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15 Pretty Handmade Gift Ideas Made of Clay

There is a particular sense of accomplishment that comes along with doing something that requires you to form your project right from scratch, building the base and embellishing it yourself. That’s part of the reason we’ve spent so much time making things out of clay! Now that we’ve had quite a bit of practice, we’ve begun collecting new clay projects that we think might make lovely gifts, just so we can show our family and friends a little extra love by giving them something unique and handmade.

Just in case you’d like to make the most important people in your life wonderful clay pieces as well, here are 15 of the nicest ideas that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Marbled clay ring dish


Are you actually quite experienced when it comes to working with clay so you’re looking for a project that will be quick but still challenge you at least a little bit? Well, we’re sure you’ve made quite a number of ring dishes in your time if you’re an old hat at this, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still a valuable project if you can find a way to make them a little more interesting! That’s why A Beautiful Mess did here by marbling several colours of clay together, which they’ll show you how to do as well!

2. Faux china painted clay coasters


Are you slightly less experienced in making things from clay than marbling might allow for but you’re still determined to try it out, so you’re looking for something that’s a little simpler in its construction? Well, just because you’re only just starting out in the clay department doesn’t mean you can’t still make something that features beautiful detail, especially if you’re quite confident in your hand painting skills! Check out how The Lovely Drawer used pristine white clay to make their circular coaster base and then royal blue paint and a finely tipped brush to paint on delicate detail the mimics the patterns found on good china dishes.

3. DIY clay gift tags


Are you the ind of all out gift giver who loves to make not only the gift inside the packaging, but also the wrap and presentation itself, into an full on DIY project that will really impress your loved ones and make them feel appreciated? Then we have the feeling you just might be the perfect person to try your hand at these adorable clay gift tags featured on Vitamini Handmade! They’ll double as a keepsake for the people you make them for.

4. Child’s handprint jewelry dish


Are you actually still feeling quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making a trinket or jewelry dish but you just can’t help but wonder whether there’s a way to get more creative with the shape, instead of just making yet another simple circular dish like the ones you’ve always made before? Well, we’re happy to report that Simple As That is here to save the day! They guide you step by step through the process of creating a little dish that matches the precise shape and size of your child’s handprint.

5. Clay monogram keychains


Are you perhaps absolutely intent on making the next few gifts you hand craft for family or friends out of clay, but you have to keep them quite small and simple? Maybe you’re sending them in the mail, or perhaps you’re making so many at once that you’re a little bit pressed for time. In either case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Homey Oh My created these adorable little customized keychains monogrammed with each person’s initials.

6. Clay leaf imprint bowls


Are you still feeling quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making a jewelry or trinket dish in the shape of something other than the classic circular design, but you don’t actually have any children present whose hands you can trace and you feel like tracing your own will make the dish larger than you’d like? Then try working with the shape of a pretty leaf instead! Urban Comfort shows you precisely how they made theirs, from start to finish.

7. Painted mini clay pots for kids


If you’re going to make something from scratch with clay, would you prefer to try and make it a project that is simple enough for your kids to get in one too? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Say Yes helped their little ones make these adorable clay planters, painting them and filling them with succulents once they’ve dried. These make great gifts for all kinds of people they admire in their lives!

8. DIY clay garden markers


What if you’ve already for the plants and they’re already in clay pots, but you’re still determined to combine clay crafts with planting and gardening because those are your favourite things? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with these little handmade garden markers featured on Whit and Whistle! They show you how to mould the shape and carefully engrave the names of your herbs or other plants into the side before the clay dries.

9. Imprinted pottery with air dry clay


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about making pots from clay, but you’re interested in perhaps trying the idea out yourself as well, and you’d rather make things in all different sizes and patterns than just the small succulent planters we showed you earlier? Then maybe you’d make better headway with a more in depth tutorial like this one from What Katie Does. They who you all kinds of ways to mould, shape, engrave, and embellish your piece, all using the very clay in your hands!

10. Gold dipped trinket bowl


Are you actually a bit of a minimalist who would prefer to stick to the classic circular jewelry or trinket bowl shape we were talking about earlier, but you will admit that a bit of contrast would go a long way for you, so long as it’s neat looking? Then we’d very much suggest checking out how Curbly created this lovely white clay bowl, adding an A-line metallic gold section using paint dipping techniques!

11. Lace imprint clay dish


Okay, we know we’ve talked a lot about clay jewelry dishes by this point, but they’re just such a classic project, a useful gift, and a learning opportunity that we just can’t pass up the chance to include as many creative designs as possible! Just in case you’d like an even more minimalist look for yours while still adding some stunning yet subtle detail, here’s a fantastic tutorial from Honestly WTF that shows you how to carefully press lace into the clay before it dries so the pattern transfers, creating lovely visual texture.

12. Detailed clay and paint pen ornaments


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the idea of adding details to your clay project using paint because you like the neat, careful contrast that creates between the base colour and your detail shade, but you’ve always been more confident creating art by drawing than you have by painting with a brush? Then we have a feeling you’ll be very pleased indeed to see this awesome paint pen tutorial from A Beautiful Mess! They show you how to make little ornaments, but you could use this basic technique on any clay project, including the china inspired coasters we showed you earlier.

13. Faceted clay tea light holders


Have you always been more interested in decor pieces that feature angles, texture, and some dimension rather than fine details, colourful paint jobs, or careful engraving? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this particular clay project outlined step by step on Gathering Beauty a try. They guide you through the process of making a tea light holder with faceted sides that make it look awesomely geometric.

14. Kitty cat ring dishes


If you’re going to make your friend or loved one a trinket or jewelry dish that they’ll actually use, would you rather them it after something you know they love, rather than just creating a rounded shape or one that’s fun for you to make but not really relevant to them? Well, if you’ve got any cat lovers in your life, then we’ve definitely found the right tutorial for you to follow! Check out how HGTV Handmade made these adorable little dishes with clay ears and painted whiskers to look like kitty cats.

15. DIY clay stud earrings


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a clay gift idea that’s a little bit smaller, hopefully something your friend or loved one can wear since you know how much they love to accessorize? Then look no further, because we just might have saved the best idea for last! Check out how Fluffy Hedgehog created a whole sheet of adorably shaped clay stud earrings that are actually easier to make than you might think.

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Step 1:Using our template, trace around a piece of paper and cut out.

Step 2: Use our deer image, or pick your own and resize, if necessary, to fit the templates you've made. Then print each image onto a transfer sheet. Place the template for the case's front atop one image; trace and cut out. Repeat for the back with the other template and image.

Step 3: Following the package instructions for the transfer sheets, iron each image onto the smooth side of a leather scrap that's at least 3"W x 5"L. Cut the leather to the exact shapes of the images.

Step 4: Using a sewing machine, and our photo as a guide, stitch a decorative seam along the top of the front and back pieces, leaving a 3/16" edge. Align the pieces, right sides facing out, with a 3/16" seam allowance, leaving the top of the pouch open. To end on a high note, pair it with a new set of earbuds.


DIY gifts for him he'll ACTUALLY like - diy'ing my boyfriend's birthday - neon sign, planters, etc!

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Gifts for boyfriend clay

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