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  • Process mapping and more in a cheap and easy bundle

    • Reviewer Role: CIO
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Manufacturing Industry

    Getting this system in to our business has made a massive difference to how we create and manage our processes. We have some very complicated processes that have never been properly mapped and as such have never been properly optimised. Everything was a "this is ......

  • Crowd-sourced Process Modelling, but does need some governance effort.

    • Reviewer Role: Program and Portfolio Management
    • Company Size: 3B - 10B USD
    • Industry: Finance Industry

    Promapp is a good, niche product for decentralise process documentation. The company is easy to deal with, and the tool is easy for users to understand....

  • Simple, inexpensive process mapping tool focused on being accessible by business-users

    • Reviewer Role: CIO
    • Company Size: 500M - 1B USD
    • Industry: Miscellaneous Industry

    Promapp provides a process mapping tool that is intuitive enough for business-people to use. It has a simple user interface that is modern and appealing while still being a very powerful tool. The product is continually improved and updated. With the recent acquisition by Nintex we ......

  • Promapp is a Superb Process Improvement / Workflow Mapping Tool

    • Reviewer Role: Data and Analytics
    • Company Size: <50M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    The intuitive nature of Promapp means that you don't need to be a guru to be able to capture and maintain your processes. The key to success is having a process tool that is easy to use and Promapp delivers this...

  • Staff quickly adapted to using this user-friendly way of capturing and updating processes

    • Reviewer Role: Knowledge Specialist
    • Company Size: Gov't/PS/ED <5,000 Employees
    • Industry: Government Industry

    Our challenge was to get staff involved in capturing the processes that they knew best, instead of continuing to rely on a few specialists who would use Visio and word documents. Promapp was seen as a tool that could be deployed across a range of users, and the staff quickly ......

  • Promapp's software is simple and intuitive, and that's why its features are powerful.

    • Reviewer Role: Consultant
    • Company Size: 30B + USD
    • Industry: Energy and Utilities Industry

    Promapp has been very responsive to our needs. When we've asked for updates to the software, they've accommodated us. The software is user friendly which was key in our selection of them. Just like anything, there are improvements to be had, but we are very ......

  • Great product, wish we bought it a year ago!

    • Reviewer Role: COO
    • Company Size: <50M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    Promapp has exceed our own high expectations. The consulting service during implementation was excellent and I would recommend. Promapp supports our internal objectives and vision. Although it sounds like a cliche, we've realised instant value from the product. User adoption ......

  • The tool is very user friendly, and the training very detailed.

    • Reviewer Role: Program and Portfolio Management
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    The tool is very user friendly, and the training very detailed. ...

  • Excellent product with ability to realise efficiencies across a large organisation

    • Reviewer Role: Program and Portfolio Management
    • Company Size: Gov't/PS/ED 50,000 + Employees
    • Industry: Education Industry

    Overall experience has been a pleasure. Some inconsistencies with how the training was delivered by the third party vendor which doesn't seem to fit with the overall message of the system. Can see the future benefits once the organisation has fully integrated into the system....

  • Great product which is head and sholder above the rest of the application in this sector

    • Reviewer Role: Portfolio Manager
    • Company Size: 500M - 1B USD
    • Industry: Media Industry

    excellent engagement with the vendor from start of commercials to finalised contract. operationally they have been very helpful on the implementation and the support of the application...

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Last Updated: September 24, 2021 9:00:50 AM PDT

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Read about Promapp, a process mapping tool for continuous improvement at UC San Diego.

Log into Promapp to create simplified process maps with the users in mind.  UC San Diego is leveraging Promapp to capture current state processes campuswide.  Using this tool we can identify process improvement opportunities, increase process awareness, and support our staff. 

Gaining access:

Learn more using the interactive Promapp example

Select the following link to interact with a map created within Promapp, which will walk you through the steps required to begin using the tool.  Minimode Map - Gaining Access To Promapp 

Learn more about how anyone can interact with a completed map 

The following video is intended to guide anyone who has not used Promapp before.  Once a user has created a map, you are free to share your map openly in a much more integrated experience than your everyday PDF.  Navigating "minimode" links

Gaining access (bland text summary)

To view a summary of the steps in the "old-school" text format, you can view those below.

  1. Watch the UC San Diego Introduction to Promapp video.
  2. Watch Process Writing Techniques video.
  3. Complete an in-person or virtual training. *Note: Training can be provided as-needed by department teams. Email [email protected] for more information.
  4. Once the training is complete, you can create and edit maps for your area, and you can view maps from across UC San Diego.

When is the next available training?

  • August 31 from 1-4 p.m.
  • October 14 from 9 a.m.-noon
  • November 22 from 9 a.m.-noon
  • January 6 from 9 a.m.-noon
Registration is available in UCLC

*Note: Additional training can be provided as-needed by department teams.  Email [email protected] for more information.


  • With little or no experience, you can create effective and clear process maps.No more fumbling with boxes and diamonds.
  • The tool creates a clean map that also links across UC San Diego systems.
  • Use common language and functional areas, to share the core of your process steps.
  • Easily upload and share documents within each map.
  • Share your maps with others and gather feedback, even if they don't have access to Promapp.

How UC San Diego is leveraging Promapp

  • Enterprise System Renewal (ESR), Operational Strategic Initiatives (OSI), and Lean Bench are leveraging the tool to capture current state maps.
  • Promapp will be the primary mapping tool for all campus processes moving forward.
  • Teams and individuals are being onboarded through training as part of our gradual rollout.

How to log in?

  1. Once you have completed the training you can access the tool by navigating to
  2. Enter your Active Directory login when prompted

Limitations – Promapp is not intended for:

  • Value Stream Transformation (VST) maps
  • Organizational Charts
  • Network Diagrams
  • System Diagrams
  • Conceptual Solution Diagrams

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You won't operate without us

Our customers insist on using PRO-MAPP at all surgery locations

Billing initiated same day for unprecedented revenue management

Operative Reports that will leave you speechless

No dictation required with automatically generated operative reports

Collect smarter, report smarter - save time and effort.

About us

From direct experience a group of academic clinicians witnessed how disconnected, frustrating and burdensome routine data collection and reporting can be in the worldwide current healthcare environment. This drove an initiative to plan and design the highest quality integrated data collection. For over two years, a team within Oxford University combined the real-world talents of surgeons, innovative software designers and clinical academics to develop such a platform.

Engaging with a broader international team of surgeons, the group worked to engineer a patient centered, fully connected, reliable and rigorous data collection system. Pathway and data related obstacles, squeeze points and incompatibility were reviewed, understood and removed. The result was a product that enhances the experience of patient, surgeon and facility.

The result was PRO-MAPP.


What We Have Done

From the outset the philosophy was to challenge and disrupt existing methods and processes. Nothing was spared exploration and evaluation. Nothing was sacrosanct. We encountered many inefficient, time consuming, and expensive processes and practices. The design was from bottom up using top tier knowledge and expertise. The focus was on streamlining and efficiency, but with a clear increase in quality. A rare combination.

Our overriding system philosophy is to take a minimalist approach that generates maximum value.

What We Will Do For You

We talk to you, understand your needs, and deliver.

From day one we tailor the system to your needs utilizing an intuitive user interface and powerful background data system. This involves providing a secure cloud-based system with virtually zero IT installation, integration or investment in staff training. Combined with procedure inputs, we produce intelligent operative reporting, reduced billing/AR – all automated and delivered like no other system can. Many paper and dictation based services become redundant resulting in improved processing allowing you, the physician, the healthcare provider, the facility, to focus on important matters, better patient care.

The result; the highest quality outcomes data, a simplified process, no dictation, enhanced revenue generation, better patient care and satisfaction...... that’s what we do... for you.

Challenging times through coronavirus


A 20min Demo
is all it takes

Our Platform

Turning data in to value, that is true data engineering. Our intuitive user interface allows for seamless data entry from patient, staff and surgeon. The Pro-Mapp system then outputs the data to maximize value.

Outcome Reporting

Monitor your patient’s satisfaction, at your desired intervals.

Operative Reports

No more dictation. Automatically generated intelligent reports.

Revenue Management

Integrated and immediate billing for maximum revenue.

True Time Savings

Organized and complete reporting for you and staff.

Satisfaction Reporting

Direct feedback from your patients, constant improvement opportunity.

Your Data

Payer negotiation, accreditation, performance metrics when you need it most.

OpNote completion


Available options
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Number of Patients
  • Dental Services
  • Additional Services

most popular

  • Laboratory Analysis
  • 2 Patients

  • Ophthalmology
  • Ultrasound
  • 5 Patients

  • Surgery
  • X-ray
  • 10 Patients

  • Manual Therapy

Our Team


International KOLs in Surgical Evaluation & Outcome Measurement from Oxford University.
Quality and utility of data


UK and US Surgeon Development Team. Hands on experience and insight.
Designed by users for users.
Pragmatic & value focused development


Leading medtech Software Specialists
Deep healthcare data and processing knowledge.
Delivering complex solutions easily


Experienced leaders and seasoned solution architects who understand your needs and work with your entire team.
Hands on approach to ensure success


PRO-MAPP has made our surgical day more standardized, reproducible, efficient, and allowed better patient communication and prospective implant surveillance.

Dr Michael Berend

“PRO-MAPP Health has totally changed the day of surgery experience for our docs...super slick and easy to use technology. Huge strides in surgeon efficiency completing op notes and implant tracking along with major A/R improvements for our practice. 100% worth it and easy to use. We rarely see products deliver as advertised but their development team absolutely nailed it.”

Grant Foley, Executive Director

Implementation of PRO-MAPP in our high volume practice reduced the time from service to posting and billing charges by 75% and 68%, respectively. More importantly, our overall time in AR was reduced by 26% from 35 days to under 26 days. That is real efficiency resulting in staff reduction of 2 FTE and bringing money in sooner and more reliably.

Dr. Keith Berend

“Pro-mapp is safe and secure technology that has changed our orthopaedic practice. It has saved us countless hours on op notes, data collection/implant tracking, and surgery scheduling. This apps ease of use is unparalleled!”

Kurt Kramer, PA

(March 2020)

Specialized Medical & Billing partners with PRO-MAPP to delivery industry first Outcome Collection, Operative Reporting, Coding and Billing service.
read more

We are proud to announce that Specialized Medical Billing and Consulting, a leader in revenue management, is partnering with Pro-Mapp Health Inc to improve your billing cycle. The two companies have enjoyed a working history with serving their independent products to a set of common customers. Both companies recognized the early immediate benefits of accurate and timely reporting provided to a leading revenue management company. The complimentary nature of both systems increases speed and revenue, resulting in majority of payments in less than 30 days.

Adrianne Nittala,
President and Founder,
Specialized Medical Billing and Consulting

"The health care/insurance industry is ever evolving with constantly changing guidelines and requirements that present a significant challenge for any medical facility to continuously keep track of. In addition, the billing function is usually one of the first and last encounters that a patient has with the medical facility. Being in the medical billing field for over 20 years, one of the biggest challenges we face is the inability to have access to the health providers notes instantaneously to be able to generate a claim to be submitted in an expedited manner.
The more we can streamline this process and ensure that clean claims go out in a timely manner, the quicker that the facility gets paid for the services rendered. Pro-Mapp is an excellent tool that provides just that! To be able to have immediate access to the providers notes, along with eliminating the coding step in the billing process ensures better accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment provided to the patient thereby ensuring that the claim is also accurately filed. This also makes it a much more positive experience for the patient as well. The partnership between SMB and Pro-Mapp creates a synergy that brings together teams with a high level of medical billing experience and patient care expertise to create better cash flow for the medical facility at the same time bringing a much more positive experience for the patients as well."

Bill Hartman,
US CEO Pro-Mapp Health Inc

"The opportunity to collaborate with a leader in revenue cycle management is very rewarding for us. The efficiencies and greater revenue Specialized Medical Billing have recognized with Pro-Mapp customers was almost instantaneous. Their desire to share this information with new customers demonstrates tremendous trust with our system and our team. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve a broader customer base and work with such a well-respected and proven organization."

(June 2020)

PRO-MAPP Health Platform to be featured on Park City Hip and Knee Foundation Webinar June 2020
read more

The Pro-Mapp Health platform, a cloud based high quality data outcomes, automatic operative note, implant surveillance, revenue enhancement, and patient satisfaction application will be featured in a webinar presented by Dr. Mike Berend and Dr. Michael Berend and Dr. Keith Berend and hosted by the Park City Hip and Knee Foundation Grand Round Series date tbc June 2020

"The two brothers were instrumental in development and initial implementation of the system whose origin was conceived by a group of prominent UK surgeons and the University of Oxford. The webinar will discuss the initial benefits, time and financial savings, innovations, importance of data, ease of implementation and use, and overall impression of the system."

The Park City Hip and Knee Foundation is an educational platform dedicated to sharing knowledge about cutting edge orthopedic medicine. The PCHK Grand Round series is new in 2020 featuring courses on Infection Management, Technology, Opioid and Pain Management, and OR Efficiency.

This particular webinar in June will be free of charge, or an option for the entire series for a small fee with CME credits is available.
Please come back to register start of June.

(July 2020)

PRO-MAPP Health Top 10 Innovator in Podiatry 2020 (Podiatry Today)
read more

PRO-MAPP Platform (PRO-MAPP Health).
Data collection and daily operations can overwhelm any practice or surgical facility. According to PRO-MAPP Health, a collaboration with surgeons, software designers and those in clinical academia led to the development of the PRO-MAPP Platform, software that may improve the collection of such data, streamline surgical practice operations, enhance revenue generation, and improve patient care and satisfaction.

"The PRO-MAPP Platform is cloud-based and powerful but is intuitive and simple to use," says Dr. DeHeer, who discloses he is a consultant for PRO-MAPP Health. 

"Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) are extremely important for long-term understanding of patient satisfaction … and is directly beneficial to improving the quality of our procedures," maintains Dr, DeHeer. "(Collection of this data) also has a secondary benefit in justifying procedures, negotiating prices with payers, etc." Dr. DeHeer points out that the PRO-MAPP system eliminates many pain points for surgeons and their practices.

The software system automatically generates operative reports based on the data collected and distributes billing information to the appropriate parties within seconds, according to Dr. DeHeer. He shares that he collaborated on the first podiatry application within the platform and that a suite of podiatry applications is on the horizon. 

"(The PRO-MAPP Platform) really is quite painless and users actually enjoy using it without the IT drama of larger systems," notes Dr. DeHeer. 

Read full article here.


Is Pro-Mapp an EMR/EPR?

  • No. PRO-MAPP is a unique secure cloud-based SaaS system that is designed to specifically augment your existing EMR/EPR investment. Yes, we can integrate – but we have designed a solution where you don’t have to while maintaining protocols. We know EMR/EPR’s are expensive systems that lack flexibility and frustrate users. Take back you process and your data. Arrange a demo today.

Is Pro-Mapp easy to install?

  • Yes. We tailor the system to your needs via a web-based set-up tool. There are no servers or expensive IT integration required. A connection to the internet, a computer, and a handheld device is all you need. We use the same Sales Demo to train users. 20 minutes it all it takes and you are a PRO-MAPP power user.

Is PRO-MAPP expensive?

  • No. We have a value driven pricing model from one Physician to large groups at multiple locations. We are confident in proving the ROI this solution delivers - the value created far outweighs the monthly subscription based on other services you are currently using. And its all done through one system.

Is Pro-Mapp just for Orthopedics?

  • No. Although orthopedics was our first application, we are producing reports for Foot and Ankle, Ophthalmology, and many more in development.

Can I take PRO-MAPP to all the locations I operate at?

  • Yes. We rebrand the experience for each site. You use the same easy to use PRO-MAPP App at all your locations. Why use a different system at each site? Arrange a demo today to see why once you use PRO-MAPP you will not want to use any other system again.
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