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Pasta Sisters, a tiny storefront in a Pico-Arlington strip mall, has food so good you won’t mind eating it from a take-out container in your car. And if that sounds like it’s not worth your trouble (you are no longer a teenager scarfing down a burger before your shift at the movie theater), know that Pasta Sisters is one of those LA eating experiences you shouldn’t miss out on. Even if they are so slammed you do end up eating it in your car.

Taking up a space that makes your square-foot studio feel roomy, this isn’t the place to come for a leisurely dinner. For starters, there are all of three small tables pushed up against the walls, plus five or six counter seats, and zero bottles of chianti in sight. You are likely to encounter both a line, and a lot of people hovering while waiting for a place to sit - they get so busy that you might be forced to get your order to-go simply because there’s no room. That said, we wouldn’t recommend trying to game the system with a pick-up and take home situation, if only because the pasta won’t really survive the journey.

Pasta Sisters is more of a pop in for lunch kind of place, where you’ll be given a death stare from a waiting customer across the room if they’ve decided you’re eating your pesto tagliatelle too slowly. But then you realize you have one of the top ten pastas in Los Angeles in front of you, and start putting fork to mouth even more slowly.

Jakob Layman

Ordering here is a build-your-own bowl situation, but with less choice (and more imported-from-Italy ingredients) than your local poke joint. Choose your type of noodle - pappardelle, tagliatelle, spaghetti, penne, or gnocchi - and a sauce to go with it. There are some entrees, salads, and paninis as well, but most everyone is here for the pasta. It’s perfectly made, super simple, and, for a short time, will make you feel like you’re on that Italian vacation your colleague has tortured you with on social media all summer. Or at least nowhere near a strip mall in Pico-Arlington.

Jakob Layman

Pappardelle Bolognese

Wide noodles plus thick, meaty sauce. You must order this at least once.

Jakob Layman

Tagliatelle Pesto

You’re probably not bringing a vampire to a garlic-filled Italian restaurant anytime soon, but if you were considering it, they shouldn’t order the pesto. You should though - it’s the best sauce here.

Jakob Layman

Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi

If you’re ok with not moving for the rest of the day, get this one.

Jakob Layman

Meat Lasagna

The lasagna takes a little longer to come out, but the wait is worth it. Somehow, it’s not particularly heavy, and its healing properties include achieving world peace.

Spaghetti Bottarga

The bottarga (cured fish roe) lends a saltiness rather than fishiness to an otherwise simple garlic and olive oil pasta. This is a good thing.

Prosciutto Panino

We’d probably ask you to visit your mental health professional if you came to a place called Pasta Sisters and ordered a sandwich. But actually, the panini here are pretty great - simple, with only three or four ingredients on a crusty roll, and just like that one your colleague had in Florence that they won’t quit telling you about.

Jakob Layman

Chocolate and Ricotta Pie

It’s tempting to go all in on the pasta and skip dessert, but we would advise against it. Because this pie is one of our favorite things here. It’s not too sweet, and we’d like our own Nonna to come and make this for us every day.


Pasta Sisters (Culver City)

Italian tomatoes, fresh basil, butter. *Request NO BUTTER for vegan option

Italian tomatoes, crushed red peppers, garlic, fresh parsley.

Ground beef and aromatic vegetables slowly cooked in red wine and tomato sauce.

Pine nuts, fresh basil, pecorino romano, parmigiano reggiano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil.

Gorgonzola, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, cream, arugula.

Fresh Italian porcini mushroom, cream, fresh parsley.

Salmon and Cherry Tomatoes

Wild Salmon, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic

Smoked Salmon, Cream, Garlic, Parsley.

Fresh clams, olive oil, garlic, fresh parsley.

Dry Sardinian mullet roe, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fresh parsley.

Italian black truffle, butter.

Tomato Sauce, Italian bacon, onions, pecorino cheese


Homemade ravioli filled with pumpkin. Choose your favorite sauce: -Butter & Sage -Butter & Cheese -Truffle Sauce


Homemade ravioli filled with porcini mushroom. Choose your favorite sauce: -Butter & Cheese -Truffle Sauce

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Pasta Sisters

$$ •Italian, Deli

W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles


Take-Out/Delivery Options




staff wears masks

vegan options

accepts credit cards

accepts android pay

accepts apple pay

classy, casual

moderate noise

casual dress

offers catering

good for kids

good for lunch, dinner

private lot parking

bike parking

wheelchair accessible


open to all





healthy food


good for a quick meal







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MondayAM - PM
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Hours or services may differ due to COVID Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

Pasta Sisters Culver City – good Italian food at an affordable price

What were some wins for the restaurant? What was the biggest challenge?

The only win for the restaurants were the loving messages from our loyal customers, the support the community gave us, and the tireless effort of our employees. One other win is the fact that we were able to continue working with online orders and to-go only amidst months of being closed for dine-in.

The biggest challenge was working in a deserted city it is not natural, especially when you live in a hub like Los Angeles. 

First on the June 15 reopening, share some of the main changes Pasta Sisters made as dine-in returned.

When we reopened the restaurants and the food truck, the main changes were in the organization of our dine-in/al fresco setup and the protocols that we had to follow for the dine-in customers and pick up customers. We had to create new positions and systems in the restaurant to guarantee the safety of the customers (hostess taking the temperature of the customers, a dedicated to-go station attendant, no crossover between servers and those cooking in the kitchen, etc).

Elaborate on the hostess taking guests’ temperature. That’s a really interesting element I haven’t heard before. How did customers respond?

Ninety-nine percent of our guests responded well and they are cooperative with the safety procedures that we have put in place. A few people did not want us to take their temperature, and they left. But it seems that the majority of guests appreciate this policy.

Come July 1, the store had to reclose again and pivot to outdoor service. Do you think people and officials grasp just how challenging this is for a restaurant?

We got very lucky. We had only four tables set up in the indoor area of the restaurant, and we had already set up the rest of the tables on the two outdoor patios and the front pedestrian street (with permission from the landlord). We just moved the tables outside and that was it. Nothing changed for us. But I know friends in the restaurant business that have no outdoor space, who have had to close their restaurants for good, and others that are struggling to reinvent their concepts. I would have preferred for the authorities to keep all the restaurants closed for a longer period of time and avoid this extra stress for the food service industry.

For instance, while some think operating under COVID restrictions is cheaper (fewer employees, etc.) the opposite is often the case. How much effort (and money) is it taking to operate at high efficiently to stay open while also keeping the environment safe for guests and staff? What’s an example of this?

What many people that are not in this sector don’t understand is that restaurants work with their vendors on a net30 or net60, and this pandemic started when tax season was in its apex. We found ourselves with hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay out, and little to no income. We are grateful to those vendors that gave us some extra time, to our landlord who helped reduce the rent during this very challenging time, and with the injection of the PPP loan, we were able to survive, or else we would be one of the front-page restaurants that closed for good. The number of employees is proportional to the income, so if the restaurant loses 90 percent of the income, it is difficult to work with only 10 percent of the staff. One big problem that we faced was that some of the vendors started charging 30 percent extra because of limited quantities … I personally didn’t sleep for weeks thinking about how to keep the restaurant operative with not enough money coming in.

What’s the journey been like since? Have you been able to reopen? How has the customer demand changed, or has it held steady?

This year has been like sailing a boat in an unknown ocean—we don’t know the winds, the geography, the currents we are a little lost and we need to make decisions day by day in order to prepare for the unknown. The big change that we are seeing is the amount/influx of online orders, which is much higher than before, and as much as we are putting in our percent and the same effort as we put in pre-COVID, the delivery companies are unfortunately trying to cut on drivers and the quality of their services, and as a result, customers get hungry at us, the restaurants, not understanding the global difficulties we are currently facing every single day! 

Talk about the food truck relaunch and some of the challenges there, especially with complex managers requesting a percentage of the fees.

I need to confess that the reopening of the truck has been easier than we initially expected. And the results are better than expected, too. The food truck location organizers and apartment managers have been very understanding and accommodating for the truck and the staff! They waived their fees for many locations, and they are trying to collaborate in a positive and constructive way with us which is great and we really appreciate.


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