine desire to oust the bad guys, and a heartwarming affection for the people he cherishes most. He's also easy on the eyes, and his "superpowers" are learned (and thus achievable) skills rather than a supernatural gift (like flying), but it's the subtleties of his personality and his compassion for humanity that are his greatest attributes.

Even so, Arrow/Oliver isn't a faultless hero, and his methods raise some interesting, relevant issues. Who should decide the punishment for crimes? Is violence ever the answer? When, if ever, is it forgivable to take justice into your own hands? Oliver's decision, after killing villains in the show's first season, to dispatch bad guys without snuffing out their lives, is another rich topic for discussion. Granted, Starling City (later called Star City) is an extreme example of the socioeconomic fallout from concentrated power and wealth, but there are some parallels to current events, and with a little effort from parents, this dark series could shed some light for teens on the possible effects of certain financial and judicial practices. 

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