2016 nissan pathfinder radio upgrade

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  • Infinity, Nissan (2013-2016) Navigation BOSE Head Unit p/n 25915 3JA0D, 25915 3JA0A, 25915 3JA0B, 25915 3JA0C, 25915 3JA0E, 25915 3JA1A, 25915 1PP1A, 25915 1PP1B, 25915 1PP1C
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  • Nissan Nissan Rogue (2018-2020), X-Trail (2018-2020) OEM Radio Stereo Head Units Nissan Rogue (2018-2020), X-Trail (2018-2020)
  • Nissan PN-1682M (Clarion NF-R092-B) Head Unit 
  • Nissan PN-2424R, CT450 PN2424M Head Unit 
  • Nissan PN-252 Head Unit 
  • Nissan PN-2665D-A Head Unit 
  • Nissan Rogue (2014-2015), X-Trail (2014-2015) Navigation Head Unit p/n 259154BA0A, 259154BU0A, 259154BU0B, 259154BA0B (LCN2K70B00)
  • Nissan Rogue (2016-2018), Titan (2014-2016), XTerra (2014-2015), Frontier (2014-2017) Head Unit p/n 28185 4AF1A, 28185 9BN1A, 28185 9MB0A, 28185 9MB1A, 28185 9BP1A, 28185 9BK1A
  • Nissan Teana (2008-2014), Murano, Maxima CQ-EN3780AD, CQ-EN3780ADA Head Unit p/n 25915 JN91A
  • Nissan Versa (2007-2011) 6CD CY05E Head Unit p/n 28185-EM33B, 28185 1PA1A, 28185 3LM0A, 28185-EM33A, 28185-EM33B, 28185-EM31B, 28185-EM31C, 28185-3LM0A
  • Nissan Versa (2007-2011), Cube, Xterra, Sentra Head Unit p/n 28185 1FC0D (PP-3135M)
  • Nissan Versa, NV, 370Z (2009-2013) Base Head Unit p/n 28185 ZW80D, 28185 1PA0A, 28185 1EA0A, 28185 3AN0A (PP-3215H-A, PN-3089L, PP-3089L-A)
  • Nissan Versa, Sentra, Juke (2015-2018) Head Unit p/n 25915-9FR0A, 25915-9FR1A (bosch 7 612 051 276 ); 25915-9JE0A, 25915-9JE0B, 25915-3YM0A (bosch 7 612 051 282)
  • Nissan Versa, Sentra, NV (2007-2013) Navigation Head Unit p/n 25915ZT61B, 25915ZW80D, 25915ZW80E, 25915 ZT61B, 25915 ZW80D, 25915 ZW80E, 25915 ZT55A, 25915 ZT56A, 25915 ZW86A
  • Nissan Xterra (2000-2004), Frontier Radio CD p/n 28188 7Z800, 28188 8Z400, 28185 8Z500 (PP-2449HC, PP-2449H) ?
  • Nissan Xterra (2005-2007), Frontier, Titan Base audio Radio CD p/n 28185 7S201 , 28185 EA001 , 28185 EA011 (CY11B , CY12B , CY13B)
  • Nissan Xterra (2005-2008), Frontier, Titan 6-CD Premium Head Unit p/n 28185 EA200, 28185 EA400, 28185 ZP80A, 28185 ZP50A, 28185-9FD0A 28185 ZP40A
  • Nissan Xterra (2005-2009), Frontier Rockford Fosgate Amp p/n 28060 EA000, 28060 EB000
  • Nissan Xterra (2008-2013), Frontier, Pathfinder, Armada Head Unit 28185-ZS20A, 28185-9CH1A, 28185-ZS30A, 28185 9CH3A
  • Nissan Xterra (2009-2012), Frontier (2009-2012) Head Unit p/n 28185-9BH4A, 28185-9BA0A, 28185-ZL40A
  • Nissan Xterra (2013-2015), Frontier, Titian Head Unit p/n 28185-9BK0A
  • Nissan Xterra (2013-2016), Frontier, Titan Head Unit p/n 28185-9BK1B, model CQ-FN94E8GX

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Metra Electronics Car Audio

This stereo installation kit has been engineered to help you install either a 2” tall (Single-DIN) or a 4” tall (Double-DIN) aftermarket radio into the original vehicle dashboard. This dash kit makes radio replacement simple and comes with a pocket that is located below the 2” radio to fill the extra space in the radio opening, which can be used for storage. The pocket is not needed when installing a 4” tall radio. The dash kit is designed to match the original look and feel of the vehicle’s dashboard. Installing an aftermarket radio can upgrade the sound quality and provide additional features the original factory radio couldn’t offer but requires this dash kit to make it fit.

  • Stereo installation kit designed to fit any standard 2” or 4” tall aftermarket radio utilizing our patented quick-release, snap-in ISO mount system with custom trim ring
  • Made from the highest quality ABS plastic for an original factory-like fit and finish
  • Includes brackets with detailed installation instructions
  • A tech support number is available for installation help 7 days a week

Wiring and Antenna Connections:

  • Visit Metraonline.com for vehicle specific antenna, audio and steering wheel interface options. (sold separately)
Sours: http://www.metraonline.com/part/Nissan_Pathfinder_Frontier_Dash_kit_99-7581
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Before the installation, first show you the Seicane 2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio.

2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio after installation

Nissan PATHFINDER is absolutely good. In order to improve the in-car environment, most owners of Nissan PATHFINDER upgrade their factory radio. If you want to get a new aftermarket radio and replace your factory radio, you’d better read this essay patiently. Some of you may think it’s too hard to remove the factory radio, or some of you have already tried and failed. To be honest, This Nissan PATHFINDER Radio is easy remove. The new aftermarket radio in waving to you. And what are you waiting for? Here is professional instruction.


Some safety notes

1)Please apply the parking brake before the upgrade.

2)Please disconnect the negative cable on the vehicle battery to ensure security.

3)Please prepare tools for the upgrade. A lever and a screwdriver are needed.

4)Please protect the front seats and trim panel during upgrade.

2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio installation

1)Disconnect the cable running to the negative battery terminal by loosening the nut on the cable clamp and pulling the cable off the negative terminal.

2)Remove the two screws above the Nissan PATHFINDER Radio opening with the head screwdriver.

2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio installation step 1

3)Pull the radio trim panel off. You may need to wedge a flat tip screwdriver under the trim and pry up on it to remove the trim. Use a clean rag to protect the trim from being accidentally scratched while prying up on the trim.

2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio installation step 2

4)Remove the four screws holding the radio in place using a head screwdriver and pull the radio out.

2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio installation step 3

5)Disconnect the radio antenna in the back of the radio and unplug the electrical plugs running to the back of the radio.

2005-2010 Nissan PATHFINDER Radio installation step 4


Of course,there may have other situations.You’d better ask some professionals for help at the first time.If the steps of radio ramoval are too difficult to you,you should go to a car radio shop to remove your factory radio.


Some of you may haven’t got a suitable aftermarket radio for your Nissan PATHFINDER.Here is a good aftermarket car radio I want to share with you.It has many useful functions,such as bluetooth,3D navigation,car DVR and so on.More about this unit:


You can dial, answer, reject and mute calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel. And you can perform Google search on the road with quick search box, play online games, watch videos, download online data and check emails by connecting to any WiFi hotspot in range or 3g internet, download any applications in the android market for access to games, Skype, MSN, YouTube, twitter, E-Book, Gmail etc and so on. So, have fun with your new Nissan PATHFINDER Radio.

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Upgrade your Nissan Pathfinder with an Android Stereo.

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Upgrade 2016 nissan pathfinder radio

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How to Remove Radio / Navigation / Display from Nissan Pathfinder 2017 for Repair.

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