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Without the right closet organization ideas, shoes tend to clutter up a home and can become an eyesore—not to mention that it can be hard to find the right shoes when you've got a mess on your hands! Enter: a DIY shoe rack. This handy home accessory can keep your footwear organized and may even add a touch of style to your decor—without breaking the bank. Building a shoe rack is an excellent DIY project, since most of them have pretty straightforward instructions. Plus, you may be able to customize elements, like cubby height and rack width to fit your shoe and boot collection, as well as the space in your home.

Looking for some fantastic DIY shoe rack ideas? We've got benches, closet racks, rolling bins, wall shelves and more. You can make a shoe rack from anything from wood to PVC pipe—there's even a cool idea to make shoe shelves out of skateboards! No matter what type of shoe rack you'd like to DIY, we've got a great tutorial for you. And for those who aren't so crafty, we've also included some shoe racks we love that don't take any elbow grease (they might take a simple assembly though).


Shoe Storage

Shoe Racks

Shoes and boots can be a constant source of clutter if they’re not properly stored. People tend to kick them off when they get into the home, leaving a pile in the hallway, utility room or kitchen, and it’s not long before they get scuffed and lost – not to mention becoming a trip hazard. Let’s get all this sorted out now, with our magnificent collection of shoe storage solutions.

Shoe storage can broadly be divided into two types. First, there’s the type where your shoes are visible and ready to pick out and put on when you need them. And second, there’s shoe storage for when you’re keeping them safe for a later date, for example a place to keep your summer shoes in winter, and vice versa.

Shoe racks

A shoe rack is a great addition to those rooms where shoes tend to congregate. It keeps your shoes in pairs, ready to pick up and put on, and all neat and tidy. And best of all, shoe racks come in layers, so you can store plenty of shoes without using up much floor space. Choose how many layers you need, from two to five, and store away. We have wooden slatted models, tubular metal designs, and a popular option is the shoe bench, which combines a pigeonhole-style shoe rack with a bench, so you can sit down when you put them on. Finally, you can take up zero floor space with a shoe rack that hangs over the top of the door, a really smart idea, with space for more than ten pairs of shoes.

Shoe cabinets

A smart way to store your shoes is in a shoe cabinet . On the outside they look just like any other cabinet, but open them up and you see they’re custom made for shoes. They work really well in a hallway or porch because you can put ornaments, pictures or flowers on top for a warmer welcome.

Shoe ottomans

If you prefer your unworn shoes out of sight and out of mind, our shoe ottomans could be just what you’re looking for. Large enough for any shoes or boots, you can keep plenty of pairs tidied away in these boxes. But it doesn’t stop there, because they make great pieces of furniture, too, ideal for sitting on when you’re putting your footwear on, but looking stylish when they’re not in use.

You can get shoe ottomans in two sizes: a long, rectangular one and a cube-shaped one. Both are great sizes for storing shoes, and they can double up as seats, ideal for when guests come round and you run out of chairs. Simply choose your colour, your material and your finish and we’ll deliver your ottoman to your door.

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Shoe Rack

Organise Your Footwear Efficiently with Shoe Racks

Messy rooms and disorganised footwear are problems of the past. With various shoe racks in the market, you can neatly organise all your shoes, heels, sneakers, and more in a jiffy. With these items, you can make your room look just the way you like it. So, if you&#;re still the kind of person who simply pushes his/her shoes under tables, beds, and other furniture items, it&#;s time to stop.&#;Keep reading to know more about the types of racks that you can buy.&#;

Types of Shoe Racks&#;

Hanging Racks&#;

In case you don&#;t have many footwear options, you can opt for a hanging shoe organiser. You can pick one that features a metal frame and a heavy-duty polyester fabric body that can hold up to ten pairs of shoes. You can use the side pockets to store flimsy slippers and other small accessories. You can easily assemble and hang it from your closet rod on two hooks.&#;

Over-the-Door Shoe Organiser&#;

With this organiser, you can make the most of your living space. You can place this organiser on the back of your cupboard door. Depending on the size of the organiser, you can store as many shoes, sandals, etc., as you want. By using this organiser, you&#;ll have a lot more room for your clothes, bags, accessories, and more.&#;

Portable and Covered Shoe Organiser&#;

Instead of investing in a separate cupboard for your shoes, you can opt for this organiser. It is easy to assemble, sturdy, and has strong shelves. Since it comes with a cover, you can easily hide your footwear. This will safeguard the aesthetic appeal of your room.&#;The above-mentioned organisers are only a few examples of all the items that you can find online. So, if you want to make your home look prim and proper, you know what to do.&#;

Buy Shoe Racks Online

From the comfort of your home, you can shop for wooden shoe racks, metal shoe racks, Nilkamal shoe racks, plastic shoe racks, shoe racks with covers, steel shoe racks, Urban ladder shoe racks, shoe rack with seats, shoe organizer,&#;&#;wall mounted shoe racks, and so on.&#;You can even find wooden shoe racks online. And, in case your budget is not too high, you can search for some of the cheapest shoe racks online as well. You can view various shoe cupboard prices so that you can find ones that perfectly suit your budget and preference.&#;

Shopping online helps you stay indoors. This way, you get to save yourself from skin/hair damage, skin tanning, long commutes, never-ending queues at checkout counters, endless traffic, stress, fatigue, and so much more. And, since most shopping sites offer frequent sales and discounts, you can make purchases at the best prices. Happy shopping!&#;

Building The Ultimate BUDGET Sneaker Room! (IKEA SETUP!)

So many shoes, so little space

It’s easy to let a lack of storage space dictate life at home. But we see storage possibilities in places and ways you might never have considered. Here are a few for your ever-growing shoe collection, whether you want to hide it away or put it on display.

 Side view of a shoe-filled rolling box that’s peaking out from under the bed.
 Side view of a shoe-filled rolling box that’s peaking out from under the bed.

1. So you don’t have a lot of floor space for shoes. That’s fine! We all have walls, so why not use that space instead? Try using hooks (we went with HJÄLMAREN because they’re on the larger side). Because they’re flush against the wall, it won’t take up much space.

2. Find inspiration in the most unlikely places. Our interior designer, Anna Cardell, was inspired by sneakers thrown over telephone wires. String a curtain wire with wooden balls (this is a cool decoration in itself), drape across your walls, and hang your favorite sneakers over.

3. It’s all about the shoes. Even when you’re not wearing them. Put your favorites on display in a SYNAS light box. Because let’s face it: they’re just too good to hide in the closet.

4. Shoes can be utilitarian pieces of artwork, so why not treat them that way? These wall shelves are the perfect size to display them along with the rest of your wall art.

5. Rather tuck your kicks away? To create this solution at home you can use any kind of flat board. We’ve used a VEDDINGE kitchen cabinet door (use rounded deco strips or moulding to make the sides). Then all you need to do is attach some wheels to the bottom. Done!

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.


Bedroom in shoe wall

1Bamboo Entryway 8 Pair Shoe Rack


This is the perfect rack to put in your entryway and will help store a couple of your most worn shoes.  Also, the section for umbrellas is a must-have for the rainy spring season.

Tier Shoe Rack


You can fit this right under your staircase,  making it a great way to save space.

3Wooden Shoe Storage Stand


This 7-tier rack stands vertically, which means it can be placed practically anywhere in your home without taking up too much floor space.

4Wall Mounted Shoe Rack with Mirror


What better way to stow shoes away than in a sleek closet that doubles as a full-length mirror when closed?

Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet


Show off a select few pairs (or other knickknacks!) in the side of this shelving unit, and store the rest behind closed doors. 

6White Elfa Décor Shoe Wall


Go all out with a closet system that designates space for every single pair you own in the most organized way possible.

7Corrugate Shoe Tray


This shoe tray keeps it simple but with a cool industrial design twist. Just double up if you need more space for your shoes!

8Stackable Bamboo Shoe Rack


When in doubt, stack some sleek, simple shoe racks like these to store more pairs. 

9Lucy Shoe Rack


If you want a space to sit and put on your go-to pairs in your entryway, this bench is the perfect solution. 

10Sarah Storage Tower


For a totally glam closet, try this tall storage tower ideal for shoes and purses—you can see what the whole system looks like here, so you can customize with the pieces you need. 

11Cade Modern Pair Shoe Cabinet


Tuck shoes away in this cabinet, and pull down the drawers to reveal all your favorite pairs.

12Whitmor 6-Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Shoe Spinner


A handy choice for a walk-in closet? This floor-to-ceiling spinning shoe rack, with room for 36 pairs. 

Pocket Mesh Over-the-Door Shoe Bag


If you just need something basic that can fit a lot of shoes, this over-the-door shoe organizer is a bit of an upgrade on the usual canvas pocket option. 

14Closetmaid Pair Over Door Shoe Organizer


Or, go with a metal option for easier access to all of your shoes—just hang it inside your closet to hide it from the world. 

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