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Coffee is life. It wakes us up in the morning, keeps us going through the day, and for some reason is served at the end of a restaurant meal, just when it’s nearly time for bed. It smells great, tastes even better, and gives you a pick-me-up whenever you need it. When you can’t live without coffee, it’s on your mind all the time. There are some things that only you and fellow coffee enthusiasts can understand how important coffee is for you.

If you’re a coffee-lover, you’re sure to be able to relate to all the funny coffee-related memes below.

Monday mornings are tough at the best of times, especially if you’re not a morning person. A Monday morning without coffee would be unthinkable. Only coffee can get you up and about.

Funny Coffee Meme

In fact, there’s nothing better than that first sip of coffee on a Monday morning. If it doesn’t make you make the face of this happy seal, do you really love coffee?

the first sip of coffee on a monday morning

Mondays are relentless – they just keep happening. Even though you can’t skip Mondays, at least you have coffee to be your best friend and support to help you get through the day.

coffee because monday happens every week

You’re not a coffee addict. You only have one or two cups a day, right? No one ever said how big the cup was allowed to be. This one looks about right…

coffee? only one cup please

Or maybe this cup is the one that could finally give you the perfect amount of coffee? If only it was just a little bit easier to drink from and carry around.

coffee memes

Nothing can soothe your nerves like a coffee can. Are kids being annoying? Spouse refusing to listen to you? Are colleagues being useless? Solve it all with a delicious coffee that will cure your murderous rage.

coffee because anger management is too expensive meme

There’s a difference between someone who likes coffee and someone who really likes coffee. If you’re a real coffee connoisseur, you know there’s no other way to take your coffee but seriously.

how do i take my coffee seriously very seriously

There’s no one who can get between you and your coffee. You could say it’s precious to you. You might not be able to keep it in your pockets, but it still gets you feeling like Golem.

my precious coffee meme

If you prefer a different major film franchise, maybe you find yourself wishing you could send out a holographic message when you’re running low on coffee. Sometimes only coffee can save you.

help me caffeine meme

Of course, coffee isn’t all about how terrible you feel without it. You can feel pretty amazing when you’re drinking your precious cup of java, and for a good while afterward too.

listen before i had my coffee

If there’s anyone who understands the grumpiness that you can feel without coffee, it’s cats. They know what it’s like to want to do nothing but laze around all day, taking frequent naps.

first i drink the coffee then i do the stuff

This cat knows what it’s like to be nonverbal before you’ve got that first cup of coffee inside you. All coffee addicts have perfected that early morning death stare to warn people away.

no speaking till this is empty

It’s not just mornings when you’re desperate for a coffee. You also need one to perk you up in the afternoon, in the evening, and whenever you need an excuse to not talk to anyone.

don't talk to me until i've had my coffee meme

When you’re really running low on coffee, you can start to feel like a drowned cat. You need coffee right away, lest you start looking as bad as you feel.

i need coffee now meme

Coffee has a whole host of benefits, from giving you energy and warming your hands to helping you procrastinate when you have lots to do. What can’t coffee do to benefit your life?

the benefits of drinking coffee

When that coffee hits you, it can take a while to take effect. It won’t take long before you start feeling it, though – especially if you’ve had more than usual in a short time.

coffee i think it's kicking in

How do you know when you need coffee? Is there a secret formula or some telling signs? The answer is that you always need coffee, at all times, wherever you are – unless you’re Batman.

do you need coffee

Coffee can even help you to be more creative. Even when you can barely open your eyes and you’re not ready to talk to anyone yet, coffee could inspire you to write a poem like this one.

a poem for mornings coffee

Coffee can be a fantastic way to give you something to do when you’re avoiding doing something that actually needs to be done. You can’t get down to business until you have the right energy and focus.

it's not procrastinating if you're drinking coffee

Are you completely nonfunctional without coffee? You’re not the only one who can’t lift a finger before they’ve had their morning coffee. It brings your brain back online so you can do the most basic of things.

why yes i could start my day without coffee

Coffee doesn’t exactly make you clever though. It gets you going, so you can keep doing everything you want – but with more speed and energy. You’re still responsible for the decisions that you make though.

drink coffee do stupid things with more energy

Coffee also keeps you in the right mood – and dampens your urge to kill. Water is a necessity of life, not just because we need to stay hydrated but also because it’s essential to make coffee.

there is no life without water

It’s great that coffee is made with water. It means you can pretend that it’s part of your daily intake for fluids, and no one can tell you that you’re wrong.

i drink a ton of water

Coffee must be protected at all costs. When it feels like everyone is chipping away at the food and drink you’re allowed to take pleasure in, you know you need to defend your coffee to the death.

they may take away my sugar, alcohol, dairy

Oh, that catch 22 when you can’t move without coffee, but you can’t get any coffee until you make yourself move. Unfortunately, it’s not a dilemma you can solve unless you can get someone to make it for you.

i need coffee to wake up

When you do have to wake, you know the first thing that you’re going to do is drink coffee. Which comes first – waking up or drinking coffee? Maybe no one really knows…

i don't drink coffee to wake up

Coffee can get you through anything. Who needs to have a plan when coffee can save the day instead?

i don't really have a plan most days

Coffee is so understanding. It will always be there for you, and won’t ever demand anything of you.

coffee doesn't ask silly questions

As the coffee starts to wear off and you feel that first yawn coming on, you know it’s time for a top-up. Everyone else might not realize it, but you’re aware and that’s enough.

a yawn is a silent scream for coffee

Sometimes, you’re extra desperate for a coffee. One cup just isn’t going to be enough. In fact, they might as well just connect you to a coffee drip and feed it into your veins.

it's one of those days where even my coffee needs a coffee

If anyone tried to take away your coffee, you don’t know what you would do. You’re pretty sure you would die without it, or at least roll around dramatically on the floor.

nooo not the coffee

The goodness you feel when you finally get your coffee is almost impossible to describe. But there is one good word that can help to describe just how amazing it is.


Coffee drinkers could say that coffee is magic. It’s made from coffee beans, it’s brewed into a strong concoction, and then it brings you back to life when you feel like you might as well be dead.

don't ever let someone tell you that fairytales

You know you’re a real coffee lover and you can’t live without it when you have to warn people to get out of your way when you’re running low on beans.

what do you mean there's no coffee

Not one precious drop of coffee should be wasted. If you happen to spill a cup or even a splash of coffee, your day could be completely ruined for there on out.

don't cry over spilled milk but i'll lose my freakin' mind over spilled coffee

Coffee has a habit of taking complete control over your life. In fact, you’re half-convinced that maybe your coffee has become sentient and it knows the control that it has over you.

i'm not sure... but i think i just heard

You know that drinking lots of coffee isn’t always the healthiest of choices, but even though you probably shouldn’t be shaking with adrenaline, you also know that without coffee you would just be tired.

coffee is the planet shaking

Decaf coffee? Not if you have anything to say about it! It has something approaching the taste of caffeinated coffee, but with none of the other benefits that you would usually get.

there is a time and place for decaf coffee. never and in the trash

If there’s one thing that can take you from feeling like you’re sweeping the floors while wearing rags to being a princess, it’s coffee. Coffee makes the world go around and keeps you on your feet.

how coffee makes me feel meme

There’s never going to be a day that goes by without you getting your coffee. You just know that for a fact because you don’t want to think about what would happen if you didn’t get it.

today's forecast: 100% chance of coffee

But what do you do if you need coffee right now and there’s none near you? Use the Bat-Signal to get someone’s attention! Or just message someone to please bring you coffee.

bring coffee meme

It’s always good to feel like you’ve got something done, even when you’re not doing much. So why not write “get dressed” or “drink coffee” on you’re to-do list just so you can check it off?

sometimes i write drink coffee

Need some sleep? Feeling tired? You would think that maybe going to bed might be a good idea, but that’s not always an option. Why sleep when you have coffee to keep you awake?

coffee you can sleep when you're dead

Some people say that they treat their body as a temple, but that’s a lot of work. Alternatively, you could treat it as a vessel for coffee to fuel your sarcasm and bitterness.

Coffee is so motivational. If coffee was a person, that person would be in your corner all the time, supporting you and encouraging you. Coffee makes you believe that you can do anything.

you can do it coffee

Is your relationship with coffee a one-way relationship? Most people would say so, but you know that your coffee can react to you and that it knows you better than anyone else.

even your coffee is surprised you woke up this early

No coffee available at home or at work? No time to stop at your favorite coffee shop? Nooo! Sometimes the only thing left to do is feel sorry for yourself and your lack of coffee.

how do you feel when there is no coffee depresso

What would happen if you could no longer have access to a coffee whenever you wanted? It’s not worth thinking about. The best thing is to make sure that no one ever has to find out.

i dont know what i'd do without coffee

Being coffee-less can lead to some silly mistakes. Even when you’re trying to get your coffee, you’re not always totally switched on – and neither is the coffee machine.

when youre waiting for your coffee

When you do finally get your coffee, you don’t want anyone bothering you while you’re drinking it. You need time to let the caffeine work before you ready to interact like a normal human being.

please dont distubr me while im having my coffee

There’s actually scientific evidence that coffee could be good for you. It could provide health benefits for your gut and prevent a number of health conditions which is the perfect excuse to drink it.

a new study links drinking more coffee

Just one coffee cup each day? That’s never going to be enough in your book. Every cup of coffee you have serves a different purpose, keeping you functioning and law-abiding.

i have one cup of coffee each morning

Having kids makes you need coffee more but ironically means that you get less of it. All your coffee turns cold while you’re busy dealing with the kids – making it iced coffee instead.

recipe for iced coffee meme

Why use coffee to define how you like your partners when you can use it to define how you like yourself? Coffee gives you the self-confidence to know that all you need is coffee.

i like my coffee like i like myself meme

What counts as real coffee? There’s a lot of debate about it, and no real answer. Is black coffee the only option if you’re a true coffee lover or can you branch out?

enjoy your caramel skinny vanilla de-caff

Food? There’s no need for food when you have coffee. Soup is a liquid and coffee is a liquid, so if you’re going to drink anything, it might as well be coffee.

soup of the day coffee

Coffee gets your day started, and wine can be great for ending it too. These two beverages are the perfect pairing for anyone who needs to get through their day without too much trouble.

a poem about work coffee blah blah

Coffee won’t magically make your job better, but it does make it easier to get through. Even if you hate your job, you can do it with a smile on your face.

coffee because hating your job

On the other hand, why go to work when coffee is convincing you to stay in bed and do nothing all day? Coffee can keep you company while you ignore the real world.

this coffee tastes like i should stay home

Some people just don’t know something good when it’s right in front of them. Coffee haters have a right to exist (probably) but their opinion about anything can’t be trusted.

if you dont like coffee i respect

Speaking of opinions, some people just don’t know when to stop sharing them. Everyone has one, but not everyone wants to know what yours is. Coffee, however, is always wanted.

the difference between coffee and your opinion

Occasionally, you decide you’re going to go on a health kick. Maybe you’re going to give up coffee or switch to decaf. It never lasts for long before you have to give up…

i tried starting my day without coffee once

Some coffee lovers are Starbucks fans, but others reject it as a real place to get coffee. You could go to Starbucks whenever you want coffee, but why bother when you could easily reproduce it at home?

instead of going to starbucks meme

You’re not your best before you’ve had your coffee. You need caffeine before you can speak, look presentable or do any basic tasks. And that goes double if you’re a mom.

mom rule #2 what happens before coffee

Who really knows how coffee works? All you know is that you drink it and make you feel much better than before you drank it. What more do you need?

how coffee works meme

Coffee makes your words come out faster, although they’re not always smarter. You’re never really completely able to talk until your first coffee, especially if you’re expected to say anything profound or clever.

life without coffee meme

How much coffee is too much coffee? If you’ve never tested your limits, why not do it when you have a chance of getting a day off from work because of how it’s affected you?

make work more tolerable today by drinking 18 coffees

Knowing when to stop drinking coffee is important. But if your brain is still telling you to drink coffee, you should probably keep going. You need it to give you life.

im already sick from all the coffee

How do other people live without coffee? The truth is that they don’t. Their lives are empty and meaningless because they don’t have anything to live for. They need coffee in their lives and in their hearts.

there are two kinds of people coffee people and sad people

Does coffee solve all problems? Some coffee drinkers would say yes, but there are rare times when your coffee fails its job. If coffee can’t make everyone’s company more pleasant, maybe it could make them go away…

when you thought coffee would help

Ah, the sweet sound of the espresso machine. It’s one of the best sounds in the world, especially when it’s been a while since your last cup.

coffee? first let me sing you

Even many of the great writers and intellectuals in history have been lovers of coffee, ever since the coffee shops of the 17th and 18th centuries. And they would have loved Starbucks. Probably.

two roads diverged, and i - i took the one with a starbucks drive-thru

Just how seriously do you take your coffee? If you treat it as a medical emergency, you know it has an important place in your life.

it is inhumane in my opinion to force people

Each coffee is just a bridge to the next coffee, making sure you’re never empty of coffee.

may your morning cofee give you the strength

Coffee might not change how you feel about people, but it will change how you feel about people.

before coffee hates everybody

Those are the coffee memes we could find! Please share this if you liked it.


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Check out the collection of Funny Drinking Meme we have put together for you below. Getting together with your friends to drink after a long week of hard work is extremely comforting. You don’t only get to relax but you also get to catch up and bond with them. If you are planning a get-together this weekend, make sure to send your favorite meme below to everyone you’ve invited.

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You stop drinking bro, Good luck, this is simple yet another way to mock those who have decided to stop drinking.

quit drinking meme

It’s a good idea to avoid situations where you may be tempted to drink. Quitting drinking involves staying away from alcoholic beverages and creating a life and environment that keeps the temptation to a minimum.

old lady drinking meme

This is simple yet another hilarious way to ask a drunkard about his future, with the reaction of the man on the picture, he can’t help but laugh.

no drinking meme

Whenever you don’t feel like drinking, share this lovely meme with that friend of yours that can’t do without drinking to put a smile on his face.

monday drinking meme

Monday, for most people the longest and most depressing day of the week. Share this meme with those that loves drinking on Monday.

man drinking meme

When you grow up you have to drink beer lol because it was a wise man who invented beer.

lady drinking water meme

As long as you’re drinking (and eating) water throughout the day, Some drugs can cause dry mouth, which makes you feel thirsty.

i'm never drinking again meme

One of the problems we encounter when stopping drinking for good is reconciling ourselves with the decision to never take a drink again. Share this meme with a friend that has said this statement times without number.

funny drunk meme

This meme goes to those that love sending a text to all their contact whenever they are drunk lol, sending them this meme is another excellent way to put a smile on their faces.

drinking the kool aid meme

You’ve probably heard someone say “drinking the Kool-Aid” and maybe you’ve said it yourself. But it’s not just callous — it’s inaccurate, too.

drinking tears memes

If you’ve got a friend or loved one who drinks heavily, it can be hard to figure out what to do. Share this meme with friends to cheer them up.

drinking straw meme

Do you feel slightly guilty when you add a straw to a cold drink? share this meme with that friend of yours that cant drink without straw.

drinking problem meme

When someone you are close to is drinking too much it can have a really big impact. Don’t make it easier to drink by buying alcohol for him or her lol.

drinking meme gif

Every day is a good day to practice balance, especially when it comes to drinking. Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.

drinking guy meme

Drinking in the day is an occasion unto itself, to be enjoyed on its congenial terms. And there are terms.

drinking friends meme

Drinking at home alone can indicate a serious problem, such as a mental illness or alcoholism. There is a difference between having a couple of drinks at the bar or a party with your friends or family and drinking alone.

drinking coffee meme

This is simple yet another amusing meme you can share with mothers who can’t start the day without a coffee, she can’t help it but laugh lol.

drinking clorox meme

Have you ever had a drink or two just before a class? if yes, share this meme with your classmates to crack them up.

drinking buddy meme

The reason people, like going out and getting drinks, is that it’s fun, its a way a majority of people throughout civilized history have unwound after a long day of work, there is usually music of some sort and as I said it the beginning – it is fun.

drinking and driving meme

If you have a friend who is a cop, this is another amazing meme you can use to crack him up.

day after drinking meme

Drinking to get rid of stress can make you feel worse in the morning

christmas drinking meme

The Christmas and New Year period has an increase in parties, gatherings, and functions. The festive season is a good time to reflect on our drinking culture.

black guy drinking meme

You can’t get a hangover if you don’t stop drinking but at some point, it’s best to take a break from the wine and get some sleep.

binge drinking meme

There is nothing you can eat or drink that will actually counteract or reverse the effect of any alcohol in your system. Share the meme with friends to crack them up.

beer drinking meme

This is what happens when doctors said you can only take one bottle of beer a day lol, to some people one bottle is not enough.

archer drinking meme

You can avoid places where drinks are served, up to a certain point. Friends don’t always trust you when you decide to drink less or quit

Day Drinking Meme

Hey, are you bored? Do you want to see some Day Drinking Meme and laugh about them all day in your office too? We are loaded with that! Just freshen yourself with these memes. These amusing memes can never be a bad choice for a good laughter.

when someone mentions day drinking... day drinking meme

Every day is a good day to practice balance, especially when it comes to drinking. Tag any of your friends that love going out for day drinking.

what a snow day ah yes... day drinking... why didn't you say

Some people take any excuse to start drinking lol snow day is a good exemple to stay home and drink lol.

me trying to lose weight.. my bottle a day wine habit

This is one of the hilarious memes that you can ever share with those that drink, they can’t help it but laugh lol.

he's day drinking! see nobody cares... day drinking meme

Day drinking takes stamina. It takes skill. It takes a good group of friends hand-picked by you based on years.

funny day drinking meme

It can be fun spending an afternoon day drinking with friends, but you’ve got to be responsible about it.

day drinking yup!

Day-drinking is fun and easy. It is probably listed as one of the hobbies someone can partake in lol.

day drinking you mean day

Honestly, Saturdays were made for day drinking. And on Sundays. And Fridays and Mondays and Thursdays. But don’t feel guilty about it.

day drinking meme

You can always use this meme to put a smile to those that prefer day drinking to their work.

damn straight skippy i am day drinking this weekend... day drinking meme

Day drinking, especially of the weekend variety, is a basic part of modern life.

class is cancelled Day Drinking

If you have a friend that always happy whenever class canceled because of day drinking, tag him this meme.

and-on-saturdays-we-dav-drink-drinks 7.00pm... day drinking meme

Drinking in the day is an occasion unto itself, to be enjoyed on its own. There are many legitimate reasons to be drinking during the daytime.

Drinking Water Meme

Check out the collections of Drinking Water Meme we have put together for you. Drinking water is something that is a necessity for us to survive. It’s uncontested unless you’re one of THOSE people who feel the need to rebut almost everything. Drink your water, stay hydrated.

Sometimes-I-drink-water just to surprise my liver

It makes sense, then, that drinking a lot of water is important during liver detoxification. Water is essential in our liver health. Share this meme with friends online.

she may not have been water the night before

Share this meme with her to encourage her to be taking water at night as drinking water is a great way to clean out your liver as well.

if you could remember to drink water that would be great

This meme goes to those that don’t like drinking water, you can use this meme to put a smile on their faces.

have you tried drinking water shut up

There are many benefits of drinking water, from helping to accelerate weight loss. So the next time you have a headache, try drinking a tall glass of cool water.

drinking water meme

Bear Grylls is ready to drink everything to survive in the nature even his own pee lol, but sometimes he just drink regular water.

And Here We See A Wild Bus Drinking Water From A River

This is yet another simple way to crack bus drivers up lol.

Drinking Alone Meme

Here are the selections of Drinking Alone Meme we have put together for you. When you drink alone, you start to develop a relationship with alcohol. It has become kind of a friend. Sometimes you just want to relax after a sterssful day. check this meme and share with your friend who enjoy drink alone after a long day.

you're not really dinking alone if your kids are ar home

You can use this meme to remind mothers that they are not drinking alone whenever they are with their kids.

you're not drinking alone if your dog is at home

It’s not drinking alone if the dog is home, this is an ideal way to put a smile on a colleague’s face.

what sucks more than being alone drinking alone

Just because you’re drinking alone doesn’t mean you have to wallow in despair or sit in dim lighting.


No one will know how much you drink if you drink alone lol, that is the truth, no wonder most ladies prefer drinking alone lol.

its-not-drinking-alone-when-your-drinking-in the group chat

While many people have a drink at home after work to relax and as a self-reward.

i drinking alone don'T judge me

You are drinking for your happiness, sadness, and other things. Why do you care about people judging you?

friday drinks meme Admirable FRIDAY NIGHT DRINKING MEMES image m

When it’s friday night and you’re studying is often associate with a glass of wine to reminds you it’s the weekend, share this meme with your friend who like drinking while they are studying

Happy Birthday Drinking Meme

Check out selections of Happy Birthday Drinking Meme we have put together for you which you can share with friends and loved ones on their birthdays. It is not just a matter of age; alcohol is the demand of every exhausted condition, every tired mind, every failure, every success, everything in short.


When you feel like heading for a glass of wine, you might want to give a toast to the celebrant as well. One of the things that you might not want to miss at your party or on your special day would be wine.


You can use this meme to sound a note of warning to your dad on his birthday, with the look of the dog on the meme he can’t help but laugh.

funny happy birthday drinking memes

This birthday meme can easily be sent via online to keep the friendship connection active.

funny happy birthday drinking meme

Birthdays are among the most celebrated events of our lives. It is always very special and comes with a lot of gratitude, good wishes, and hopes of better.

drinking_mexican_birthday_meme funny

Wish your best friend a very happy birthday – you can send this meme for a friend and add a small gift.

drink up me hearties yo ho - happy birthday drinking meme

Birthdays are a great time to show your best friend how special she is, and since your bestie deserves the sweetest thoughts and best wishes.


If you want to congratulate your friend on his or her birthday excellently, this meme is for you!

Kermit Drinking Tea Meme

We have put together the collections of Kermit Drinking Tea Meme. Kermit the Frog is arguably the most popular Muppet character to crossover into the mainstream cultural zeitgeist from the famous children’s show, Sesame Street. Since his conception in 1955, Kermit’s iconic voice and image have made him an internationally recognized character. Though Kermit remains a beloved children’s character, these memes have given the iconic character a new life on the internet.


Sharing this meme with that friend of yours that goes out every day but complain being broke is another good way to mock them.

when ur ex is drowning at the pool... kermit drinking tea meme

This is wickedness lol, share this with a lover to crack them up.

no-complimenta-cool-cool -kermit drinking tea meme

Looking for a great compliment to make another person happy? Look no further and take in a huge wave of positivity when you say send this meme to friends.

kermit drinking tea memes

A warm cup of tea sounds wonderful on a chilly winter day, but what doesn’t sound so wonderful: tea stains.

kermit drinking meme

If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, it makes beer shoot out your nose.

funny kermit drinking tea meme

Don’t blame the holidays you were fat in August, one of the reasons why people fat during holidays is because they are idle.

drinking-is-my thing leave me alone - kermit drinking tea meme

This is yet another simple way to tell people to leave you alone.

Friday Drinking Meme

Grab a beer and enjoy this collection of Friday Drinking Meme that will surely leave you breathless with laughter. Alcohol is a funny thing. It is a magic syrup that makes you a different person. Everyone has two personalities. One is right before an alcohol intake and the other is right after the alcohol intake. Some people need a really large amount of alcohol to go drunk. The people who are still sober after a lot of alcohol, miss all the fun.

the look i get... friday drinking meme

Drinking makes uninteresting people matter less and late at night, matter not at all. Share this meme with first-timers.

funny friday drinking meme

It’s Friday, and we all know what that means. Some of you will be hitting your favorite watering holes for a bit of liquid courage.

Friday Meme drink

Often in these situations, it is expected that people will be drinking to get drunk, and drunken behavior is either tolerated or celebrated.

friday drinking meme

Getting drunk can cause you to act out of character in a much worse way. If you don’t drink daily but are drinking regularly, such as every Friday night. Share this meme with those love drinking on Friday night.

brace yourself friday drinking meme

Share this meme with friends to cheer them up on Friday night. Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.

Drinking Wine Meme

Check out our drinking wine meme which you can share with wine lovers. Wine is the oldest alcoholic drink in the book, and there’s a rich history to prove it. Dating back thousands of years, wine was commonly consumed by kings and queens in the mid-4th century. It dominates the gastronomic world as sommeliers create expert pairings for every dish imaginable. Sure, wine-making is, in many respects, a refined art form.

walking through the wine aisle after friday

People have been drinking wine for thousands of years, and you may wonder if doing so offers any benefits. Share this with those love going to wine shop on pay day.


Sharing this meme with your mother is an excellent way to put a smile on her face.


The health effects of wine are mainly determined by its active ingredient alcohol. Share this with that small boy to crack him up.

idont-always-drink-wine-but-when-i-do-i-drink-the whole battle

It’s unquestionable that drinking alcohol is, for the most part, socially acceptable in society. Share this meme with that friend of yours that can drink a bottle of wine.

funny drinking wine meme

Many people overestimate the recommended amount of wine to drink for the best wine health benefits. Share this meme with cat lovers.

drinking wine meme

This meme goes to those that cant do without drinking wine daily. You can use this meme to send some good laugh to them.

doctors recommend one glass of wine per day... drinking wine meme

Doctor recommend one glass of wine per day but this is not the kind of glass cup they are talking about.

Never Drinking Again Meme

Explore and share the best and most popular Never Drinking Again Meme we have put together for you which you can share with people that has vowed never to drink again. After all drinking alcohol brings you such fun! but brings also hangovers… There is nothing worst than to wake up in the morning with a pounding headache, parched mouth and having to screw up your eyes because the light is too bright! you’re just hoping that the day will pass quickly so that you will feel better quicker.

spongebob drinking meme never drinking again meme

If you vow to never drink alcohol, is it called a vow of sobriety? lol.

Never, ever drinking again

It’s exactly the type of face you think you have after drinking heavily during the night lol.

never drinking again oh look wine

When you told yourself you will never drink again and see wine lol, this meme go for those who have a fish memory, share with your friend to crack them up.

I am never Drinking again

You feel so tired after drinking night you just want to do nothing like panda lol.

funniest never drinking again meme

When you had a terrible hangover and start to say to your friend you will never drink again but it’s the not the first time you said that lol, share this meme with your friend who always say they will never drink again but still do it.

Drinking at Work Meme

You can check out selections of Drinking at Work Meme we have put together for you which you can share with your colleagues, drinking at work is never a good idea but sometimes you just want escape from your stressful day. If you like to drink during work those memes are definitely for you.


You can always use this meme to cheer up that friend yours that loves taking one bottle after work.

i don't always drink at work...

If you want to mock your colleagues that love drinking at work, share him this meme.

funny drinking at work meme

This is another amusing meme you can use to crack up your colleague at work most especially those that love putting alcohol inside tea lol.

drinking at work meme you mean before or after lunch

Encouraging drinking in the workplace can lead to exclusion of those who don’t drink for health or religious purposes.

Cheers to drinking at work

There may not be any specific laws relating to drinking alcohol during office hours. However, your workplace will have their own policy.

Best Work Memes Drinking

Share this meme with those that love drinking before going to work.

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  1. Imdb trophy wife
  2. Set timer 90 m
  3. Lexus logo seat covers
  4. El camino sierra

Water Niggas / Hydro Homies Site


/r/WaterNiggas is a subreddit focused on memes about water. The subreddit was inspired by a post on /r/4PanelCringe and quickly gained over 250,000 subscribers in less than a year. After being quarantined in April 2019, a second subreddit /r/HydroHomies was created.


On June 22nd, 2018, Redditor @medievalism posted an image to /r/4panelcringe in which a young boy says "It was just water nigga." The post gained over 12,000 points (shown below). There is a watermark to Instagram user @David_kidgalaxy_, though that account is not active as of April 11th, 2019.

30 Minutes Later Happy new years bro Here's some win Du de, Im so drun runk T'll suck lg: @David kidgalaxy It was just water nigga -Oh Face Facial expression Nose Chin Forehead Smile Cool

The same day, a subreddit was created by user fingermilk, and the first post was a repost of the 4panelcringe post. Over the following nine months, the subreddit grew to 258,000 subscribers as users posted memes exaggerating the greatness of water. Typical subreddit jokes include championing reusable water bottles and depicting water as superior to soda. On March 17th, 2019, user JoeyJelly1 reposted a tweet by @Karalela to the subreddit, gaining over 33,000 points (shown below). This may have been the post that helped the subreddit grow exponentially popular, as it also gained over 3,900 points on /r/BestOfReports.

bad lil kitty @Karalela u ever drink water rlly intensely n it's dripping down ur chin n shit but ur lettin it and in that moment u really and truly are a dirty slut for water Text Font Line

Many of the most popular posts on the subreddit came after that date. For example, the top post on the subreddit as of April 11th, 2019, is a petition to use reusable water bottles, posted April 10th by IvyTheGreat01 and gaining over 53,000 points (shown below, left). The next top post is a Spongebob Squarepants meme posted by EpicBongoSolo on April 8th that gained over 40,000 points (shown below, right).

Petition to make our logo a reusable water bottle, because real water niggas care for the environment Bottle Water bottle Plastic bottle Aqua Drinkware WaterWHO WAKES UPAT 3 IN THE MORNING TODRINK WATER r/waterniggas OH BOY 3AMİC Cartoon Animated cartoon


On April 19th, 2019, /r/waterniggas was quarantined by Reddit moderators for what was deemed shocking and offensive content. As of April 22nd, they remain quarantined. This led the subreddit to go private for a short period of time. In the interim, other subs imitating the original began appearing and gaining followers, such as /r/HydroHomies, which quickly gained over 46,000 subscribers in two days. After the subreddit stopped being private, posters began making jokes about the situation. User gordane13 gained over 940 points with their post making fun of Reddit (shown below, left). Another by bastekthegreat gained over 490 points (shown below, right).

r/waterniggas Reddit barn Tile Wall Line/r/waterniggas after the drought be like


The same day, Redditor evanc1411 created the /r/HydroHomies subreddit, which gathered over 406,000 members in the next three months. Members posted typical r/waterniggas hydration-based images to the subreddit. April 20th, 2019, Redditor ZachEzek posted an image about the r/waterniggas ban to r/Hydrohomies which gained over 15,900 points (99% upvoted) in three months (shown below, left). On May 3rd, 2019, Redditor jhosef845 posted an Ah shit, here we go again image to r/Hydrohomies and gained over 6,400 points (99% upvoted) in two months (shown below, right).

Hydro homies when they have to Pee for the 150th time in a single day Ah shit, here we go again U/jhosef845

On June 25th, Urban Dictionary user MrSnazzyGoose defined HydroHomies as "Homies who stay hydrated." That month a clean water charity titled "HydroHomies in Remembrance of W.N." raised $60 by is closing on June 30. On July 23rd, Redditor SpoonArmy posted a TikTok video and captioned it, "Hydrohomies when they run out of water" (shown below). The post gained over 200 points (99% upvoted) that day.

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2 Liter THICK WATER Boot Chug (Warning: Super Thicccc!!!)

Water, Hydration and Health

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Drinker meme water

Wow we really are just clinging onto what little of tumblr is left, knowing most of it’s already gone or immortalized on Instagram.

*sniffs air* *looks 23 degrees north* *measures the grayscale of the clouds* *squints* *adjusts hat* *feels the wind*

Ayup, it's gonna rain

I've been waiting for doom to download and it's only half done after two hours so you guys get to deal with my shit


*sniffs air* *looks 23 degrees north* *measures the grayscale of the clouds* *squints* *adjusts hat* *feels the wind*

Ayup, it’s gonna rain

I’ve been waiting for doom to download and it’s only half done after two hours so you guys get to deal with my shit

Tumblr is so weird like,,,, , I’ll be looking through memes and art things and then wind up on a 700 page novel post about 1900’s american politics


The proper meaning of “boys will be boys”


You ever just get bored and try to speedrun making something cursed?

Warning: the Canadian Military has added its first torpedo to its military
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Drinking problem: Trump has awkward water moment

Twitter is overrun with memes as people refuse to drink "Dasani" water even during the Texas Crisis

Coca-Cola-owned water brand Dasani has been getting a lot of flak on the internet despite the parent company offering it for free to those in need. The hilariously unpopular water brand is now being ridiculed on social media.

Twitter users are stating that they would rather die of dehydration than drink Dasani.

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Why are people posting memes of Dasani water?

Dasani is a universally disliked water brand. The hate doesn't seem to be unfounded. The company claims that salt is added to the water for taste which differentiates it from other water brands.

While that may be technically true, there is a reason most people drink unsalted water. Consuming chlorine has the opposite effect of drinking water as it dehydrates people.

Dasani is made by Coca-Cola ☠️ and has sodium, magnesium sulfate & potassium chloride in it. For what lol

— Ren 🖤 BLM (@Cereniti_Gale) February 21, 2021

Dasani water tastes like there’s pennies at the bottom of the bottle BUT I would still rather drink Dasani than Arrowhead water 🥴🤮

— laura en america (@_littlelauraaa) February 21, 2021

Dasani literaly adds more salt to the drink so u get thirsty and want even more drinks

— Katherine Oswald (@KatdaOswald) February 21, 2021

The water brand is not popular in other countries either. In 2004, the manufacture and sale of Dasani was banned in the United Kingdom. The water brand's purification process seemed insufficient as there were hazardous levels of Bromate found in the water.

Coca-Cola had to issue a mass recall, and the product was banned in the country, resulting in a billion-dollar loss to the Coca-Cola corporation.

Here are some Tweets on Dasani:

Texans water pipes have currently frozen over. People are struggling to find clean drinking water. Turning away aid in the form of water may be a tad too excessive.

Coca-Cola donated trailer trucks of water to Houston.And people are actually ragging on them because it's Dasani water.We are one FUCKED up species.....

— MITTY (Ntchwaidumela) (@Mitumba10) February 21, 2021

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The sailors, instantly leaving the boy, scattered across the deck. Yurka, pulling up his slipped pants, looked frightened at the captain. - Come with me. - He commanded and quickly walked in the direction of his cabin.

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